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    10-27-2012, 01:35 PM

Havent posted in a long time...just wondering how every one in there own ways deals with strangels?
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    10-27-2012, 03:28 PM
Super Moderator
Personally if one horse in a busy yard gets strangles then I will just get a snotty rag and wipe all their noses.
Isolation when a horse actually has the infection just delays the others getting it as they will have mixed together prior to the signs.

As for treating I will feed them off the floor or if the weather is good, leave them out.
Poultice under the jaw and only when it has burst administer antibiotics.
    10-27-2012, 03:47 PM
Green Broke
Foxhunter, I would kill you if you did that to mine. Infact I would go so far as to say it is willfull cruelty

Strangles kills perticularly if a horse develops ******* strangles.

I've had a horse with strangles and it was so very very ill, distressed and it was touch and go for quite a while with him. Proper barrier nursing prevented any of my other horses from getting it, I wold probably have killed little harvey if he had caught it as he is immuno comprimised.

When we had it the yard went into quarenteen, nothing on or off the yard. Vet swabbed all the other horses.
Infected horse went into isolation, total barrier nursing, other horses when no where near infected horse. Seperate grooming kits, infected horse was always seen to last and then I had a full change of clothing and a shower before handling anything else.
All grooming kits, stables etc were scrubbed with the disinfectant that kills strangles (note not all disinfectants kill strangles). Horse was not allowed back with other horses untill it had a clear gutteral pouch swab.
Any vehicles on or off the yard had thier tyres disinfected, anyone walking onto the yard had to walk through disinfectant trays.
    10-27-2012, 05:20 PM
Super Moderator
When I was dealing with a lot of horses coming from Eire to England, back in the 1970s, they would all travel in the holds of the boats. ~close confinement, hot inside the holds and then draughty on the docks plus the stress of travel led to many of these horses developing strangles. If they were over 5 years they were generally immune.
All this meant that horses were exposed to strangles far more than they are today (in the UK) so they had high immunity to it.

I could not count how many horses I have seen with strangles but would lay odds on that it is more than any vet who qualified in the last 10 years, and only once have I ever seen ******* strangles in a very old horse.

A large stables near me contracted strangles a few years back, they isolated and it dragged on for months - something like 8 months if I recall correctly.

I did have strangles here about 8 years ago. How they became infected heaven knows because nothing had been off the place for weeks as they were all on summer break, started with the youngsters and all the older horses were immune in that all some of them had was a slightly snotty nose.

Pointless trying to quarantine because they had all had contact with one another prior to infection showing.

Guttural pouch swabs will 99% of the time swab clear when they are not.
    10-27-2012, 06:02 PM
Green Broke
You show a blatent disregard for the horses in your care. A complete ignorance of how the disease is spread and ignorance of the medical science behind the gutteral swab (which by the way is correct more often then it is wrong)

The reason the disease was more prevalent in the 70's was because of attitudes like yours!

The reason behind isolating horses and gutteral pouch swabbing is the fact that horses can become silent carriers of strangles.
Strangles does not affect them however when they are stressed they shed the disease infecting anything they come into direct contract with. Thus your outbreak a few years ago probably was from a silent carrier who for some reason was stressed.
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    10-28-2012, 11:03 AM
Foxhunter, all I have to say is you are so asinine in your thinking in regards to strangles it isn't even funny. I suggest you actually do some research and learn something. Treatment and prevention has progressed since the 70's...

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