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Past Prime horses that Just never slow down - POST YOUR STORIES

This topic came up today at one of our Club meetings...On how AMAZING it is that even when horses get so old, they can still keep the wild and their fire, and suprise you every day.

Share your stories of past friends who lived to a ripe old age but never slowed down or of a horse you have now or know of that Is still Given it 110%.

My story-

We have a pure Arabian mare, almost short enuf to be considered a pony, who is 23 this year. She has put out countless foals for us and previouse owners showing off her fire and beauty. But suprisingly all of her foals are HUGE! we have two of them currently and one is 15.3 the other a solid 15. and still growing.

Besides being one of the greated brood mares i have ever seen her heart and passion is shown off...when this old mare takes off for a run. I saw her just the other day take a few laps around the pasture with a fellow pasture mate who is 5. Youd think he would pass her up but no. she was running circles around him. She has more fire and go than any other horse on the farm, some combined, and you can just see it in her eyes. The sparkle, the flare, the drive. That is one thing that will never dull or grow old. Her body may be growing old but her soul says that she will never stop.

Heres some pictures of the ole mare. Shes 23...But dont tell her that.
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Your mare is adorable. I love arabs and how much energy they have, always so regal.

I have a 20yr old paint that I know will never slow down. Now his body doesn't let him run as fast as he used to, but it doesn't stop him from trying. He has some fire to him. ^-^ people still think he's in his prime now or younger from how he acts. Makes me want to know what he was like as a 6 year old. I've only had him sense he was 13-14ish. I'm kind of waiting for him to tell me that he has reached his limit but he has yet to do so. He now gets a little stiff, but works easily out of it and never comes up lame or gets a sour attitude. I still jump him about 2'9" on a regular basis and he will go up to 3'9" without showing any signs of pain if asked, but I rarely do that as I am scared of hurting him. He also barrel races, loves his gallops and is hard to keep slow. ^-^


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I used to ride a horse who was in her mid 20s and had the speed of an 8yr old. She was a rescue (named Konya...although I called her Connie) so they (the barn owner where I board my horse) didn't know much about her history or her breed. She was some kind of gaited horse though.
She looked like she had one foot in the grave...she always seemed to be hanging her head and looking depressed. When you got on her back though it was a different story.
She was extremely head strong and had a hard mouth. From what we knew of her history she was a gaming horse and had been gamed pretty much all of her life. Whoever owned her before the barn owner was really rough and sure didn't put a lot of training in her except speed. She had no "brakes". lol
I was the only one who wanted to ride her so the barn owner let me borrow her last summer to ride in shows and on trail. Riding Konya was like riding a crazy and fast horse with out a bridle. The minute you got on her back she would want to trot. I had to keep her in a tight rein whenever I rode her just to keep her from taking off.
Riding her on trail was ok, like I said I would have to keep her in a tight rein the whole time which really tired my arms out (I had really strong arms after a summer of riding her! ;) ). Otherwise she did pretty good.
Horse shows were almost a disaster. It took all the strength I had to turn her around the barrels and through the poles. Stopping was almost impossible. I had to slow her down after we passed the timer by running back and forth at the end of the arena and getting her to stop in the corner of the fence (in which she actually cracked the railing on the arena from not stopping despite all of my efforts to make her stop). One time during the clover leaf pattern we were coming to the 1st barrel and I was all ready to turn to the right and Konya decided to turn to the left really fast which jerked me out of the saddle and into the arena railing. I got back on (while loosing a boot) and we finished the pattern with out anymore trouble.

Over the summer I worked with her any chance I got. I worked on getting her to listen to leg commands rather than my hands which she did really good with. At the end of the summer before she was sold I was able to ride her bareback with out using a bridle (I had one on her but didn't use it) and just using leg commands.

Despite all of that Konya was one of my favorite horses. She was a real sweetheart on the ground. I miss her a lot. Her new owners haven't had any trouble with her. They said she acts like an old horse now so I don't know what her deal was when she was at my friend's barn.

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I work at a summer camp that has horses, one of whom is a 26 year old Quarab gelding. He's now owned by another wrangler because all of our horses that were too much for campers were sold all of the wranglers. Haha. He is the fastest horse I know and will go and go and go for miles. I told one of the other wranglers that this summer we are going to see how much it takes to wear him out. He told me it takes forever because they've done it before.

I wish I had a picture. He looks rather like a Polish Arabian, but you wouldn't know he's 26 if you saw him run. He could give a young TB a run for its money.
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This is my 26 year old Polish Arabian, Lacey. She's of the opinion that she's still about 2.

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Here is my 24 year old Quarter horse, Pesky.
She was a working cow horse in nebraska for 10 years barefoot, then barrel raced for 9 years and now trail rides with me..
Some pictures.

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I ride a brilliant Walking Horse named Missy. She's a pure black, 14.2 hand beauty who doesn't look a day over 10. She's 21 years old. She was born in Tennessee and sold as a yearling to a couple who trail rode her for many years. She was a part-time brood mare and a trail beast with the heart of an endurance horse.

Even in her present condition of obesity, she goes like there's fire up her butt. She has no self preservation and tons of spirit. She would literally run herself to death if we let her. But if we did let her run herself to death, she would die a happy horse.

She bowed a tendon last winter. If she hadn't, I would have bought her and used her as a CTR horse. I may still use her as a CTR horse, because her owner says she'll start to deteriorate if she isn't given something to do. She loves to be ridden -- honestly. She walks up to you in the pasture and parks out. She tries to put the bridle on herself! She's an amazing old girl.
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My boy is about 25 and we still do gaming shows. Granted he's not as fast as he used to be but he always gives me his all with all of his heart. And when we get out of the arena he arches his neck and prances like he just won the Triple Crown haha.

This is his most recent run around the field. Full speed trots like a totaly dork acting like he's king of the field. If you watch the little black horse in the tan blanket is 35!!!! and has RINGBONE and is running with the youngsters.

Ever heard the term "An oldie but a goodie." That definately describes these horses! Haha

And the other day Phantom came running full speed from the back of the field to me I wish I had my camera it was so cute he had his head up and was nickering and running like a dork(head tossing, kicking being spunky) haha

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(picture at age 46)

In our crew of horses we have a mare who is 49 years old! Her name is Delriah, and at age 2 she was named Two year old Quarterhorse of the year, at 7 and 9, she was crowned World Champion Team Cutting horse, and at age 13,14, and 16 she competed nationwide as a western pleasure horse. At 18 she was 'retired' and was brought to a barn to serve as a lesson horse. At 26, she became sick as was sold. After recovering, she was brought to a riding camp but was soon sold because she had too much 'get up and go.' At 27, she was brought to another riding school (when you would think they would retire a horse!) and was used in beginner calf roping. She competed nine times, winning six, and was the first roping horse for many young cowboys. At 36, Delriah was donated to our therapy program to be a lesson horse- her owners lying to us and claiming Del to be in her early twenties. With her peppy attitiude and love for children, no one thought to check her age. Three years later after finally getting her registration papers, we were astonished to find that Delirah was now a little over thirty nine years old! She was quickly moved to less-strenuous activities, only walking and trotting with beginners, but soon became bored. She remained an active lesson horse until 2009, at an insane 47 years of age. We retired her that winter due to signs of artheritis, but within a month she'd lost all of the life in her eyes, and just stared sadly out from the pasture at the lessons taking place. We quickly understood. She was depressed! To her, she was still a spring chicken who should still be cantering around the jumps in the arena! After putting her on a low dose of pain medication. Delriah was put back into the program as a therapy horse for a teenaged girl with autism. And now, only 5 months away from being fifty years old, she still walks and sometimes jogs around weekly with her young friend, back to her peppy self! She still enjoys a good canter in the pasture every now and then, and recently went running after our three new heifers when we let her out with them- sure that it was another rodeo to win! We love Delriah, and she just keeps on suprising us with her good will and beauty!

(picture at age 49)

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We love the older horses. We have a 25 year old, a 22 year old, two 20 year olds and a 17 year old (as well as ten "younger" horses) everyone's favorites are the oldies.

AQHA mare, Molly, who is 25 this year. She was my first horse many years ago. She has "retired" to the trail horse life and has been giving training level dressage lessons but she is still a full time riding horse. She still enjoys a good run threw the field or trails and goes nuts over the barrel pattern :)

Molly as a yearling
Molly last week after a nine mile trail ride

And our 22 year old Spotted Saddle Horse gelding. He is currently being leased out and is a very well loved/often used trail horse who LOVES to go.

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