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Jynxy's Mysterious Injury - Vet Input

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    03-21-2011, 06:08 PM
Green Broke
Jynxy's Mysterious Injury - Vet Input

So we had the vet out today. He had me trot her in a straight line, lunge her (she was an effing LUNATIC), palpated her back thoroughly, checked her legs and range of motion and had Shay-la ride her (she almost got bucked off).

His verdict? Psychological. She was a spazz on the lunge line, she was showing slight limping when ridden again, and blew up harder then she ever has on Shay-la, upon which she was pushed through it and actually calmed down. The vet does not think she shows any physical symptom which could account for blowing up THAT hard, especially when tacking up, mounting and being asked to walk elicits zero response from her.

ROFL, he's so funny, she was going absolutely loco on the lunge, roaring and bucking and leaping around, I had to run her into a wall at least half a dozen times to make her stop. He finally goes "In my medical opinion, she has a screw loose."

He advised for me to take it easy on her and see how she does after the move - cutting grain from her diet, and letting her have open space again. He advised lots of lunging to get her calmed down, more balanced and more muscled.

Also, she has sarcoids on her face. *sighs* I went to catch her today and she has a new one by her eye and one on her eyelid, along with the massive one on her cheek. The vet wants me to leave them alone for a bit and see if they go away on their own, and if not he has a cream he can prescribe that is apparently very painful and makes your horse hate you (hence why he's leery about prescribing it just yet if we don't have to).

She has one about an inch from the corner of her eye now to.

Well, at least we know now! Time to start getting tough with her.
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    03-21-2011, 07:42 PM
I haven't been following along with your situation so just curious... what was the initial complaint that you had the vet out for? How long has it been going on? (or you could just point me in the direction of your previous thread!) :)
    03-21-2011, 08:14 PM
Green Broke
Jynxy's Mysterious Injury
    03-21-2011, 11:47 PM
Huh. Maybe she has a hormone imbalance or something? I wonder if a calming supplement would work on her just to take the edge off. I started my mare on SmartCalm about a month or so ago just to make her less anxious. She would also throw fits while lunging. More half-rearing and trying to pull the line out of my hands and run away than anything, but it only takes like 2-3 weeks to take effect and it was awesome. Abby's much calmer and less testy now.
    03-22-2011, 10:18 AM
Green Broke
Thanks Ill consider that! The vet really thinks the combination of grain, no room to move and a winter of arena work has made her juvenile brain just go loco and it makes perfect sense. We'll be riding mostly roads this spring/summer so I really hope the change of scenery will help, along with the no grain and enormous pasture of grass!
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    03-22-2011, 11:15 AM
I watched most of the videos and I don't think it's just psychological.
Were her teeth checked?
Has her western saddle been checked to make sure it fits correctly? In the first video it looked like it was too far forward on her shoulders. It may not be but I'm just pointing out what I saw. Try sliding it back a little. She definitely seemed to act worse with the western saddle and going counterclockwise with leg cues on the right.
How long have you owned her?
Did she start out as a western horse or english?
What type of bit do you use?
When did all this behavior start?
When she limps, is it worse on circles or is it still noticeable when she's rode on a straight line?
Is there ever any heat in her front legs, puffiness,etc?

The fact that she doesn't show lameness when being lunged but she does with a rider and it seems to be worse with the western saddle tells me it's probably an issue with her shoulder due to the tack. Do you mostly ride in there, doing circles, or is it trail riding too?
It could also be she's got some attitude problems. Either she doesn't want to do the work because she's bored with it or she's getting irritated because something hurts on her.
How old is she?
    03-22-2011, 10:11 PM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by horsecrazy84    
Were her teeth checked?
Yes, no problems

How long have you owned her?
Since she was 2, and I've trained her myself

Did she start out as a western horse or english?
She started out in that same Western saddle, and has gone back and forth between English and Western always with a snaffle bit.

What type of bit do you use?
Eggbutt Snaffle

When did all this behavior start?
About a month ago

When she limps, is it worse on circles or is it still noticeable when she's rode on a straight line?
It is the same regardless

Is there ever any heat in her front legs, puffiness,etc?
Nothing, every leg has been checked thoroughly multiple times, as well as her shoulders and hindquarters for any heat, swelling or soreness

Do you mostly ride in there, doing circles, or is it trail riding too?
Due to circumstances, she's been mostly in the arena for the winter. All summer was spent on trails, as well as at least a dozen or so trail rides since winter began in November (5 months).

How old is she?
She's 4.

I don't buy it being the Western saddle because she does the EXACT same thing with the English and bareback. In fact, her buck when the vet was out was the most violent yet and Shay-la was riding English. She could have put a rodeo horse to shame with the move she pulled.

I think this is all stemming from the issues we've had getting her left lead and my scoliosis. She's gotten so afraid and worked up over that left lead, she's just shutting down now and shuffle footing to avoid it. I think once she gets out and moving, and I start riding her down roads again, this will work itself out. If not, we call the vet again.
    03-23-2011, 07:08 PM
Did your vet palpate her? Given the time of year and the fact that she seems nutso (though not sure if that part is "normal" for her) I would want to know what is going on with her ovaries. It is such an easy check (and costs NOTHING once the vet is out) to do to see if there is something going on, it would be one of the first things I would think to check. I think the fact that she's so pissy even bareback when Shayla puts the right leg on tells me that this is not a saddle fit problem but something more physical.

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