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  • Abcess blow out on bottom of foot
  • Abscess blew out back of frog

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    06-24-2012, 09:09 PM

Hi guys. I just want to know if anyone can give me any advice on the best solution for my boy's problem. He had an abscess blow out the bottom of his back right hoof and he is missing 3/4 of an inch of his frog and he has mild thrush in that hoof as well. The vet told me to pour straight iodine on it, which I have been doing, but he didn't suggest anything else for him. I've only had Nohea since June 14th, and the man I bought him from actually offered to take him back, he said he believes it may have been his fault because he was a month over due on getting his hooves done, which was right before I bought him. I love my horse so I don't plan on sending him back but it breaks my heart to see him in pain, he has quite a limp going on. Is there anything better than just iodine? I've never had to deal with abscesses or thrush before (I was blessed that my mare had good hooves) so I'm new to this deal. Thanks:)
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    06-25-2012, 01:46 AM
Green Broke
Both are really common in my area (due to the near constant rain 8 months of the year!)

Most abscesses aren't a big deal- the horse typically presents as 3-legged lame seemingly out of nowhere, and for the first time seeing it, many people think the horse has broken his leg Soaking in epsom salts and applying an epsom salt poultice daily helps to draw out the infection (as well as keeping the horse's feet as clean and dry as possible), continuing for a few days afterwards as well. But if it hasn't burst within 2-3 days calling a vet or farrier is in order, and they may dig it out. When the abscess drains, the relief is instant. Sometimes the abscess will come out badly, or partially drain, get plugged up, and then reoccur, or the vet/farrier will have to remove a lot of material to find the abscess. This will mean that the horse will have a longer recovery time, sometimes months. It sounds it came out badly when it burst, taking some of the frog with it. I'd consult your vet as to how long you should expect him to be so sore, and when you should have a follow up if he's not better, but you can probably alleviate the pain a little bit in the mean time by getting some hoof boots for him (it sounds like he's probably barefoot?)

For mild thrush, using iodine for a few days should clear it up unless there's an outside factor encouraging its growth, such as deep sulci, contracted heels, constant exposure to moisture, etc. If it hasn't cleared up in a week or so of treatment, consider if anything in his environment is contributing to it.
    06-25-2012, 08:10 AM
Please realize that I am NOT a vet, nor have I ever portrayed one on TB.

Our OTTB developed some mild thrush in very wet weather and then had an abscess. It did not blow out, we took him to our vet who punctured the sole of his foot to let it out. Our vet treated it (against the advice of some horse people) by draining it, soaking the foot, packing it and then bandaging it. With the bandaging to stay on (and be changed every couple days) for about one week. The horse was put on antibiotics and put up in a double stall where it was dry. We had an excellent outcome. Now all of this was against standard practice by most horsepeople. If your horse has thrush already, and he's had an abscess blow out like that on the bottom of his foot, I'd see a vet. I may be overly cautious, but I'm like that about feet and eyes.
    06-25-2012, 07:05 PM
I want to say thank you for the replies. I'll continue with the iodine for the thrush. I'm just concerned because I live in Florida and we have been getting blasted by some pretty heavy rain so keeping his hooves dry has been out of the question.

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