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Originally Posted by Elana View Post
What is really going on is that cribbing releases endorphins and the horse actually become addicted to that release. Years ago I read a study.. where they gave horses some sort of medication.. and the cribbing stopped. I forget what that was.. but the horses stopped cribbing.. then the meds were removed and cribbing restarted.
I read about that study and found it to be very interesting, and very confusing The medication they used blocks endorphin receptors, so should block the natural 'high' from cribbing. You'd think they'd just try harder if a medication blocked those endorphins (like how a drug addict will keep taking higher and higher doses of drugs to get the same high because the body 'gets used to' the smaller doses), but they didn't.

Here's the abstract to that study: The effect of the NMDA receptor bloc... [Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 2001] - PubMed - NCBI
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Endiku, you are a wonderful writer! You should really think about writing some books :) You story is endearing and I love, love, love your personality and heart. Keep up the good work ~ I'll happily follow your progress!
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That really is an interesting idea...thanks for the link to the abstract Verona. I didn't even realize it was possible to block receptors like that! Wow.

Alright, well bear with me as I write this all out since I have a lot on my mind, but here I go... ;)

As I've mentioned multiple times, I've been trying and trying to figure out how to rehome Kenzie, but its really just not seeming to work considering the fact that she's mine. You guys mentioning just how twisted it is that I'm paying so much but having no say in anything also has really gotten me thinking.

Please, feel free to give me cons to any idea I throw out, discourage me from doing it, tell me things I may have not thought out correctly (I'm a teenager, it tends to happen! LOL) etc., I won't be offended...

The only way that I can possibly rehome Kenzie 'for sure' at this point, is if I own her correct? But BO is also unwilling to put in the work to rehome Kenzie, and even if she did I can't be sure that she would put Kenzie into the right home. I'm not questioning her intentions, but she has a LOT on her plate and a lot of financial strain so I can definitely see her going for what will 'regain her losses' best while also not take much time rather than what is really going work for Kenzie. Me owning her long term in, longer than a few months, is out of the question.

However, I also just can't leave Kenzie where she is much longer. Things are falling apart at the farm more and more, and its just really not all that safe for her. Not so much because of security right now, but because people just don't have the horse's best interest at heart anymore. Not just BO, but all of the volunteers either. I really think the intention of the facility was good, but the love in it has just...died. And without dedication, a place like this farm goes down, and it goes down quickly. The horses still aren't neglected but many of them are in need of more than they're getting...things like dental work, therapeudic farrier care, higher quality feed, etc), and a trainer has been brought in who has philosophies that are distinctively Hispanic (I am not trying to be racist or anything, please understand, but Hispanic horsemanship at least in MY area tends to be cruel and inhumane) and I'm worried about the affect he will have on the farm. Mechanical Hackamoors, TTs, and rough handling are beginning to resurface at the farm dispite all that I've done to educate and get rid of those things. Add to that the fact that BO's son has begun 'training' and is taking multiple young horses that we own and, strictly IMO, is ruining them....and I'm worried that if Kenzie stays, they are going to do something ignorant such as breed her or start her far too early. Lastly, the facility is getting run down and I'm constantly finding bits of metal, baling twine, wire, etc and I am worried that she is going to injure herself again.

So that leaves me with the job of figuring out what to do with her. Obviously the first step would be to buy her. That's fine, I have the money to do that. Boarding is my big issue, because of the price, but I might have a short term solution to that. It isn't ideal, but I know she'd get good care. A friend's friend owns a little private farm about 85 minutes from where I live. Lovely little facility, with plenty of grass and safe fencing/shade, etc. She's an 'older' lady, maybe 60, who decided to take in a few misfortuned horses much like Kenzie a few years ago and she has 10 currently, including 4 minis. Each horse has it's own problem, whether it has been abused or isn't ridable anymore, but she makes sure they are all well cared for.

I hesitated to call her because I've only known her for a short time (I'm helping her start a colt of one of her last rescues because he is undamaged and she'd like to sell him on) and I know she already has a LOT to do with that many horses and it only being her caring for them, but I contacted her this weekend and while she isn't able to take Kenzie permanently, she's willing to let me keep her there for just a bit of money to help her out, as long as I take care of all of her expenses (farrier, vet, worming, feed, hay, etc...which I'm already doing) and feed her twice a day. Sounds optimal, but remember...that would mean transporting Kenzie the required miles (I have no trailer access) somehow, and it would also mean not getting to see her often.Maybe once a week. But its not about me is it?

Bringing her to this woman's ranch would only work under certain conditions though.

One, I would have to buy her from BO. I don't think it would be too hard, but theres always the chance BO will completely close up about it again.

Two, I would have to figure out a way to get her there.

Three, my parents would have to be in on this too. I have convinced them to let me buy Kenzie, but ONLY if I have a 'plan' that includes someone who is willing to take Kenzie from me within 6 months once I have her rehabbed (another plus of her going out there is that there is a MUCH better farrier who could help her hooves). That's the big thing. Of course, if I OWNED Kenzie, I would not be limited to just local people. I would have the option if anyone on HF that might be interested, people near where Kenzie would be living, people in my area...our horizons would be broadened considerably because I would not be the middleman anymore, and we would not have to deal with certain difficult people. I would even be willing to help pay for, or use the rest of Kenzie's fund for, professional transportation to another state.

The last stipulation is the biggest. To buy Kenzie with my parents approval, I must already have someone willing to take her (with the understanding that they might have to back out if there is a huge life change or something)...which would take a lot of thought.

I don't all sounds so complicated with a lot of variables that could go wrong. But what we're doing now just isn't going to work. You guys are right...the only thing this can end in right now is heartache. :/
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Everyone in your life is meant to
be in your journey, but not all of
them are meant to stay till the end.
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Buy her today and all of us will help you figure out the details later. If you don't and she is mistreated, you are going to be so sad.
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sorry, lots of typos. When my mind starts moving fast, it jumbles itself up.

*considering that she is not mine

let me know if anything didn't make sense. I just reread my post and its hard for even me to follow my line of thought xD

I'm just so worried about making rash decisions on my part and getting Kenzie or I into a situation. I'm trying to keep my ties with BO friendly for my sake and for the sake of the other horses on the farm (I'm their only advocate right now) which is a huge factor, but Kenzie also needs to get out of there.

I'm very seriously considering doing it though.

Everyone in your life is meant to
be in your journey, but not all of
them are meant to stay till the end.
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Endiku I feel that you should make this all about you.

Instead of telling the BO that you want a better life for Kenzie, totally go off of emotions alone and talk about how much Kenzie means to you, etc. I am sure that she would be happy to hand her over to you if you express yourself in this way.

It's only advice; you don't have to take it. But I feel if you do focus on the things Kenzie isn't getting, it will put the BO on the defensive side.
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I absolutely agree with Sky, go all soft and sentimental on BO and sweet talk her into letting you have Kenzie. As much as you have been through with Kenzie already is pretty convincing evidence of how much you care for her.

Will you be able to move Sour too? She really needs to be away from there as well, I worry about her also.
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On the "where to move her" front, are there any pastures you, say, drive by on a daily basis or see often that you just sort of wonder about? [I think the idea with your older friend is great too, this is just another idea]

Anyway, basically what I'm getting at is that the exact same thing you wrote about started happening with the place I initially boarded Lacey at. It's all so the same that I wonder if those people moved to Texas [they didn't but you know].
Obviously, I had to get Lacey out.
My elderly neighbors own pasture land where they had kept horses when I was little, until one horse died in a seriously traumatic freak accident involving the pasture [the "baby" -it was their one time breeding "experiment" baby- stuck his head through a metal gate+slit a neck artery on the gate latch]..then they got out of horses.
I swallowed my fear and one day decided to go over there, just to ask if they might consider letting me board there.

They immediately agreed to let me keep Lacey on their property and, even though I offered to pay, don't charge me a dime and let me do whatever I need with the pasture. For instance, bringing the goats home: I went over to ask if that was ok since it is their land...and they said "of course it's ok! It's your pasture!!"
They act like I'm doing them some kind of service by being on the land everyday but really, come on.

I've had Lacey "home" for nearly 3 years now, on their property, and it's still working out great. But it never would have happened if I hadn't listened to the "mind itch" and gone over to ask. Heck, I didn't even know these people, beyond having them yell at me about my neighbor's dog once, prior to asking!

Anyway, just something to think about. Ask people you don't expect. There will be a solution. I know it.
And like Celeste said, buy Kenzie and we will help you figure it out.
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Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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How much does the barn owner thing she is worth?

Carpe Diem!
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First off, you guys are awesome. But I hope you already know that.

I think you're absolutely right Sky. She definitely gets defensive very quickly and I didn't do a good job of realizing that last time. And when she gets defensive, she gets angry. If and when I do approach her about buying Kenzie, I'll make this a 'I love her so much, and I promise I'll take care of her if you let me buy her from you.' yadayadayada thing. Maybe it will work since I'm still young. And I DO love Kenzie... I just realize that I can't be her owner. At least not for long anyways.

Wallaby, I was actually thinking about that this morning! I pass tons of pastures on my way to work and school, but they're all cattle pastures with barbed wire fences, 40+ acres each, with cattle occupying them. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I have no idea how to go about contacting the ranchers that own those pastures, and I'm not sure how I'd go about FINDING Kenzie in all of that xD

There's another field literally RIGHT by where she is now that is really nice and lush considering the time of year, and the people who own it raise meat goats and cattle (only 4-5 at a time) as far as I can tell, soI thought about going to ask them, but its just TOO close to the farm for me to be comfortable with moving her there. Not to mention that it is all barbed wire also.

I don't know. Maybe I'm being too picky.

One thing I'm worried about though, is going on about how I love Kenzie and want to have her, then turning right around and rehoming her. Seems a little...fishy, even to me xD What if BO realizes I'm really just going around her to get Kenzie rehomed? Like I said, I don't think she'd do anything drastic, but you just never know. I'll definitely get paperwork drawn up and stuff when I do buy her, but I just keep getting all of these 'what ifs' in my head.

Celeste, I'm not sure. Originally she was talking $350 or so, which seems a bit much considering the economy right now, but she keeps going on about bloodlines even though Kenzie isn't registered as far as I know. Maybe I can talk her down with cash.

As for Sour...I'm working on that too. I feel a little better about her PROVIDED that I don't make BO mad or anything, since she IS legally mine and I can do whatever I feel like doing with her. I want her off the farm too, and plan to get her off ASAP. Once everything with Kenzie is settled, I think I know where I want to take her. I just cant afford Kenzie AND boarding Sour at this particular place because board is $280 per month as opposed to the $125 + hay and feed that I'm paying right now (remember, I work off half my board)

Also, Sour is an adult and she doesn't require quite the upkeep and Kenzie does. She'll be OK 12 hours in a stall, 12 hours out, so its a lot easier for me to find a place that can take her and accommodate her.

Everyone in your life is meant to
be in your journey, but not all of
them are meant to stay till the end.

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