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        08-06-2008, 10:24 PM
    Borrowing a goat can be difficult because as others have already posted they are definitely escape artists and LOVE attention. They'll be just like a dog if you allow it, only they won't stay in a fence. If you do decide to borrow a goat, some will leash well. I had two that I put each on a long leash with two swivels in so it wouldn't get twisted up. I tied the leash to a truck tire (transport truck or tractor tire) and put a low water dish in the middle of the tire.

    Some horses will make friends with anything. Goats and donkeys are common, but roosters, dogs, cats, and geese are all options too depending on your situ. Since you're moving you want to keep it simple and consider if you can take the new buddy with you.
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        08-06-2008, 11:48 PM
    I have one horse, too and the first couple of nights he was lonely, but he seems to be fine now, I do have a dog outside, that I am sure he keeps him somewhat company, since he likes to hangout in the pasture.I do spend most of my days outside with Koda (my horse) I'm sure your horse will be fine after the first couple of nights.
        08-09-2008, 07:45 PM
    If, when you move, you can't take a new friend with you, I would just stick with music. I sold a broodmare, and penned the other up so she couldn't run around too much and she paced/cried then got over it. You will delay the process if you introduce another buddy then take it away again.

    If you can take it with you, then I would think about it, but I have a goat that my Mom loves ( she won't let me get rid of it and it ROAMS FREE, ewww) and she is constantly getting into my hay and feed because I can't keep her penned up. If you do get a goat, get a big one, lol. Big goat means harder for her to get under fences and if you have tight enough fences maybe it will stay in them.

    Watch out for ones that have horns. Most new people will play with them, which makes them mean, and then the ones that try to escape, they can get caught in the fence and die before any one notices. Mine gets caught sometimes when I try to pen her up and I have to go fight with her to get her out, lol. Not a fun thing to do.
        08-09-2008, 09:50 PM
    Horses are HERD animals. I truly feel it's cruel to have them by themselves. Your horse is use to a few horses around her/him. Your horse isn't use to being alone and it can be devastating to horses being separated. You can also begin to see some behavior issues too. Be careful. I say, get a friends horse over so he/she can have some company. IT's just like putting a human out on a deserted island. Yes, We would do fine, but it's lonely and eventually we go crazy from the loneliness.

    I've ha goats with NO issues at all. They also eat a lot of what grows from the poop....

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