What could be causing Epona to be doing this?

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What could be causing Epona to be doing this?

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    12-26-2011, 11:31 PM
What could be causing Epona to be doing this?

We have noticed that the last few days, Epona is shedding. Uh huh...it looks for all the world as if she is shedding out her winter coat already, even though I doubt that this is possible.

Today, after just rubbing her face, my clothing had numerous white blaze hairs all over it and a few chestnut ones...but mostly the white blaze ones...... Her blaze covers her entire middle of her muzzle....

As of now, it is just her face, and it is not a skin issue nor is she shedding in patches....it is a uniform, entire face shedding....

I am almost completely certain that she is shedding her winter coat, well...starting to!!!

How can she start shedding this early? Is this even possible?

Again, she has no skin issues, and as of now...it is just her face. Which is where she starts shedding every year.... I just KNOW that within a week or two we will start seeing her shedding out her chestnut body hair....

Now, in years past she has always been an early shedder... at our ex farm, she was the first horse to start losing her winter coat, and she was 3 weeks ahead of any of the other horses at the barn.....

She usually starts the end of January or thereabouts. I have NEVER had her shed this early.

Anyone have any ideas if it could be altitude related? Her and Beau live at a high altitude, way up on the very TOP of a mountain that is higher than the local ski resort. I thought I remember someone saying horse's grow and shed their coats due to the amount or strength of daylight...is this correct? Could it be that since they are at such a high altitude that the sun's rays are stronger, causing her to shed out even earlier than she normally does, which is early anyhow.????

She has healthy skin, a shiny and thick hair coat and just had a complete physical exam.....physical as in visual examination......

The weather up on the mountain is brutal and unpredictable.....with heavy fogs, strong winds, and a scorching summer sun..... it literally can be snowing up there and the sun shining at the bottom of the mountain......I am wondering if being so high up is causing this, due to the strength of the sun's rays. Is this possible?

Also, due to the weather up there, she is sheeted below 40 degrees ..... so far this winter has been unusually mild and she has not worn her blanket yet....just a rain sheet....So I highly doubt that overblanketing her is causing this to happen this year, as our ex BO suggested in years past because she always started shedding out a month before the other horses....

Any ideas?
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    12-26-2011, 11:41 PM
It is possible, since the days JUST started getting longer last week, but it still seems very early (and unwise) to shed out just yet! I hope it's nothing serious, but I also hope she doesn't get too cold for no reason either! Any chance she's rubbing on something?
    12-26-2011, 11:45 PM
White hairs, especially on facial markings, grow longer and shed more readily.
    12-26-2011, 11:45 PM
A halfie used to shed her blaze out during the middle of winter. Honestly it's quite normal. My horse (mainly white with sorrel) is shedding his white coat, keeping his sorrel :P I'm not sure if they made too MUCH coat and they're getting hot in it (plus wearing a blanket encourages shedding) or there's something else that is OFF.

I do know that they can take care of themselves though, so I try to trust that my horse is shedding because he needs to..

I hope you get a definitive answer though so you don't have to worry :)
    12-27-2011, 12:09 AM
Thanks, everyone....so far, it's just her blaze...but my gosh, there's alot of it shedding out!

As I said, she is always an early shedder, even at her ex barn.....but not in December.... and we haven't put anything on her yet this year except a rain sheet...

Am hoping it's just the high altitude or something....I mean, it really IS high up....enough that we would often get headaches or slightly dizzy from it when we first moved them up there....and our ears would pop, gee I hated that most of all.....now that we've been going up there for a year, most of our physical symptoms have disappeared.

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