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    03-06-2013, 02:33 PM
I hear you....
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    03-06-2013, 09:38 PM
Green Broke
Thank you all for re-reminding me why I'm glad I'm old

I like to think that, along with good gene pools on both sides and the fact nobody smoked, that my dairy farm lifetyle the first 11 years of my life was a heavy contributor to my pretty darn good immune system and health.

I drank raw milk, straight from the cow (GASP!!!!). Desert was whatever berry bush or fruite tree was in season. Mom churned our butter, made sour cream and butter milk.

When the cow quit giving milk, well, sadly she ended up in the smoke house and frankly, that was hard to take but it was life back then.

The chickens got their heads whacked when they stopped laying eggs.

We had a huge garden that I resented because I had to be out there pulling weeds and Lord Help if I pulled up a food plant - lol

Point being,we raised 99% of what we ate. I always appreciated that once I got older but now that I am Social Security old, I honestly believe I enjoy good health because of it.

I can't ride anymore and walking is tough but that is all my fault, thanks to re-schooling Widowmakers all my life and riding my snowmobile like it was the General Lee on Duke's of Hazzard. No amount of healthy eating is going to make all that go away
    03-06-2013, 10:01 PM
Green Broke
Lol the only thing I can't do is raw milk. It's just something about drinking something straight from an animals boobies that creeps me out lol. I did try raw goat milk and I can say it was horrid probably because it was from a goat.
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    03-06-2013, 11:02 PM
Originally Posted by tealamutt    
Another reason not to give red cell. Iron deficiency is exceedingly rare in horses and that stuff is just another product put out there to make people spend money.
I wouldn't necessarily say that. Mudpie was on RedCell for a while, and it really helped with his energy levels. It made him a lot more energetic, and helped with stamina, so that he had the energy to do everything that I asked him to! :)

Now he is most definitely OFF of RedCell, and on a calming supplement, as he is on strict stall rest, but it did serve a purpose and it did do its job for the time being! ;)

But that's really interesting! I'll be sure to take that into account... I don't plan on putting Mudpie back on RedCell any time soon, but perhaps I'll avoid that entirely! I have been starting to lean towards more natural supplements as well... For all the other calming supplements that I've seen used on other horses that just didn't do a good job, this all-natural one that I put Mudpie on (Rest Easy Gold) sure worked wonders! :)
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    03-07-2013, 09:14 AM
Super Moderator
Originally Posted by poppy1356    
Lol the only thing I can't do is raw milk. It's just something about drinking something straight from an animals boobies that creeps me out lol. I did try raw goat milk and I can say it was horrid probably because it was from a goat.
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Farm kids develop a better immune system as they are raised that way and probably retain some of it from their mothers after birth - not sure of that.
People can get really sick from drinking raw milk if they don't have the immunity to the bugs in it but its not to do with what comes from the boobies as they get well cleaned before you start milking (or should anyway) - its when you see what can get sucked into the milk tank when a cow kicks off the units before you get to her to rescue it then you know why
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    03-07-2013, 09:42 AM
My mom used to say a kid has to eat 5 grams of dirt a day to stay healthy. Farm kids most likely do that, just by living on a farm(NOT saying farm moms don't keep it clean, not at all).
It is proven now that for developing a healthy immune system kiddo has to be exposed! By keeping everything disinfected and kiddo indoors, no immune system can develop. Period. Best example: me and my sister. I have no allergies whatsoever, she is allergic to herself. She is a good bit older than me, had her own household when the disinfecting craze started.
Same with animals. I had a colt who had injured himself. Vet wanted to pump him full of antibiotics. My friend, RN, objected, said to let his body go to work. I did check temperatures daily and kept the wound ( gash above the knee) clean and he healed without a scar.
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    03-07-2013, 12:50 PM
Green Broke
Lol only people germs creep me out so has nothing to do with the cows boobies being dirty just the concept lol.

Desert I grew up outside. If it was above freezing I had to be outside a minimum of 5 hours a day. My dad would often lock us outside the whole day in the summer. No disinfecting happened in our household except after cooking raw meat. And yet here we are, I'm allergic to everything and now my thyroid is all whacky again. Although the thyroid thing can most likely be indirectly linked to gmo foods....
    03-07-2013, 02:16 PM
There are exceptions to every rule, I guess. But getting your immune system working requires training. If it is never exposed to anything it cannot learn."you" as in anybody
    03-07-2013, 02:19 PM
Green Broke
Oh I know that but really I'm a medical trainwreck lol. I'm pretty much the exception to every rule.

I am immune to strep throat though, no matter how much the doctors want to tell me I'm not and I haven't had the flu in 12 years. And I refuse to ever get a flu shot, talk about a waste of money.
    03-07-2013, 02:28 PM
There ya go
I never had a flu shot in my life....though I probably would if living in a big city being exposed to many people.

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