Pulled a neck muscle?

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Pulled a neck muscle?

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    10-01-2013, 01:07 PM
Pulled a neck muscle?

I was hand walking Apollo yesterday to go fix a jump we knocked over and he randomly threw his head funny, like a bug bit him or flew in his ear or something. I didn't really think anything of it and just thought he was getting a fly off his face/ears, so I got back on after fixing the jump and he stood perfectly but once I went to collect my reins he started flinging his head and backing up so I immediately got off. He was acting weird and wouldn't let me come anywhere near his left ear. It was obvious he was in pain but I couldn't even get his bridle off to let him free. After a couple minutes of some more hand walking I got him calmed down and he lowered his head and I managed to hold the sides of the bridle and push it up off his poll enough to where he could slip his head out.

I went back to the barn to grab his halter (break away with a clip) and I got that slid over his head without touching his ears but once it touched the poll he started freaking out and trying to run...I called the BO, bawling my eyes out and they looked him over. They checked him from head to tail and he had obvious pain around his left ear, poll, neck and chest. We gave him some Banamine (orally) and let him sit for an hour and a half and I checked on him again. He didn't have much improvement but was happily grazing and wasn't in pain unless you touched his ears/poll/neck/chest. The BO said it wasn't an immediate emergency and I didn't need the vet right now, and to just let him have a few days off and if he's still not himself call out the vet.

I went back out to check on him today and he is doing 90% better. He is still kind of iffy and on edge (I think he's kind of traumatized by the whole ordeal...), but he is now letting me pet/rub the spots that hurt yesterday...I'm going to give him a week or two off of riding and let him relax and hopefully feel better. I think I'm going to set up a vet appointment for this weekend just to be safe.

Any idea what he did to himself? Did he pull/pinch a neck muscle or something? I was looking at horse muscle anatomy charts and there is a big muscle that runs along all of the places he was acting in pain...
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    10-02-2013, 09:34 AM
    10-02-2013, 10:22 AM
That big muscle runs more than just the neck.. I'd check the base of his neck and the upper back for soreness too. Are you sure that it was the head toss that did it and not something else? He could need to see a chiro, been out already and that extra little snap of the head really threw the pain into overdrive. Id see to getting a massage therapist or chiro out (pref both)

I know that may seem like overkill but what gets me is that he was completely fine until a simple head shake/ toss thing. Horses do things like that all the time and unless something was already out/ sore then that much damage is surprising. Then again, he could have hit it just right. Either way, chiro. Good luck!
    10-02-2013, 03:37 PM
He was fine before which is why it confused me how he hurt himself so bad...I just got back from checking on him today and he is now showing a little lameness in his front left and is awfully crabby (which isn't like him)...and his girth area is bothering him now and he's being VERY cinchy which isn't like him either, so something more must be going on. His neck, chest and shoulder don't seem to be bothering him anymore, I rubbed firmly with my fingers all over his body, head to tail, and the only place he reacted was the girth area...he swished his tail, pinned ears and grinded his teeth at me.

He did slip and fall on his left side so maybe he bruised himself? We also added a new gelding to the herd and I saw him throw out some pretty brutal kicks to the other horses who were bothering him, so maybe he got kicked while I was gone? It could be a number of things I know...

If he's not making progress by this weekend I'm going to give the vet a call.

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