Introducing a new pasture? And other questions...

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Introducing a new pasture? And other questions...

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    05-09-2012, 09:19 PM
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Introducing a new pasture? And other questions...

I'm not sure how much of this should be here and how much should be somewhere it's all going here.

The basic gist of what I'm wondering about is:
Lacey ~chubby27 year old, with only 20-35% sight, current lives alone except for 2 llamas who she doesn't seem to care for much but they do walk around together in a "herd-like" manner - is fine on her own though~ is moving into a new field, really set of fields, that she's never been in before. Her current field has short grass, she's eating enough to not need extra food beyond her ration balancer...

This new field is basically the epitome of pasture magnificence.
It's huge, the hugest Lacey's been in since I've owned her (4 years). It's made up of 3 fields, two being about an acre/acre and a half and the other being about 3 acres but super steep. The 3 acre and the acre+ one both have super tall, waist high, grass and the "smallest" one has calf high grass.

1) I'm planning on sticking her in the smaller more grazed field to begin with then slowly introducing her to the larger fields more grassy fields, good plan?
2) I got her a grazing muzzle that she hasn't yet used in her current field, should I stick that on her to introduce her to the new field since it has so much grass or should I let her get acquainted for a day or so, then introduce the muzzle? I'm not so much concerned about her colicing or anything since she's already extremely used to grass but her weight is a concern. Right now she's doing alright (chubbier than I'd like but not obese, probably a 5.5 out of 10) but I don't really want her fatter right now.
3) Adjusting to being 100% without buddies. I feel like she'll be ok since she's done well on her own before, but I'm a little concerned about just taking her to the new field and letting her go...
4) Sight. I'll show her where her water and shelter are (actually, I'll probably bring her over at feeding time and feed her her RB in the shelter so she's distracted and she knows where her shelter is) but should I walk the perimeter with her? She's not inclined to go bolting around but it's probably a good idea to show her where things are, right?

I think that's it for now.

I have to fix a few fences before she can really go in any field other that the smallest one so I'm probably not going to move (hahaha there's only a thirty foot distance between "her" gate and "the new" fields, such a distance! ) her until next week at the earliest.

I'm thinking I'll probably ride her, then bring her back to the new field, untack, feed, etc, there like it's no big deal....

I can't wait to show you guys pictures! I really can't believe our luck. God loves Lacey so much, that's the only way I can explain it.

Also, does anybody have suggestions for "the best" tying...thing? Today, while perusing "the grounds" I realized that there really isn't any place to tie her there...No manger, no fence posts close to the shed... I have been using cross ties, which I would like to use again (how do you attach them when there's nothing to tie/hook them to?) but Lacey also straight ties so straight tying options are viable...
Maybe for the cross ties, buy a couple of those metal tie rings and screw them into the wall at appropriate heights, then attach cross ties?

Ack, sorry for the monster post. I really like to think allll things through before I do them... Can you tell, at all?

Tomorrow I'm cleaning the immense amounts of horse poop and other various nastiness out of the shed, which is basically the size of 2 large horse stalls (we're talking at least a foot of straight poop and who knows). Aren't you envious?

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