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    11-12-2011, 01:27 PM
Super Moderator
Slightly Off

I'm really looking more for educated geusses rather then short "call the vet" responses on this one.

Riley had an abscess about a month ago, maybe a little bit more and it took quite some time to blow so he's been ouchie here and there since. I pulled his shoes for the winter and to let his hoofs heal some as he had thrown his shoes all through the summer and really ripped the walls up. His feet actually look really good right now.

Today when I was riding (and one day last weekend) he felt the slightest bit off on the right front. That is the one that had the abscess as well. His stride seems a little shortened too at the trot on that side. No heat, no swelling and if I were to geuss, I'd say he feels off up high in the shoulder. No headbob no visible limp. It's more of a feel then a see. He is stiff on that side a bit as well but that's normal.

So... Next month I'm going to have a lump removed from his lower left (It's scar tissue but I'm having it removed anyway to be safe). I was thinking I can play a wait and see game since it's such a minute offness and at this point I am only riding on weekends (since there is no day light).

I was THINKING it may be a sore sole becuase he only seems off on the bend at the far end of the ring but then he does feel stiff always in that one direction....

Any thoughts? I'll try to get a video but no promises...
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    11-13-2011, 12:34 AM
How is he on soft ground? Could be anything from hoof bruising to soft tissue injuries to a mild fracture. And having a lump removed off of his left...what?
    11-13-2011, 09:25 AM
Super Moderator
Originally Posted by bubba13    
How is he on soft ground? Could be anything from hoof bruising to soft tissue injuries to a mild fracture. And having a lump removed off of his left...what?
He is not visibly off at all but I can feel it. I don't have any soft ground at the house really (I ride on grass). The lump is on his lower leg, I've had the vet look at it twice and she says it's not attached to anything and more then likely is from a knick or a kick. It is not in anyway painful and he is not sore at all with it. She said she'd remove it but prefered I waited until after fly season so I'm planning to do it next month. That also gives me some time to save some money...
    11-13-2011, 01:06 PM
My guess is a reacquiring abscess. If a abscess heals from the outside first, it will developed a pocket, and will return. I use icthanole (won't spell check) It is a axle type grease used to "pull abscess." I think it is easier than trying to "soak" with salts.
    11-13-2011, 07:20 PM
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I took him to my lesson today and mentioned my concerns to my trainer. He has a sand arena and Riley never took an off step. He did agree that he is stiffer on one side more then the other and said that I really need to work with him more from that side. He also said that he didn't see any physical isses. I have to agree with you guys. I think it's a bruised sole or an abscess. Should I soak and ichthomal?
    11-13-2011, 07:43 PM
You could try Jim Rickens hoof formula #1. It's worked well for me on horses that were really off.

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