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Originally Posted by Endiku View Post
No worries Sky, I'm sure it would be very, very time consuming to read 76 pages so I can give a summary to her to clear things up.
It's not that.. just I've noticed this particular user bringing up old posts and commenting on just the first page, and/or not reading through even a 3 page thread but instead answering just the first post.

I agree 76 pages would be time consuming however it's kind of crazy to assume the situation hasn't changed at least somewhat since the first post was made.

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I agree. I just noticed all of the old-post digging and such as well. I guess I'm not very observant XD

Ah well. That summary will be good for anyone else joining the Kenzie Journey late in the game, I suppose.

But GEEEZ. I just realized that with the 44 or so pages and the 77 pages of her two threads combined, we could have a little chapter book! haha. Maybe it would be titled 'The Little Kenzie that Could."

Everyone in your life is meant to
be in your journey, but not all of
them are meant to stay till the end.
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I just read through the entire thread. 8D -lame face-

I think what you're doing for little Kenzie is absolutely wonderful, and taking on her care mostly for yourself is extremely selfless and an inspiration. Any updates on another home for her, or are you planning on keeping her at her current barn for now?

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I've been reading the entire 77 page thread too... took me a bit to get caught up! Whatever happened to someone coming to get her?
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Well then welcome, Karisel (love your name by the way) and PaintMommy87! I'd offer you cookies or something, but as it turns out, I was made for the barn...not cooking. LOL. My family avoids my food like the plague.

Karisel- Its a fairly complex situation, as I'm sure you've seen. One that I really can't seem to find a good answer to. I am still VERY pro-new home for Kenzie, and if one were to come up that looked like it would fit (and be close, to avoid problems we had with our last scheme) I would very avidly suggest to BO that we sell her on, but as of right now my hands are tied. It was one thing to try rehoming her when she was up for adoption by the rehoming group she was with, but another entirely to try to rehome her when she has an owner with right to do with her whatever she wants. It seems like a bad idea on all sides for me to try finding her a potential home again THEN asking BO, so right now I'm just strongly hinting that we continue to search for a home for her, and hoping that something comes up that will work.

One possibility that I had been toying with, was buying her myself and advertising to rehome/sell her pretty much immediately. Because of my low income and age though, that would be a VERY risky move on my part, and everything would have to work flawlessly for me to be able to pull it off. I already own a very...interesting young mare who, though I love Kenzie, must be my priority, because she IS mine in name and therefore solely my responsibility. Her well being depends on me, and while she isn't particularly hard to keep or difficult to work with, she takes up a good chunk of my small income and that really doesn't leave me enough money to board, feed, trim, and rehab Kenzie and still have money in case of emergency. Add to that the fact that this year is my Senior year and promises to be very busy, and that I would have no where to turn if I COULDN'T rehome Kenzie in the next 6-8 months, and it just didn't seem like a viable option. The last thing I want it to, with good intentions, accidently put her into an even worse situation than she is in right now. So I had to pretty much toss that idea out the window and hope that things will eventually work out.

Her situation is slowly improving though. At least through the summer, I will be at the farm most of the day and I can watch her more closely/feed her 3 times instead of 2, and BO recently had security cameras and a new gate installed on the property that will hopefully ward off danger at least a little. She has also been alternately keeping her dogs (trained bloodhounds) out to guard the property. While I still don't feel like the farm is very safe, it IS better than it was, and I'm at least grateful for that.

So long answer short, if you didn't feel like reading the rest of that up there, Karisel, Kenzie will be staying at her current barn for now.

PaintMommy87- Unfortunately a series of events knocked that possibility out of our range. Its sad that it didn't work out, but I think it may have been for the best, all things considered. We first had problems with paperwork transfer, then compliance on this side of the 'Kenzie Train', then the trailer that was going to be used to move Kenzie had to be moved to where we couldn't use it and we were left with no way to get Kenzie over the 700+ miles to Kentucky. Lastly, we realized that the living situation that Kenzie was going to have, while not BAD at all, wasn't ideal in that she'd have to be stalled most of the time...something that is ok for older, quieter horses, but that might cause problems with a malnourished, claustrophobic yearling.

Right now she's definitely not suffering at all in her current situation...I'm taking care of her needs when it comes to correct trimming and nutrition, and BO has her in a 24/7 2 acre pasture situation with ad lib hay (and grazing, but the grazing is pretty slim pickings) as well as a buddy horse. If we can just ward off trouble and keep those slime balls who hurt her the first time away from the farm, I think we'll be ok for now.
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Everyone in your life is meant to
be in your journey, but not all of
them are meant to stay till the end.
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If the BO owns her, and is willing to sell her, couldn't someone (someone who is appropriate for her) buy her? Or is the BO not up for selling her at all? Or is it just convincing the BO to give up ownership, period? I guess what I'm asking is- why do you have to be the middle man (aside from having more of a say in where she ends up)?

Though, as much as the poor girl has gone thru, I think that you are absolutely right in saying you have to take her needs, your finances and time into equation. There's been a lot of good intentioned people in world take on more than they can chew and ends up worse for all involved. I think there's tons of people on this forum alone (me included) that would take her in a heart beat if they had the time, money, and what she really needed!
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I don't have to be the middleman, Wausuaw, the issue is that, for a reason unknown to me or anyone else on the farm, BO does not want to sell Kenzie.

If I can convince her to sell Kenzie, it would be 100% up to her to find the home for her, decide who the right owner would be, etc. I have just sort of been playing the enabler in all of this, pushing as hard as I feel I can with my limited control over things, for BO to start looking for a home.

The problem comes with the fact that even if I did convince her to sell, BO just doesn't have the time or will to put time into selling her, and if we wanted anything done I'd probably have to step in, which is where things could get...sticky, to say the least, if I wasn't careful.

Definitely not the typical situation that 17 year olds deal with but I'm doing what I can with what I have xD At this point its really just a matter of rehabbing Kenzie as much as I can myself, and hoping BO will decide at some point that she doesn't need Kenzie for whatever, and starts home hunting.

Everyone in your life is meant to
be in your journey, but not all of
them are meant to stay till the end.
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Maybe the BO has decided that she likes Kenzie and wants to keep her.

Carpe Diem!
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Originally Posted by Celeste View Post
Maybe the BO has decided that she likes Kenzie and wants to keep her.
Somehow I doubt that. If the BO wanted her she would be taking proper care of her and Endiku wouldn't have to do it. BTW Endiku did I say how impressed I am by you?
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Its possible Celeste, but things just aren't quite adding up to me. I'm not sure why she'd want a stunted yearling with issues when we have plenty of other young horses (2,3,4 year olds) who can already be put into work, and a few weanlings and one other yearling as well.

I'm not going to lie though, Kenzie's starting to look like a very promising little horse if we can get her to grow to normal height, so it could be that she's seeing the potential and wanting to use it for something. I don't know her breeding very far back, but her sire and dam were both nicely built animals. As long as Kenzie is safe and happy, I don't care either way. I just want her to be well fed, able to be a horse, and healthy. I don't particularly like some of BO's trainer's methods of training, but she wouldn't be abused here...provided that we can keep all of those idiots off of our property anyways. They don't provide the quality of care that I like to see in horses, or the care I put into Kenzie, but I do have to realize that this is a training, therapy, and showing operation, so its not realistic to expect massages, chiros, top of the line supplements, etc., for every horse. They're all fed, trained, trimmed, and vaccinated, so I really can't complain.

I just hope that we've seen the last of the mutilations and trespassing. THATS why I was so set on getting Kenzie out of here.

Anyways, on to the next subject. I took some photos for you all last night but have to wait until later to upload them. They were just a few shots while she was in the stall eating dinner, because I had to go saddle up and chase a rouge heifer that thought it would be funny to break into our property and let her friends in from the neighboring farm xD I'm seeing only a little bit more fat on her body than a week ago, but she's definitely GLOSSY. I was really worried with the emanciation, rain rot, then lice, then laceration, her coat would be ruined for this summer, but its actually quite pretty. I know a lot of people aren't fond of browns but its starting to grow on me!

Its sad though. Before she was hurt, Kenzie really seemed to genuinely enjoy being around people and trusted me 100%. I could do whatever, whenever, and she'd just go 'Ok, that's fine! Great idea. I like you. Now what?' but ever since that night when I found her, her personality has changed drastically. Everyone says I'm just making a big deal out of nothing, and that she's the same as always...a bratty yearling, but something still seems about her. I mean, I TOTALLY understand, she went through aweful trauma. I just wish I could make it better. She lets me catch her easily most of the time, but if I make a sudden move she'll get nervous and start moving away from me...not running like she doesn't want to be caught and is being a brat, but moving like she isn't sure what I'm going to do and she's on the verge of panicking. What even weirder is that she's fine in the pasture with me if I'm just hanging out around her, petting her, and she loves to have her neck and withers scratched, but as soon as I go to catch her (even holding her mane to keep her there, or haltering her), she immediately tenses up visibly. and you can tell she really isn't comfortable anymore. Again, she never acts like she's going to strike out, bite, kick, whatever, but rather like she expects me to do something terrible to her and she knows she can't avoid it. She startles easily (not spooking or bolting, but just flinching or jerking her head back), fidgets, and won't take her eyes off of me. She's probably expecting me to try to 'hurt' (clean) her ear again. She's perfectly obedient, gives me my space on the leadline, ponies well, backs up with pressure, ties, etc., but that worried look never leaves. I've also noticed that she's actually more pacey and fidgety when eating if I'm near her too, which makes me wonder if it wasn't the other mares who made her start it...but rather, me, and her lack of trust in me.

Once she's back in her pen, she's fine. Back to sweet, lovable Kenzie. But as soon as she's out again, or I'm about to catch her, its like she switches personalities on me again, and is timid, nervous, and worried all of the time. I don't know how to fix it. I've tried just taking her out to groom her and let her hand graze, I've tried tying her and just 'hanging out' around her so she'd see I don't always want to do something to her, I've tried taking her to do 'fun' things like trail walks, but she still acts nervous. At the same time though, it doesn't seem like she's terrified of me particularly, because she'll cower behind me if something is scary that she doesn't understand (dogs, new horses, people) and she'll seek me out in the pasture so I can pet her... it just doesn't make sense to me!

Sorry, rant over xD I know I'm expecting too much of her and that she's been through a lot of trauma, but before all of this I'd just begun to start seeing the 'baby' side of Kenzie that liked to leap around in the pen for fun, destroy her stall and anything within her reach while I was gone, and 'help' me with chores. And now its like I'm a stranger to her again, one that can't be completely trusted. Even after two months.

Everyone in your life is meant to
be in your journey, but not all of
them are meant to stay till the end.
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