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        11-21-2008, 04:11 AM

    Ruby and I went for a ride the other day. Her and I (along with the BO and his horse) went for a couple mile ride through town (without any problems) and on our way home - both Ruby and the BO horse (Roxy) were feeling playful. So at a nearby feild we decided to go for a quick run. The feild was smooth, with short grass on it (2-3"). We ran back and forth a few times (1/4mile or so) and got back up on the road. When we got to the road, I noticed Ruby was limping (dint notice anything before the road) but either way, after 3 or 4 strides, I grew concerned and got off. She was limping on her left foot. I picked her foot up, and there was a small rock, about the size of a half dime, in the front most part of her frog. I brushed it out with my glove (she didn't jerk/pull/freak out at all). I put her foot back down and started to walk her by hand. After 3 or 4 paces, she was still limping - and getting reluctant to walk. I stopped and started touching all of her joints - looking for a reaction. Nothing - from shoulder to bottom of hoof. We took 1 more step, and she refused to walk anymore. She held her leg up, and wouldn't step on it. I sent the BO for a trailer, and brought her home. While waiting for the trailer, we stepped up on the grass. She would take steps on the grass - but gingerly.

    10 minutes later, we were home. Got her on the grass and she was OK to stand on her foot, but still limped. I checked again, squeeing and looing for a reacion.....nothing. Not even a flinch. She limped to her pen and we called it a night.

    After a sleepless night, I went back to see her and investigate further. I brought her out of her pen, and she was favoring her right front leg. I felt around again - to no avail. Even cheched movement of her joints - no reaction. On both legs...same. I picked her hooves, and didn't mind one bit. She walked softly (a small limp) around the yard, but I didn't push the issue.

    When it came time to go back to her pen, she wouldn'yt walk on her foot. Now, Ruby may not be a show peice, BUT she is very obedient. Out of the 7 horses there, she's the only one trusted to be on the lawn with no lead rope (you can leave her by herself and tend to other horses - she'll stay). If you call her or say "Ruby, time to go home!" she'll walk to her stall and wait to be let in. Well----I said Ruby, go home... and she stood. Walked up grabbed her haulter, applied pressure...nothing. She'd walk away, but not "home". Soooo, out comes the bowl of pellets, and in she nothing was wrong. (Please see my other thread - another incident happened while she was out).

    The BO thinks she twisted/jaunted her ankle. Whats going on here? Should I get her boots? Should she have her front legs wrapped? BTW, Ruby does not wear shoes...and will not. (I don't want to debate that topic here ).

    FYI, Ruby is a 6yr QH.
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        11-21-2008, 04:32 AM
    She could of made her hoof sore by having the rock inside of the frog. I have had horses do that before. They show no signs of being sore or stiff, but they do not want to put weight on the hoof.

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