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    01-09-2011, 05:34 AM

So I can not get enough input on this subject. Here is my story.. 10 yr old appy great for years then started getting crabby and over sensitive. Checked saddle, checked work routine, watched lameness etc..test for lyme and has a middle grey area return at 280 ( I think)so we treat and he is better. Next year same things start happening we just treat.. he gets better..went a year and a half (yippee) no issues, now again same issues but worse he has all of the above and tail swishing and pawing when mounted fighting with pasture mates, and muscle loss beyond winter layoff. Ok, so we test numbers are low grey at 175 and vet doesnt want to treat. Now what? I thought ulcers however he is in pasture board, w 2 flakes of alfalfa and all he can eat 1st cutting, low amount of grain, no work just a walk in the field and these are supposed to help reduce ulcers. Anyone have suggestions or story of lyme or ulcer issues?
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    01-09-2011, 05:46 PM
All I know about Lyme is that it can come back if not all of was killed the first treatment. I did a full round of Doxy with my horse last April and am already crossing my fingers for spring.

Ulcers do present the same symptoms as Lyme. Two years ago I spent over $1,000 to not have either one diagnosed, so I know how frustrated you must be.

The only thing I know separates the two illnesses is temperature. If a horse has a long lasting low grade infection, many times it will show as a lower body temperature. Instead of the normal 101, you'll get 99. Maybe take his temp every day for a week and see if there's any fluctuations. At least then if you see a chronically low temp, you'll have a clue to go on.

To bad you can't just do a few days of Doxy. You'd know in 48 hours if it was Lyme just by his reaction. Most horses perk right up very quickly. The _tch of it is, if you treat for Lyme with Doxy, and it's actually an ulcer, you'll just be aggravating an already angry stomach. Any chance you horse likes bananas? Supposedly bananas are a natural ulcer remedy. A banana a day will keep the stomach coated and at least help prevent ulcers if not heal them.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

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