not shedding out completely?

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not shedding out completely?

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    07-09-2011, 03:36 PM
not shedding out completely?

Hey there guys!

So, it's 90-100 degrees out and mr. Bali boy has NOT shed out completely yet- is this is a diet issue, a health issue... what do you think? He is hard to keep weight on, so could this be a sign of a thyroid problem?

His energy seems good, but I am just concerned...

Thanks for any input!
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    07-09-2011, 03:46 PM
Could possibly be cushings, but I checked him out on your profile, he's not that old and cushings positive horses normally don't shed at all, or barely. It wouldn't hurt to have a blood test done regardless.

I've also heard strongyles infestations can cause the coat not to shed. When was the last time he was dewormed and with what?
    07-09-2011, 03:48 PM
He was last wormed with....... I wanna say Panacur(I should really keep a record of these things...) two months ago. Is there any danger to worming him again too close together with something else to see if that helps him?
    07-09-2011, 04:04 PM
Usually there is no danger in worming a horse a second time, but it sounds to me like symtoms of cushings also, just had a 27 year old TB gelding who had cushings pass away last Monday (actually we had him humanely euthanized, his health was failing and he had other cronic health problems) but I would def. Get a blood test and have a FULL vet exam.
    07-09-2011, 04:11 PM
I had this with a young 3-4 year old who had been regularly wormed, and it turned out that he probably had a bad case of worms with ulcers. Put him on grass and wormed again with a power pack and he slicked up nicely. If there hasn't been a change in his training or schedule or buddies that would cause him to develop ulcers, I would vote that he's just got a bad case of worms for some reason. Get a fecal sample and see what the vet says; if it's normal you can go ahead with the full vet workup.
    07-09-2011, 04:18 PM
Thanks guys... He's been worrying me for a while. I had a vet back out in february to do his teeth, test him for worms, etc... but he's always looking just a little too thin and he has way too much coat still on him for it being JULY!

Ugh... he is stressing me out. He is a easily stressed horse and I haven't been working him much because my health has been bad (I am out once a week, but that's about it). I have a girl lounging him 4x a week- so he gets out but I wouldn't put it past him to have an ulcer..... I really hope its not cushings!!!
    07-09-2011, 04:32 PM
If he was wormed with Panacur (which is a fenbendazole based wormer) he'll be perfectly fine to worm again. Fenbendazole based wormers are probably the safest dewormers out there.

Moxidectin based wormers (like Quest) are to be used with a little more precaution. They are extremely effective against small strongyle larvae, but must be given in the correct dose according to your horses weight, the overdose tolerance for moxidectin is much lower than other types of dewormer.
    07-09-2011, 07:35 PM
I had one do this years ago. I was desperate as it got hotter. FInally my farrier suggested to buy a 6 pack of cheap beer and put it with the horses feed once a day. Worked like a charm, and he never had an issue again. Can't hurt to try.
    07-09-2011, 08:30 PM
It's generally an internal health issue when a horse doesn't fully shed out.

At 13 y/o he very well could be Cushingoid or insulin resistant, but only your vet would be able to tell you for certain.

I had a friend whose 13 y/o gelding was diagnosed with Cushings, so it's definitely not just an older horse condition.

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