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Too skinny?

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        04-04-2009, 11:54 AM
    any sport type horses like that, TB, standard breds, are all known to be hard keepers and hard to keep the weight on, just think of the difference between a skinny man or a lean man, the lean man is skinny looking but all muscle, the skinny man is just skinny with not much muscle. The point is, I find my Rhiszo hard to keep weight on too and he is on high fat high fibre. I know what a starving horse looks like I rescued 2 in my life so far! Its hard to get them back on the same track. Anyway, I'm glad that you have been doing all that you can do, sometimes bran (got to give in small doses if not they'll get the sh!ts) and flax with regular feed, that's what helped get the two horses that I rescued back on track. But those horses are hard keepers sometimes, just because they are built for speed.
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        04-05-2009, 01:28 AM
    Originally Posted by MollyK    
    And, this may be an obvious point, but sometimes our skinny TBs are skinny because they're just not eating what we THINK they are eating. As a 20-year horse owner, I'm getting a hard lesson on the feeding practices at some barns. I LOVE my horse's current barn. But remember how I posted upthread about my skinny OTTB getting THIS much neutrena and THAT much hay? Well, a quick peek into the grain room yesterday and there is not a single bag of neutrena in sight. Just some no-brand grain and beet pulp. Grrr.

    I love this barn and the barn manager. It's such a tough position, asking for proof that someone who seems to care about horses is not starving your horse.

    Sigh. I hate this part of horse ownership. (And I'm so glad to be able to send this far out into the ether, 'cause the other part of horse ownership I hate is barn gossip.)
    Yea, I had the same problem at my barn. Even though I'm 17, I've had more experience with barn drama than almost anyone else I know. I found out that the people who feed my horse on the weekends weren't feeding him what he's normally getting, so I put a poster (yes, a poster) on his stall to let them know what he was fed. My horse has a history of colic so it is especially important that he is kept on the same schedule. Never had a problem with him being fed again. If I'm going to spend an extra $150 a month to pay for feed in addition to board, he sure better be getting what he's supposed to!!!
        04-05-2009, 01:32 AM
    Originally Posted by luvs2ride1979    
    Strongid is NOT effective. The Oxibendazoles and Fenbendazole dewormers show very high resistance in adult horses. Not all vets are up on current dewormer research .

    I rotate using Pyrantel Promate, Ivermextin, and Moxidectin, including one deworming a year using a product that contains Praziquantel (Equimax or Quest Plus) to take care of tape worms. I'm in Arkansas, our weather and parasites are similar to Georgia. This is my deworming schedule and it has worked very well. I use (a FREE web site) to keep up with scheduling and what-not.

    Jan 1: Ivermectin + Praziquantel
    Mar 1: Pyrantel, double dose (Exodus Multi Dose or TapeCare+)
    Apr 1: Moxidectin
    July 1: Ivermectin
    Sept 1: Pyrantel, double dose (Exodus Multi Dose or TapeCare+)
    Oct 1: Moxidectin

    The dates are based on reemergence cycles of the worms. You do not need to deworm more frequently than recommended, unless your horse is very susceptible to parasites.
    The schedule my barn uses is very similar, and even though my horse is being wormed with Strongid, he doesn't have any worms. He did when we bought him, but my vet checked his manure and found him to be worm-free.

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