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        03-27-2009, 01:10 PM
    Green Broke
    Imunity Supplements

    Well, my mom and I are going to finally sit down and get our SmartPaks ordered today! But ever since Blue got REALLY sick back in October, I have been scared about taking her palces. So what is a good imuntity supplement, so that I can show her while not getting the "OMG, Blue is going to get sick again!" feeling? Just as an added note, she will be getting Black as Night and StressDex too.
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        03-27-2009, 02:00 PM
    The best immunity is to keep her vaccinations and worming up to date.

    While away, do not allow her to share water buckets, touch noses to 'strange' horses. Yourself - don't pet everything with a nose and then go and touch your horse.
        03-27-2009, 02:07 PM
    Green Broke
    Well, of course I do that! I want some back up though.
        03-27-2009, 02:29 PM
    Yep, the best way to booster your horse's resistance to disease is to provide a balanced diet, stay up-to-date on preventative care, not overwork him and to practice good hygeine when you go to shows.

    (Don't share buckets, don't share tack, don't let your horse go nose-to-nose with all the other horses, etc.)
        03-27-2009, 02:47 PM
    Green Broke
    Ryle pretty much covered it. I would especially be careful not to share feed or water buckets, or grooming tools. BRING YOUR OWN, even if the show grounds supplies buckets. If you use a stall there, you might consider spraying it down with a 50% Bleach solution (on the walls, door, windows, bars, dirt/ground, mats, etc.) to kill any nasties that are there. Bring your own shavings or buy pre-bagged shavings.

    Supplements won't really help much. The only supplement I would consider would maybe be an overall vitamin supplement, just to make sure you have all of your bases covered. If you're feeding more than half the recommended levels of fortified feed for your mare's weight and activity level, I'd go with 1/2 the recommended dose of any of the following supplements:

    SmartShow - Multi-Purpose Supplements from SmartPak Equine
    Winner's Daily from SmartPak Equine
    Grand Vite from SmartPak Equine
    Accel - Multi-Vitamin Supplements from SmartPak Equine

    If you're feeding half the recommended levels of feed or less, or no fortified feeds (whole grains or no grains), then I'd feed a full dose of the above, or a full dose of any of the following:

    Accel Lifetime from SmartPak Equine
    Select II from SmartPak Equine
    SmartVite Maintenance Grass from SmartPak Equine
    Mega-Cell? From SmartPak Equine

    If you're feeding a ration balancer, other than Purina, then you shouldn't need any extra vitamins. If you're feeding Purina Enrich, then I might consider supplementing with extra vitamins, at the 1/2 dose.

    Dose that many any sense? Lol
        03-27-2009, 05:40 PM
    Green Broke
    Well she gets about 3/4 a scoop of 10% sweet feed, stress dex and 30ccs of Vet's Choice vitimens in the morning. Do you think that is good enough. Yea, I Don't share grooming tools, buckets, etc! I think that is just bad horsemanship
        03-27-2009, 05:42 PM
    Green Broke
    Do you have a link to the vitamins? So we can see the values on them.

    Most fortified sweet feeds say to feed anywhere from 4-10 lbs a day for an average 1,000 lb horse to meet minimum nutritional requirements (along with hay). 3/4 of a scoop is not enough for full nutrition, so adding extra vitamins is a good idea.
        03-27-2009, 06:01 PM
    Green Broke
    Blue is pretty small, only weighing 800 pounds, and she gets 3 punds of feed. The vitimens are a pescrition and we have to get them through our vet.

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