Small recurring nosebleed

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Small recurring nosebleed

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    10-24-2013, 12:16 PM
Small recurring nosebleed

Hi everyone,

I have done so much research on this topic I've worried myself sick! I thought I'd ask here because everyone is always so helpful :)

My 6YO QH Mare has had a very small recurring nose starting Friday (the 18th) then Sunday (the 20th) and again last night (the 23rd). Each time it has been a very small amount in one nostril. Last night was the worst and it dripped a few times. It does not seem to get worse after riding her (usually for 45 minutes, steady exercise). I did a ton of research and read that a small recurring nose bleed could be a sign of brain tumors, ethmoid haematoma and cancer. Since it has only happened three times (that I know of) I don't want to call a vet out yet but because of my research I have myself worried.

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    10-24-2013, 02:40 PM
First thing I thought was either dryness or ethmoid hematoma. If you are worried I would talk to your vet.

My mare sometimes gets nose bleeds when it's dry out.
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    10-24-2013, 03:14 PM
Have you actually looked inside the nostrill? My gelding had a small "nose bleed" last week that had me panicking. I checked, and he actually had just cut himself inside his nostril. Probably running into a stick while grazing, or maybe a bad bug bite. I cleaned it out, and it hasn't bled sense.
    10-24-2013, 03:19 PM
Green Broke
I used to know a mare who would get nosebleeds when the weather dropped suddenly...

But on the flip side I know a horse who had small nose bleeds over a period because he whacked his head and fractured his skull.. No outward signs of it, some how!

Check the inside of your horses nostrils, if you can't find any sign of a cut, I would advise a vet call to be better safe than sorry :)
    10-24-2013, 03:44 PM
Green Broke
Caisiemay, I know how we obsess and worry over these 1000 lb delicates!

My new addition, 12 yr old QH mare, also had two very minor nose bleeds since I've had her (about 4 months), in the same nostril. Didn't occur during a vigorous workout, especially at the trainers, but was happening while grazing, or at least that's when I saw it. My only conclusion is that she may have very thin skin inside the nostril and probably poked it with a stiff weed stem.

Will have my vet check her during her spring check-up, but I decided not to worry over it. Hasn't happened since, and when it did, was very little blood, did not last long and did not phase her in the least.

Keep a record of how often, when, what she was doing so you can give the vet some info when and if you do decide to go further with this. Like I said, in Misty's case, I feel it can wait until her spring check-up. If anything changes dramatically, of course I will call my vet and look deeper into it. Good luck.
    10-24-2013, 05:56 PM
I had a young mare who had a few nose bleeds from one nostril and it ended up being guttural pouch mycosis. I'm not saying this is what your horse has but it would give you piece of mind if vetted.
    10-24-2013, 06:05 PM
Thanks everyone, you are easing my worries! I think I will get it checked out the next time the vet is out at the barn but I won’t worry myself anymore until then as it sounds like it could be a minor thing.

I haven't checked the inside of the nostril but I will tomorrow when I see her again. I'm hoping to find a scab or something to show that it was indeed just a stick or something, it's too cold here for a bug to be out and about.

Question: should I be cleaning the blood from the inside? I haven't as I don't want to make it worse. I've just cleaned the outside of the nostril and left the blood on the inside because I read that the inside skin is extremely delicate. What do you pro's think?

As for the idea of a fracture, this is a very possible thing right now as she is new to a herd of 15 and has been getting picked on quite a bit. She has been bit all over her back haunches. If I suspect a fracture is this something you would get looked at right away or can that be left for a couple weeks/possibly a month until the vet comes out?

Regardless, I will have a vet out sooner or later.

ethmoid haematoma, nose bleed, vet, worried

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