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        09-14-2007, 02:27 AM

    I went to look at a horse for sale with a client of mine. It was a Tennessee walker gelding in its early twenties. He had all kinds of physical problems. First thing I noticed was he was about 100 lbs under weight. I asked the owner what he ate and she said two big scoops of senior feed once a day. The scoop she uses is pretty big, seemed like a lot of feed for a horse on good pasture 24/7. The horse is 22, so I’m guessing his teeth could be bad. Second, he had a floppy ear with a hard crease in it, right across the middle of it. My client suggested that the horse might be drugged. Perhaps it was possible but that does not explain the crease. The owners didn’t seem like the kind to do that. He also had a lazy sheath, with his male parts hanging most of the time. I asked the owner about this and she said the vet told her it was ok. Hmmm? The skin is very loose in the area which makes me think he has done this for quit some time. Last off he rubs his hind fetlocks together when he walks and also seemed stiff in his hocks. When I picked up one of his hind feet and extended his leg he jerked it back quickly. The horse in general just seemed to be worn out, possibly could have been shown a lot by the way he handled. I told my client the he had too many health issues to consider buying. Just a shame because he was a sweet guy, makes me wonder what all of that could be caused by. Possibly some kind of spinal trauma, neurological problem, or a hard life in general? Any suggestions?
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        09-14-2007, 09:05 AM
    Boy howdy, the way some horses end up. It makes me feel very sorry for the old fellow. It sounds like he has had a very hard life. I havent a clue about the miserys you mentioned but it seems this guy has way too many health issues.
    If your client is still interested I would suggest a vet check
        09-14-2007, 04:18 PM
    Yeah, I felt sorry for him too. :(

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