Ulcer prone horse freaking out when farting?

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Ulcer prone horse freaking out when farting?

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    11-30-2011, 06:38 PM
Ulcer prone horse freaking out when farting?

My barn owner asked me about this since I have done a lot of research on ulcers do to my mare and her problem with ulcers.

She has this 9 year old OTTB gelding, Ricky. He has ulcers but hasn't had a flare up in a while. She was telling me that recently when being ridden he will suddenly fart and the then go crazy and freak out, I've never seen him do it so I can't really give any specific details but she wanted to know if this could be related to an ulcer flare up or something else. Anyone have any ideas? She wants to start him on the ulc-r-aid that I have my horse on since she has seen such great results anyway but was just wondering if I or anyone in the internet world had any ideas lol,
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    11-30-2011, 06:57 PM
Green Broke
Maybe he scared himself.
    11-30-2011, 06:59 PM
Originally Posted by natisha    
Maybe he scared himself.
That's what I said but she said he's done it numerous times over the past 2 or so weeks and he's never done it before, she's had him since he was 3 so it is kind of odd that he would suddenly become a freak about passing gas maybe he's embarrassed lol
    11-30-2011, 07:03 PM
I just need to say that the title of this thread made me
    11-30-2011, 07:05 PM
Originally Posted by pintophile    
I just need to say that the title of this thread made me
lol, I really couldn't think if a good way to word it figured I'd just be direct
    11-30-2011, 07:29 PM
I've seen horses scaring self almost to death by loud farting. So yeah, it definitely happens...
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    11-30-2011, 07:32 PM
Green Broke
Cinny likes to use a good lout fart as an excuse to give a little kick. It doesn't matter if it's his fart, or another horse's fart.
    11-30-2011, 07:37 PM
My qh is often farting strong and LOUD when she's mad. I mean... Really? Why not to do something else?
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    11-30-2011, 07:41 PM
Green Broke
OK, I can admit this because I'm hiding behind a computer but... I once, uh... you know...while riding a friend's baby green horse. He spooked & sprinted across the arena. All I could do was laugh, however as he had never done that before & my friend didn't know why he did it she was worried about him spooking 'at nothing' again...so I had to tell her
    11-30-2011, 10:21 PM

I rode a horse for a lesson this summer that scared himself silly cutting a big fart while he was tied up on the hitching post. It was hilarious.

Huey, on the other hand, farts silently (but saves these little windy salutes for moments when I'm working around his hind end). Only the other day we were trotting figure 8s in the ring, and for almost a whole half of an "8" - the long way - he was making a squeaky fart every time his outside foreleg came forward. It was, like, thump SQUAWK thump SQUAWK thump SQUAWK thump SQUAWK. He wasn't flustered at all, but I had to drop him into a walk because I was laughing so hard I worried about losing my balance and falling off.

I can't think why ulcers would make a fart unusually scary - these are opposite ends of the digestive tube, horses have, what, 100 feet of digestive tube? Unlikely that gas coming out at one end is making an ulcer at the other end feel worse.

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