Should I Vaccinate My Foal?

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Should I Vaccinate My Foal?

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    04-19-2013, 03:23 PM
Should I Vaccinate My Foal?

Last weekend I hauled my 6 month old filly, and her mom up to a vaccination clinic so I could get the filly coggins tested. I'm using her as a 4-h Training Project so that is the only reason why. I totally spaced out on considering getting shots done.

We never vaccinate our horses. The only reason we have ever taken our horses to the vet is if they needed coggins, teeth done, or ultrasounded. In the past 8 years none of our horses have been injured or sick.

This whole summer the only times she will leave the property are for the fair (4 days), and 2-3 4-h Training practices. My show horse might be pastured with her, but she might not. We aren't sure yet.

I don't really know what a 6 month old filly can get? She is huge for her age. The vet who pulled coggins on her said she is to big for her age and suggested I put her on a joint supplement so her bones grow right.

What shots could she possibly get?

Which ones does she ACTUALLY need?

Are there any we can buy from the farm store/vet and give her on our own?

We haven't had any breakouts in decades but that doesn't mean it can't happen. They are pretty strict about sick horses at the fair and shows.

Most people, all they get is a 5-way shot.

Input Needed!!
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    04-20-2013, 10:39 AM
Absolutely, I would. A young foal has not had the time to build up any immunity through natural exposure. Mixing her with other horses in the clinics puts her at risk of anything the other horses have or are harboring. Your adult horses can give her something that they bring back with them even though they are completely healthy. Do you trust the health and wellfare of each and every horse yours come in contact with as well as all the horses those horses come into contact with? You can't. Case in point. Two of my boarders went on a large organized week long trail ride. I urged them to give their horses rhino vaccines. They did. Their horses were fine after the ride but my 2 2 year old fillies who did not go, came down with it so bad they were both sicks for the rest of the summer.

Your vet is the one to advise you on what your horses need as everyone's risk factors are different depending upon where they live. You can't go without tetnus on any of your horses. Foals are also at greater risk of contracting something and it being fatal as they have a more immature immune system.

FYI, a 5 way shot means nothing. It is just a combination shot of 5 different vaccines. Every manufacturer is going to put different shots in combinations they choose. Know what each individual component of the shot is so you are protecting your horses from the risks they need protection from and not ones that are not present in your area.
    04-21-2013, 06:13 PM
I always vaccinate my horses. I've found it better when a mare is within the one month range in foaling that I vaccinate the mare while she's pregnant. It transfers EVERY vaccination to the foal. Now as for a six month old foal, especially if you inten on show him/her I would for sure vaccinate it. I find it way better and it makes me feel more secure to always have my hrose vaccinated and with a clean coggins. Just because you have had one sick or injured YET doesn't mean you it won't ever happen. Many of the things you vaccinate for are deadly.

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