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Very Dissapointed with my Farrier...

I don't think i've posted anything on this forum about my Farrier issues.. lol.. but here it goes..

I had a nasty breakup with the only farrier i used here in South Carolina. When i moved my horses to my property, the woman who i was boarding with would send him to spy. I caught on, got very ticked off, and "broke up" with him.

DONT HIT ME... but that was in January =/ (Their feet werent THAT bad... they just needed reshaping. It was by no means an inhumane/neglectful situation). Anywhoo... I had a heck of a time trying to find a farrier to commit to coming and doing my horses. I couldn't even get them to return my phone calls. I had used my vet, and 3 customers as a reference for one farrier and called him every 2 days for a week before giving up.

After talking to a Co-worker who had horses in the past, he recommended a guy, and the guy set an appointment with me for Monday (today). Awesome! I actually had an appointment! Sadly, he charged $30.00 a trim, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I needed to get my horse's feet done, and the extra 5 bucks was worth it if it meant i could get a farrier out.

When he came out today, he proceeded to give me a huge training lecture about how im leading my horses wrong. He told me to "NEVER let a horse lead beside you, they have to follow 5 feet behind you or else they are leading you". Seriously. He told me that. He said Dreamer was a "gawd-awful lead and needed real work done before he could be called responsive".... Need i give a trackback to my thread?:

Dreamer is so Responsive! :p

I dont know... personally I think thats a darn well responsive horse. Maybe im just arrogant or blind.

On top of that, he went ahead and grabbed Miakoda's lead rope and gave me a TRAININGSESSIONYAY!!!11one! He even HIT HER IN THE HEAD YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! Now im back to square one!! !!!!!!! Now i can't catch her again !!!!!!! AND I PAID HIM $30.00 TO DO THIS!!!

Seriously, sarcasm aside, he hit her in the head with his hand 3 solid times, and countless times after that motioned like he was going to hit her until she learned to "back off". Then he started HITTING her with the leadrope all over her body, including her face, to desensitize her. Yes, I admit, i will "toss" a leadrope over a horse to desensitize, but i know WHEN to do it, and i NEVER throw the leadrope in a malicious way. The leadrope is a tool to be used for leading. Hitting a horse with it just teaches them to fear being handled... at least in my experience. They relate the leadrope with being hit. Not a comparison I want my horses to have.

She never submitted, her lip was super tight the entire time, and when he let her go into the field she trotted away. I went to go get her a few hours ago (3 hours after he left) and i had to walk her into a corner to get her. GREAT. Thats where I was 3 months ago.

Now, the other thing that really ticked me off...

He did not look at my horses feet. As soon as i lead one out, he picked up the foot and trimmed it. Maybe its just me, but if i'm paying someone $30.00, I DEMAND my horse be evaluated. Joey has a club foot. I TOLD HIM THIS.. and he just picked up the foot as soon as i brought him out and snipped away. When i started with my California farrier asked me to walk each horse past him on both sides, toward him, and away from him. Then we put the horse on a stable surface and he evaluated the angles. THEN he trimmed. Every 5 weeks when he gets the horses back he takes the shoes off, stands back and evaluates to see where he needs to go with the trim/shoe job. THATS what I expect from a farrier.

Then he said how terrible all the horses looked, and how i need to give each horse 10 doses of Panacur (5 doses cost $120.00, so thats $240.00 a horse, and well over $1,000.00 to do all of them). Yes, its that time to worm them, but I'll use my Ivermectin. Its what I always use this time of year.

If I want a trainer, i'll call one. If i want a Vet, i'll call one. If I want a Farrier, I'll call one. I DON'T want my Farrier to try to be a Trainer or a Vet. Just trim my horses feet. Put your effort in "fixing" my horses into actually examining my horses feet. I will step in and offer advice if someone is doing something DANGEROUS with their horse, otherwise, i'll keep my lip buttoned. I hate how so much of the horse world is full of know it alls who cant wait to show you how much better they are than you. This guy was putting that vibe off to me. Don't down EVERYTHING about me, my horses, their care, and housing and expect me to pay you up to $150.00.

I paid $120.00 today for him to do 4 of the horses (Charity didn't need it). For that, i could have bought a rasp and nippers and a "Hoof Trimming for Dummies" DVD and learned myself. I'm sure I could learn to nip and file a horse's hoof. What I CANT do is evaluate. And thats why I hire a farrier... sadly, i hired the wrong one.

Am I over-reacting here? I feel extremely insulted as a Horse Person (owner/trainer/teacher) and very ripped off for being charged $30.00 to have someone beat my horses, gripe about what a bad job i'm doing, and just blindly trim my horse's feet. Anyone else have to deal with something like this? Am i wrong for being so upset about this?

I guess I also just needed to vent. I'm secretly hoping for some support ;_; I had a bad day =/

-Skippy! The Wonder Horse!

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That is AWFUL. And yes, I'd say that your horse is fine as far as responsive and respectful!!!!!

First, NEVER use him again. Second, if you EVER get in a situation like this, STOP THE PERSON. I know it can be hard/awkward to speak up in this situation but remember its YOUR horse. He has no right to get in her face like that.

My farrier is great - but also very very firm. He ALWAYS asks first if the horse is a rescue or has any issues, or if the horse is fine. If the horse is a rescue, he's incredibly soft and patient, even when one rescue mare kicked him as she almost fell over (he has SERIOUS farrier issues as she was lamed and crippled to the point that her front legs are no longer straight). He stood up unhurt thank god, and walked over to her as she stood shaking and calmly talked to her.

Then we had another horse that was rank off the track. WOULD stand, but would get bored, and mouthy (bite) and lazy and kick as you did his feet. Not all the time, just sometimes, or if he felt you were taking too long. He used the cowboy bosal or w/e it's called that's got the metal noseband wrapped in leather and got after him and after a few times, that horse stood calm as pie for him - no fear.

What's key is that 1) he asks the horse's history first so as to never misjudge, then 2) acts accordingly. Most importantly ever horse he handles, gets better for him ever session b/c his handling is always appropriate for the horse's background, situation, and attitude.

In this case, I'd get right on the horn looking for a new farrier, and good luck to you. I wish I knew people in your area, but do not, and I know how hard finding a good farrier can be! Good luck!

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Before I comment, I want to be sure I "understood" what happened. None of your horses gave him a hard time, right. He took it upon himself to give you lessons on leading ect.... without any provocation from the horse, right?

Okay, if that was correctly understood by me, here goes.

Who the H... does this guy think he is? How did he think he had a right to "desensitize" one or any of your horses. What if that particular horse was an abused horse, and now thanks to him it has been reconfirmed not to trust people again? Got to say, mighty HUGE EGO on his part!!

I've only been in a position once where an "authority" figure tried to force me to do something or allow me to let them do something that I did not feel comfortable with to my horse. I took the lead rope from them and thanked them for their time, and said I didn't need their services any longer. If I'm sick to my stomach over what they want to do or want me to do, nope won't do it.

Terrible this happened. Good luck finding someone you can trust. Remember, these are your horses, and you have worked hard to build this relationship with them.. NO ONE is a better judge than you on how to handle each one of them. Listen to your gut, you know this already.
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Oh, thats awful. We have had the same problem. South Carolina must have a shortage of good farriers. I got tired of trying to find one so I bought the stuff to do it myself. So far so good. There are some good barefoot trimming groups on Yahoo that you can learn a lot from.
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First off i do belive he was in the wrong for handeling you and your horse in that way. The price depends on where you're located, around me a trim is $35, so $30 was a good deal. and a panacur power pack is only $60/horse check this link out KV Pet & Equine / KV HealthLinks - Dog, Cat and Horse Supplies, Pet Meds and Nutritio
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Skippy, that's awful...!!

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Originally Posted by Walkamile View Post
Before I comment, I want to be sure I "understood" what happened. None of your horses gave him a hard time, right. He took it upon himself to give you lessons on leading ect.... without any provocation from the horse, right?
You're absolutely correct. None of my horses provoked the treatment he gave. He could tell I was tense with Miakoda (Hey, she's nearly 16 hh, 6 years old, and has had minimal GOOD handling experience... and I don't have health insurance, Of course im nervous!)

Trust me, I am definately an advocate of using force with a horse that is WAY out of line. I've done it in the past, but ONLY when it was necissary. Taking a mistreated horse (and he did indeed know she was abused, he even commented on how he could tell she was abused by the way she was turning her head from him), then hitting it in the head to "prove a point" ... what point? I can see you know how to beat a horse. Good for you, join the crowd of abusers

I cannot stand when people see their cutesylovelywonderful horse SMASH into a farrier, then get mad when he jerks the leadrope. I just want to make sure everyone knows (and im sure y'all do from reading my other posts) that I am NOT a little tender heart "let-my-horse-walk-all-over-me" owner. I HAVE seen force used on my horses in the past, as well as horses I had in training and I do not have a problem with it. But taking an abused horse that did NOT do anything to merit being schooled, beating her in the head, hitting her with a leadrope, all of this without being asked. No. Uh-uh. Not my horses.

Walkamile and CJ82Sky, you're right, the correct thing to do as a responsible horse owner is to take the rope back and politely send them on their way. I was so... blown away, i failed to do this.. and as you said CJ82Sky, you feel really akward and uncomfortable doing this because you're afraid of their reaction.

The other bad thing about this guy, is I live in a very small CHATTY community full of retirees who live for "Days of our Lives" and need to fill the other 23 hours of their day with Gossip... and the last thing I wanted to hear (living on rented land) is that this guy chatted everybody up about how I grabbed my horse from him when he was just trying to "show me the light" because im obviously so misguided. These people are too gossipy to care about the truth, they just want to hear bad news. I swear its whats keeping them alive (that, and the cliff hangers Days of Our Lives leaves an episode on.. they just must live ONE MORE DAY to see if Stephano is really dead!! GASP!)

The best thing I could do in this situation now, is hit the yellow pages again and look up other Boarding Facilities and see who they have doing their horses, and pray that they have the time to do mine.

CJ82Sky, can I buy plane tickets for your farrier O:) I'll make sure he doesn't get caught in Airport Secutiry for carring the nippers on the plane, LOL!

Twitch, are you in South Carolina too? :o

-Skippy! The Wonder Horse!
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Originally Posted by toosleepy View Post
First off i do belive he was in the wrong for handeling you and your horse in that way. The price depends on where you're located, around me a trim is $35, so $30 was a good deal. and a panacur power pack is only $60/horse check this link out KV Pet & Equine / KV HealthLinks - Dog, Cat and Horse Supplies, Pet Meds and Nutritio
I would much rather pay the extra 5 bucks if it meant that my horses feet would be evaluated then trimmed accordingly. $30.00 didn't buy me a farrier, it bought me a guy with nippers and a rasp... if that makes sense ^^

Trimming is definately one of those things I dont look for a bargain on. Vets, Farriers, and Feed. I prefer whatever gets the job done right, not whatever is the cheapest =) Because ya get what ya pay for!

Wow, thanks for the link! I only looked one place, saw the price, and my jaw hit the floor. Do i still have to do 2 doses a day for 5 days on each horse? Or can this be used like Ivermectin/Fenbendazole and one tube will last a worming period?


Just read the description, and it answered my question about the dosing ^^

-Skippy! The Wonder Horse!

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Wow! What a horrible experience for you and the horses! I feel so bad for you!
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WOW. Definitely not cool.
If my farrier hit my pony, I'd probably be charged with assault on a farrier.

I agree that you shouldn't have let him continue on like that (and then had to pay him with that I-want-to-kill-you feeling), reminding your horses to behave may be one thing, but abusing them?? He must not have had much patience at all eh?

I had a sort of similar experience, only with my vet. We have a two year old shetland x arab, he wasn't handled untill he was 8months old so hes even still a bit sketchy about everything (must be the arab). Anyways, he ended up going temporarily blind in one eye, I obviously called my vet ASAP to come out. We had the newer vet come out, (she was awesome with my other pony who pretty much just stands there and lets you poke him with needles forever) she seemed very nervous of the 2 year old, we found out that day he REALLY doesn't like needles anymore lol.
The vet ended up trying to tell me to pin him in a corner, thank god my two year old does't realize he could trample us down to the ground, so he would go up in the air, smash his head on the roof, and then try to spin away from us without killing us. I barely held him, I let him try to escape because I didn't want to say anything because she is a vet, she's supposed to know what she's doing right? It was very akward.
Even after all this, she tried to get me to hold his head over his stall door as she would creep up beside him to try and stab him in the neck with a sedative! Finally after me allowing this horrible experience to happen, I broke down and started to cry, then being embarassed I told her the reason I was crying was because I didn't want him to end up going permanently blind. Even though the real reason was because I felt so bad for putting him through that and not saying anything.
She also tried to get me to twitch him, even after I told her I never used a twitch on a horse before.
Luckily hes fine now (after having the better suited vet for him), and I haven't had a problem with him being sketched in awhile. (Sorry that was sooo long!)

Farrier wise, I haven't had much of a problem lately other then just trying to get ahold of them!!!!!
So I feel for you there lol

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He knows when you're confident.
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