Saddle Sores?

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Saddle Sores?

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    12-19-2011, 01:50 PM
Saddle Sores?

The horse I ride has these small, very hard, bumps on his back. There is about 4 of them, the biggest one is the size of a pea. They are only on one side of his kind of feels like rain rot, but there are no scabs. They are right where the panel of my saddle sit. They have been there for a few months, they haven't changed in size or firmest. And he doesn't react if I press on them, or brush them. I'm going to guess that they aren't painful.

Another girl rode him this weekend and noticed them, and said they were from an ill fitting saddle. Obviously it would be from my saddle because I'm the only one that rides him.

I'm not sure if they are truly from my saddle though, or if they are saddle sores. I've been riding him for 8 months, with the same saddle and they just appeared about 2 months ago. And he hasn't changed his temperament under saddle. He doesn't seem like he's in pain at all.

I was just wondering if they could be saddle sores, and what I should do to make him more comfortable with my saddle. (I cannot afford a new one).
Or could it be something else?

(I could try and get pictures tonight, for better clarification).
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    12-19-2011, 10:15 PM
Oh my gosh I went thru this with my gelding. I had a bad fitting saddle that caused the same things. I didn't know what the heck they were so I did get a saddle fitter out there and ended up having to buy a new jumping saddle (thank you tax money). I noticed you said you've been riding him for 8 months and these showed up 2 months ago. Funny you should say that because I had yet another issue with my saddle (my custom fitted one). My gelding lost some weight over the summer and I then took him to my trainer who basically said he has something wrong with his neck...not acting right and lifting his head too much. Whatever. I couldn't believe that because she kept saying injury but i've had the horse since he was about 9 months. ANYWAY I notice some hair going away where the stirrup bars are. So again, the saddle fitter comes out and says it's from him losing weight so my saddle that was fitted to him, wasn't fitting correctly. Basically an issue like his takes up to 3 months to do damange like that (the hair was rubbing off and now he has white hairs growing back there). SO that was a mouth full but it can take that long for something to show up. I would suggest having a saddle fitters opinion. NOT someone at the barn who thinks they know. Even trainers don't know. My saddle fitter cost 60 to come out and I learned so much and also liked knowing what the deal was. Yes, it sucked that I had to get a new saddle but it's your horse's back and that can make a horse's riding career end early. Back issues are very common in horses so you might want to just see what a fitter has to say. Good luck. Keep me posted.
    12-20-2011, 08:04 AM
It may be the saddle is causing the skin to callous. Some horses just resign themselves to put up with discomfort as they know they'll go back to the barn when you're done.
    12-20-2011, 09:59 AM
Thanks, is there anything I can do to give him some relief? I cannot afford a new saddle, or a saddle fitter. I ride about 2-3 different horses, and he is the only one it is happening to.

I'm currently using a gel pad...if that helpful?

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