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  • Ringworm on yearlings faces
  • Is it okay to apply bleach on ringworm and begins to bleed

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    12-08-2009, 11:17 PM
Alchohol most definitely stings and is harmful to tissues. I've stuck my fingers with fresh scratches and pokes into jars of alcohol cotton balls way too many times at work for you to tell me that it doesn't sting. It is a poor choice for wounds or skin infections.

Sillybunny, cortisone and antibiotic ointment has it's place in treating wounds but it shouldn't just be applied to anything. This combination is used to prevent proud flesh in healing wounds but it is going to slow healing somewhat and increases the risk of infection because the cortisone stops the body from fighting off infectious organisms like bacteria or fungi. So, it's not a good idea to just put this combination on any wound. Plus, if this is a fungus then an antibiotic cream isn't going to help things and the cortisone will keep the body from fighting the infection.

Betadine is both antifungal and antibacterial, that is why it is commonly recommended as the first course of treatment for skin issues and is used for cleaning wounds. You can get betadine solution to use during the winter so that you don't have to rinse it off. Just apply it to the affected areas (not right next to eyes) daily and see if the condition begins to improve in a couple of days. If not, contact your vet.
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    12-09-2009, 04:05 AM
My yearling has ringworm on his face at the moment as well. When I first saw it I thought he was rubbing against something in his stall, but after close examination of his stall and the spot on his face I determined it was ringworm. I have been treating it daily with a betadine wash, and then Tinactin (anti-fungal) cream. It seems to be working.

Remember that ringworm is a fungus and spread easily (I now have it) and should not be taken lightly. Although it does go away by itself in around 16weeks, it is highly contagious, and can live in stalls tack ect.
    12-09-2009, 07:15 AM
I agree with the consensus that betadine will be your best bet and if you don't see any improvement, call the vet.
    12-09-2009, 08:04 AM
Originally Posted by sillybunny11486    
I would be afraid to really wash my horses face off with iodine. Do you guys think alcohol on a gauze pad would work?
Well, you don't spray it there. We basically put some on cotton ball or gauge pad and cleaned the areas gently.

And BTW be very careful and wash your hands after messing with your horse. You don't want it to spread around.
    12-11-2009, 02:32 PM
Iodine and Eyes is a no no. Remember to isolate her and everything that comes in contact--brushes, halters etc. Wash them with bleach and water.

Ringworm usually doesn't bleed or ooze so be careful. Strangles does and man o man watch out. Get a Vet to check her out.

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