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Keeping a horse fit

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    11-05-2008, 10:52 PM
Originally Posted by SonnyWimps    
Originally Posted by SonnyWimps    
I tried some Pelleted was the Blue Seal pelleted 12% protien I believe...and it still made him kinda hot...not as bad as the other type (which had oats and corn in) but still kinda bad. Also as I was reading the ingredients (I could be wrong on this) I believe it said that it had Wheat By-Products in...or some type of By-Product. I don't want to use anything with by-products in because of how bad they can be.

Most of the tack shops arounnd here only really carry the Purina or the Blue Seal.

I like Sonny on a simple he is now...just hay...cause I think in the long run it's healthier for him. I know alot of people that swear by grain to keep a horse in shape and/or gain weight on them.....and I know alot of people that believe hay will grain more weight and keep it on easier

Oh, if I could keep Denny healthy on just a diet of hay I would.. but he's so skinny he needs all the help he can get.
He's an OTTB and I am very careful not to make him hot, so not all grains make horses hot, that is a big misjudgement.
I guess I was just confused as to why you were asking about how to keep a horse "fit" without exercising a lot and without changing his diet? If nothing changes, then he will not become more fit...
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    11-06-2008, 12:57 AM
Debunking a myth!

Good job with the exercise! And you know you don't have to go too heavy with it to make a difference too!

As for the alf-alfa.. there are a lot of people who will say alf-alfa is too rich for digest and can cuase serious issues. If you have a horse that hasnt been exposed to grains or feeds with more nutriant rich formulas then you would want to introduce it lightly and work up to it. But surprisingly enough, would you believe in most parts of southern california, Arizona and Utah, grass mix is not an option from sellers? You can't get anything but alf-alfa from feed stores or suppliers. Grass mixes are a harder produce to grow in the less then wet regions. While living in the Mojave, there wasnt a feed store around that would supply a grass mix of any kind. Horses have been fed on it in various places and conditions without problems. Generally horses in specific who have diet issues are the ones that have digestion problems and alf-alfa is an only option they can consume. The problems I have seen when it comes to feeding alf-alfa and the horse going south on it, comes from free-feeding. Some really can't handle it, and then having cart-blaunch to it causes problems. I suggest that anything new you introduce you start lightly on, and work up from there!
    11-06-2008, 01:18 AM

And lots of it. When ever you do get to ride/ or your friend. Trot him alot.

I was told troting exercises nearly every muscle. I used to trot Banjo alot when I rode him , he was able to trot for like over half an hour non stop , and up to / over an hour with troting and a bit of cantering and an odd walk for a minute or so. At his fittest he was able to keep the nicest trot going for ages, made me feel like we were in an endurance race or somthing

And trot up hill instead of canter ( well some times canter for variety and a bit of fun) , that will really work him.
    11-06-2008, 09:11 AM
Something taht will HELP not do the jobcompletely is the ENrich32 it is whole grain free and is a higher level of nutrition without the HOT factor

The form of the feed does not matter a pelleted feed can be just as hot as a textured feed... depends on what the pellets are made with... NOT all by products are bad ... soybean meal is a by product and is a great source of protien (think muscles here)

In order to build muscle a horse must have a good level of amino acids which are the building blocks of muscle.... without it you wont' get that ...

A good quality vitamin/mineral supplement with amino acids and pre/pro bios is what it soundslike he needs

A ration balancer is a vitamin/mineral supplement on steriods LOL
    11-06-2008, 12:28 PM
Are you sure the "Hotness" isn't just Sonny feeling well? I guess you fed grain when he was worked often, so the fitter Sonny would be a 'hotter' Sonny because he is feeling well.
Also, like JDI said, how do you plan getting fitter with no changes The only way to get fit is to be ridden

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