Tissue hanging from incision of newly gelded colt...

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Tissue hanging from incision of newly gelded colt...

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    12-09-2010, 11:51 PM
Green Broke
Tissue hanging from incision of newly gelded colt...

My 5 month old colt got gelded today, and almost immediately after he got up I noticed some tissue hanging out of the incision. The vet was gone at that point. I checked on him many times today, and the tissue is still there. He is starting to swell a bit, so it is protruding even more.

I don't think it's intestines or anything serious like that. I think it is tissue from where the testicle was snipped off. Anyway, is this normal, or do I need to get all worried and call the vet? I think the vet thinks I'm paranoid already, so I hate to call for something normal. But is this normal?

He's walking sore, but is eating, drinking, nursing, pooping..... doing all the normal things.

Gosh, I get tired of worrying.
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    12-10-2010, 12:02 AM
Trailhorserider, I read about this somewhere else on another horse advice message board moderated by a vet. He gave some general guidelines for what gelded colt tissue looked like when it wasn't a problem...google "concern castration colts" and you'll find his answer and a picture of another lady's colt. Also somewhere else it said that if the tissue is light pink, it could be a loop of intestine which is something to be concerned about. Darker pink or clots are not so much to worry. Hope this helps! Good luck!
    12-10-2010, 12:08 AM
It is likely just some fatty tissue that the vet didn't get snipped all the way off. I don't have enough experience with gelding horses to know but I do know that it is extremely common in cattle after they are cut. I would likely just leave it be but if you are worried about it, I'm sure the vet wouldn't mind talking to you about it over the phone.
    12-10-2010, 12:16 AM
Green Broke
Thank you BOTH so much! You gals are lifesavers for my piece of mind.

Ladytrails, I found the article and that looks almost exactly like what my colt has. Same color and everything.

I'll see how it looks in the morning, and if it looks alarming or I'm just not sure, I will leave a message with the vet. I will probably leave a message with the vet anyway, just me being me, unless it starts to retract back in, which would make me very happy.

I did ask the vet what to look for, complications-wise, and all he said is that if I kept him exercised there would be no complications! So, I'll see what's hanging tomorrow(!) and go from there.

Because today was the day it was done, he wasn't exercised at all yet. Tomorrow he will be due for a trot around the property.
    12-10-2010, 12:20 AM
Good luck, it's tough when you get these type of surprises! I'm sure your little guy will be fine but you will feel better if you talk to the vet, and he would expect you to be cautious - he won't want your colt to have complications because that's not good for his practice! Don't be too surprised at the swelling, either - in a day or two that can be pretty impressive but as long as it's clean and dry (or drying) and he can get around and move, it'll work out.
    12-10-2010, 12:31 AM
As long as he is not stalled, he will likely move around quite a bit on his own; it's when they are stabled, with no access to area to exercise and move normally that you NEED to work them. If he is still with mom, he should be fine, even though you didn't work him today.

As far as the tissue, really, if he was in dire stress, you would know...it does not take long for them to become uncomfortable if something like an intestine would be hanging out; it would start to die off, and cause alot of intestinal pain, which would be obvious.
    12-10-2010, 10:01 PM
Green Broke
Thanks all!

I have a call in to the vet (this morning) and haven't heard back. So I will take that as a good sign (as he is usually pretty good about calling back).

My colt is doing really quite well even though the wound looks pretty "graphic" to me. But he is doing all his normal activities and was even kind of obnoxious/playful when I ponied him today. And although he IS swollen, it is actually not as bad as I expected it to be.

The hanging tissue in question is still hanging there, but I do think it looks like it is trying to draw back up. I'm sure it is the end of the tissue where the testicle was snipped, and it seems to have a slow drip coming from that location.

So, I pray that as it heals and he gets more exercise, it will gradually go back to where it belongs. And if it doesn't, I will harass the vet again. But I don't think there is anything immediately critical going on. Other than walking slow, he is acting totally normal.

PS. My vet told me not to work him the day he had it done. Second day (and beyond) I am supposed to make sure he gets at least 10 minutes of trotting a day.

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