weight gain?

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weight gain?

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    03-11-2008, 12:00 AM
weight gain?

I need help with gaining weight. I just got this mare, she is on 2lbs of sweet feed 2x per day, 3-5 flakes of good hay 2x per day 6-8hrs of grass turnout (we have plenty of grass) and a 2lb mixture of beet pulp/alfalfa cubes 1x per day. Any ideas that work?
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    03-11-2008, 12:12 AM
Grass hay is good for the turnout. She can nibble on it anytime she likes.

A popular weight-gainer is corn oil added to feed but no more than like 1/4cup. Red Cell is used here for weight-gain, however, I don't like using it. (all it does is increase red blood cells)

Sorry if this isn't much help. Time and regular feeding will help greatly.

P.s. I wouldn't feed her extra ammounds of feed. She should get the normal rate, I believe.

What breed, age, and kind of excersize is she getting? What's her name?!

Can you tell us her story?
    03-11-2008, 12:28 AM
Well, she is a 1996 TB mare that was broke when racing, but was turned out to be a brood mare for the past 8yrs. I am going to get her re-started. She is almost 17hh and a very sweet mare.
    03-11-2008, 01:15 AM
Here are a few good supps for weight gain...

Rice Bran: This stuff has worked well for me. It' s not too bad in price, not difficult to feed (unless your horse doesn't like it). I've had good results. The only thing is that you have to be sure to balance the phosphorus/calcium ratio. This is very high in phosphorus. The beetpulp and alfalfa you are feeding are perfect for balancing this ratio. Feeding amounts vary. Some feed 1 cup...others can feed 2 pounds.

Oils: Corn oil, veggie oil, canola oil, ect...This is more messy than Rice Bran but you don't have to worry about the phos/calcium ration. Oils are very high in fat and great for weight gain. They can add a lot of calories without adding volume. I've actually read you can feed up to two cups of oil a day and I have. I have heard oils are high in Omega 3 or 6. However, I don't think they hurt anything...might want to check on that though.

BOSS: Black oil sunflower seeds. These little seeds, I think, have around twice the calories as the oils. I have not used them but I know many people feed them to their horses for weight gain and as a coat supp.

Also, I've heard that some use flaxseed, beetpulp (which you already use), and alfalfa (which you use too).

There is a supplement called SOURCE. It helps with digestion and weight gain (and overall health). I love the stuff. It is pretty cheap and I think it works quite well!

Another thing you can do is feed her a pellet feed that is already processed instead of feeding the sweet feed. For example, Nutrena Safechoice or Purina Strategy. These pelles are very easy to digest...Sweet Feeds can be harder to digest for some horses and they end up passing more than they store.

She is a pretty big girl!

This is what I feed my big girl and it has worked in filling her in!

She gets around the same amount of hay your girl gets, give or take...

Along with her hay, I gave her 4Ib of Purina Strategy, 4Ib Beet Pulp, 2 cups Rice Bran, 1-2 cups Corn Oil, and 2scps SOURCE. She filled in nice and I've had to decrease recently. I also do feed flaxseed...

I hope this helps somewhat...
    03-11-2008, 10:12 AM
Wow :P Thanks for the info. You both have been helpful!
    03-11-2008, 10:21 AM
Green Broke
We have some elderly guys at our barn who are just hard keepers. We give them a supplement called Weight Builder that works wonders. It adds weight (and makes their coat shiny) but doesn't give them any more energy and it's safe for horses that easily colic. Plus, the horses love it! www.smartpakequine.com has it for $56.95 for a 28 lb bucket (112 days), or you can buy it in the little smartpak containers (which I so love and highly recommend!) for $25 a month.
    03-11-2008, 10:52 AM
When my colt got ******* stangles and lost a crap load of weight we were giving him Rice Bran Oil and flax seed. It worked wonders and both are farley cheap.
    03-11-2008, 03:57 PM
I use beet pulp and senior feed on my hard keepers. The senior feed is more digestible and has higher protein and fat contents. Start out slowly and work your way up to the recommended amount. If you are still needing something on the higher end add the corn oil or mare milk replacer. But before doing anything, call you vet and ask. They may have some suggestions.
    04-08-2008, 03:54 PM
I just wanted to post an updated picture of my mare.
The first picture is after her first bath, the second picture is her after I groomed off some of the dead hair from the rain rot. (she does have some white hairs on her right side)(they were on her Jockey Club papers as well, so I guess she was born with them.)

    04-08-2008, 04:16 PM
She's looking really good!

Keep up the great work, and keep us updated aswell :)

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