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Pesticides and horse hay

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    06-11-2012, 01:34 PM
Green Broke
Pesticides and horse hay

Any knowledgable pesticide people on here ? The hay area of my barn seems to have a pretty healthy Black widow spider population. While normally I am a pretty live and let live kinda guy. They seem to like the cracks between the bales then come out for ambush attacks on various critters. Was thinking about a normal comercial bug bomb but what kinda residual will remain on the hay that might cause problems ? I am assuming most of these foggers are permethin based.
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    06-11-2012, 01:46 PM
Joe, IMO you should figure out what is attracting the spiders, and get rid of them, before you start spraying.
Here is an excerpt from below:
How to Get Rid of Black Widow Spiders
"Make the outside of your house and your yard inhospitable to black widow spiders. The first thing you will want to do is to clear away any and all vegetation that might be up close and personal with your house, especially ivy (read: how to get rid of ivy). That stuff is a haven for spiders. Cut back shrubs, plants, and decorative grasses. Get rid of rock piles, and move any wood piles as far away from your house as possible. Don't use any outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting attracts bugs galore. Black widows eat bugs. Do the math. If you must use outdoor lights, go with yellow to minimize the number of insects you lure in."
"Go on a search and destroy mission. One of the best ways to kill a black widow is simply to squish it. At night (they're nocturnal), go around with a flashlight and a stick and let the fun begin. Inside or out, search everywhere. If you see one, put your stick to use. Just make sure you squish it good and proper. If you miss and the widow hits the floor or ground, stomp it good and leave no doubt. Keep in mind that black widows, females especially, are never far from a hiding place. If you screw up, they will go directly into hiding and you might not get another chance."
Several sites suggest sweeping them.
How to Destroy a Black Widow Spider Egg Sac | Do you have a wet/dry garage type vacuum? If so, you could treat the inside of it with a pesticide prior to sweeping, then let them die before you dispose of it.
I just wouldn't be comfortable spraying pesticides on my horse's food. =(
Let us know how you do.
    06-11-2012, 01:53 PM
Green Broke
Its a small barn, surrounded by pretty short grass, chickens eat alot of bugs, so just the general bugs in the barn. I know th eblack widows are in hiding places. They are in between the bales of hay, th ehay is stacked up, no way to go walking around with a stick.
I could go with yellow lights on the outside lights I leave on all the time, but from what I see the yellow lights seem to attract just as many bugs.

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