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Mineral Blocks and Pelleted Feed

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  • Non molasses horse mineral block

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    08-16-2008, 09:57 PM
The brown blocks on mostly salt like 96% I wanna say would have to look it up again

The white blocks are all salt with NOTHING added

The reason they say the blocks are bad is that a horse has a smooth tongue so in order to get enough salt from one they would have to lick and lick forever

Salt and mineral wise you are better off using loose minerals and salt

Pelleted feeds are actually EASIER to digest then textured in most cases ... they are not baked they are ground then enough oil or molasses added to get them to stick to each other
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    08-17-2008, 08:34 PM
It makes me cringe when people talk like this. Maybe in the Good ole' days" pelleted feed was not good for the horse, but science has come so far!! Pelleted feed (mostly good, higher end feed) is a good source for vit. And min. As well as some roughage. Hay, of course should always be free choice if you don't have a good grass pasture.

As for mineral blocks...if your horse is not getting the sodium intake it needs ESPECIALLY in the summer, it will find sodium. It will strip your trees and it will eat dirt to find it. Horses HAvE to have it just as we do! Mineral blocks are NOT filled with molasses and sugars. You need to get a good solid SALT block or even the reddish brown mineral blocks as it has some of the trace minerals horses need as well..... Another HUGE concern is if you ride in the heat of the summer and not give salt, you are going to have some major problems!! You could also go the electrolyte round....
    08-17-2008, 08:42 PM
Green Broke
Minerals are found in plants and the dirt. If horses aren't getting the proper mineral they will eat dirt which can lead to colic. Now THAT is bad. As to molasses being in the mineral blocks - it depends on what brand you get. There are some who have it in there and my horses will try to eat those in one sitting - not good. Just look at the ingredients, my current mineral block does not have any molasses or flavorings in it. During the winter months I switch to a loose mineral and add it directly to their feed.

As to pelleted feeds - some are baked and some are packed together and others are extruded. Not all are made the same and thus you can not paint them all with such a broad brush.

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