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        12-12-2012, 11:06 PM
    You can simply sew on a belly band to whatever blanket is appropriate. You can use a slinky in the winter but you would probably need to put a blanket over it to keep the insulation factor since the slinky would flatten the hair. Depends on how cold you get.

    It only takes about a 1/2 cup to 1 cup of flax. A good coat elsewhere is a good sign that things are ok. Probably just an allergy. The only way to pinpoint is to take away every factor, allow her to heal and add them back in slowly one at a time till you find the trigger. Just fyi, some horses are allergic to grass O.O dust wood oils..things found in every barn. You will have to be very diligent to find the trigger but it would be worth it.
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        12-12-2012, 11:17 PM
    I'm actually with saddlebag on that one. Could be too much of something. On the other hand, since you changed nutrition she stopped itching except on belly and chest. And she was itchy everywhere with the old feed.
    Checked my smart book about vitamin A. 30IU/kg daily is maintenance, and foals fed 20000IU/kg developed scaly says it needs to be supplemented when hay quality is poor.
    Maybe FeedXL is called for, to see what is too much and what not enough. I use Omega Horseshine, as you know, and am thoroughly happy with it, it helped my bug allergic Snipper a great deal, apart from giving her a glass-like shine. Haven't tried smartpac, so can't comment on that.
    I'm not using RB, because it's hard to find around here. I feed alfalfa/timothy pellets, soaked, the omega, a tiny(really) sprinkle of strategy healthy edge(the QH gets about a pound, blimpy Arab the sprinkle for taste, and half ration of a vit/min supplement. Horses do just fine on it and I stopped looking for RB.
        12-12-2012, 11:59 PM
    Saddlebag - that's a good point.
    Right now she's on the recommended amount of Ration Balancer than she should be for the weight she SHOULD be (she's currently still a little over)- I don't know how properly balanced it is, but don't know how to find out? It's Nutrena Grass Balancer.
    Then she has Hay - pretty much all day. I haven't had an analysis done, simply because I get hay from different locations each load (each load is about 2 months). All the places near don't have a stable supply year round - so they buy out of town in the dead seasons.
    I know full well about those mineral blocks -.-' I give her just a straight up salt lick, which she only has access too when she's outside. If she has one inside at night when she runs out of hay she eats it -.-; She hasn't been doing that as much as she did originally, but I don't trust her yet :P
    During the summer she had full access to a very mixed pasture- had someone come and check for poisonous plants (that's how I learned about the black walnut trees in the paddock I can't use now) and they only found a little Celendine (SP?) that I pulled it all up. But there were all sorts of other plants there - she plowed it all through pretty darn fast, what she didn't eat she trampled. Now there's really only little stubbles of grass left in a few patches.

    I'll try to find a blanket with a belly wrap on it - I can't seem to find any slinkies that just covers her belly. I recently saw a belly fly sheet xD it covers just the belly, I'll get one of those for the summer, she shredded all my regular fly sheets.
    We use RB for our skinny horses to help them gain weight, I don't want to add that many calories. But I will look into Flax!
    As for Vitamin A - it sounds like horses with too much get the scaly skin?
    Maybe I should use Omega Horseshine instead of Smart Omega? I don't think it would hurt to switch those?

    Thank you all - I'll keep looking into this. It could be too much of something, maybe there's something in the Nutrena Balancer that's too much? I just don't know what's the appropriate amount of everything.
    I think I'll do a skin scraping at her next appointment (if she's still itchy) it couldn't hurt.

    It could be an allergy to a type of wood or something in her hay - if all else fails I'll look into that.

    Thank you all again so much. :)
        12-13-2012, 12:22 AM
    The amount of A they were feeding those weanlings in that study is HUGLY excessive. Kinda like when they feed rats loads and loads and loads of fake sugar or something and then say it causes cancer lol... don't confuse that excessive experiment with simply needing a bit more :)

    30ui is recommended but IME that is ok in the SUMMER when there is green grass so the horse can make up his own A as he needs it also. (beta carotene in the grass is converted into A by the horse) In the winter, I think that need is at least double that once the hay is a couple months old. I really wish they would do a real study on this. Winter feeding is different than summer feeding.

    BUT, all that said, if the rest of the coat is ok, I don't think that's the problem.

    Id just buy a slinky and pay someone to sew on a lycra or whatever belly flap to oe side which would just be a big square and some velcro on the other side to close it up with. Wouldnt cost you much at all.
        12-13-2012, 12:41 AM
    Trinity, I know. Was just stating what the smart book said.
    Scaly skin was the least of the overdose symptoms.
    It also says that either pasture or good hay should cover the maintenance dose.

    Punk, I think it would be best to invest in a month's subscription with FeedXL to see where you're at with nutrition.
        12-13-2012, 01:17 AM
    Punkstank...I feel your pain. As you know, while my mare is not completely miserable like during the summer, she still has the same scaley, bald areas....though there is some hair growth now. And, we have not only changed her diet, but moved to a completely new area in California...totally different weather. From Lemoore where it was hot, summer dessert surrounded by cow dairies and farm chemicals to San Diego where she has ocean breezes, cooler temps and change of season. She no longer gets any alfalfa hay, only bermuda grass and her Nutrena Empower Balance. We also treated for NTW last summer. Please let me know if your vet finds a diagnosis and I will do the same!
        12-13-2012, 01:20 AM
    Here is Snickers from last summer....

        12-13-2012, 09:41 AM
    Super Moderator
    I wonder about her eating that salt/mineral lick - when women are pregnant a lot of their cravings are actually about a need to get extra vitamins and mineral they are lacking (NO chocolate and cream cakes doesnt count!!!)
    I might be more inclined to allow her 24/7 access to a good one that she can help herself too
    The skin scrape would help in the process of elimination which you need to do. Mites can live off the horse on vermin and birds and also lay eggs so contantly reproducing which replaces any that you might have managed to kill with sprays or wormers like Ivermectin. Our dogs were terribly cranky and fractious when they had them so could be contributing to her sometimes odd behaviour. It took a course of injections to sort our dogs out.
    If it was a plain food allergy I'd be expecting to see a reaction all over but still worth considering - as everything is.
    She is lying more on her belly so could be bedding - maybe even the pellets as they must use something to bind them in which case trying the straw or loose shavings is also worth trying
    I also wondered if you should get your soil tested as there might be some contaminent in that from years ago that's irritating her skin when she lies outside setting off a dermatitis reaction
        12-13-2012, 09:46 AM
    Snickers lives in pasture with a run-in shelter, both where we were and where we are now. No bedding, just sand. The soil is different down here so I was hoping it was a dirt thing where we came from. So, far not. Skin scraping is a good idea I think....mites sound like a possibility.
        12-13-2012, 09:55 AM
    For the mites, I'm not seeing anything about the midline being affected. Common places are the neck, tail etc.????

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