Need help with new colic case

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Need help with new colic case

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    10-07-2007, 06:08 PM
Need help with new colic case

Our hourse Whisky Jack is 34 years old. Believe it or not he has had his first colic ever. The make it short he went to an equine facility friday. He had been very dehidrated. He recieved a lot of Iv fluids and oil and by sat. Night they told us he could go home but they did not know the reason for the colic. He is on reduced feed four times a day and though he had made three small piles (very greasy do to the oil I guess) he has not deficated since his noon feeding or his five oclock feeding. He is not drinking much water at all. He did drink some out of the hose but not nearly enough. He has been eating some grass so he can't feel to bad right now.
If he does not deficate by seven should we not feed him and why won't he drink if he seems to feel ok other wise? His temp was normal at noon.
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    10-08-2007, 10:55 PM
You need to contact the vet and tell him what you are seeing. I would be concerned that the problem isn't fixed at this point. If he's still eating but not drinking, you may be working up to another impaction.
    10-09-2007, 11:53 AM
Yes you need to call the vet and keep him updated on whats happening. I always keep a big syringe with veg. Oil in it. If I notice one with any signs of colic I give them 2 syringe full. I had a filly that I was trying to switch from alfalfa to bermuda and she kept trying to colic so I would give her a syringe full before and after eating the bermuda and it worked fine.
    10-09-2007, 12:37 PM
Veg. Oil is not effective at lubricating GI contents because it is digestible--the body just breaks it down and makes use of it. Mineral oil is used as part of the treatment for colics because it is inert--it cannot be digested and so passes completely throught the GI tract. And even with mineral oil giving 2 syringes is not likely to be enough to really help. Your vet administerd something in the range of 1 liter of mineral oil straight to the stomach and most likely administers several liters of water along with it to help with hydrating the GI contents.
    10-23-2007, 11:12 PM
One of my good friends had a mini mare that kept colicing and they had a vet out several times. She would just keep colicing. Finally they told her it was either surgery or let the mare go. She took the little mare to Virginia Tech School of Veteranary Medicine and they relieved 13 pounds of air from the little girl! You need to contact a vet and make them do everything possible to find out WHY he is colicing. Whether it be sand, hay, air, whatever.....find out why. Or you will never be able to stop it.
    10-24-2007, 10:39 PM
I definitely agree with the above, find out why he is colicy. Where I used to work we had a stallion that was colicy for 3 days, the stud manager kept on giving him a muscle relaxant to help relieve the pain and it worked kind of but he never got better.

On the third day he laid down and couldn't get up, so he was put to sleep.

After an blood analysis was done we found out that he had had massive renal failure. He was 22.

We may not have been able to prevent it, but we could have helped sooner if we'd known. Please call your vet today.

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