What do I feed a horse who is losing his teeth?

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What do I feed a horse who is losing his teeth?

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    04-28-2008, 01:42 PM
What do I feed a horse who is losing his teeth?

So, I have a 28 year old quarter horse and he is losing his teeth..sad! He's still in awesome shape other than that. I was just wondering if any of you had any suggestions of things to do to help him get nourishment as he loses more teeth to hopefully keep him around for a while. Last winter we fed him beat pulp and then this past winter we fed him Equine Senior. Someone once told me you can soak the Equine Senior in warm water to make it more like mush and easier yet for him to eat.
Thanks! :)
This is him last summer :)
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    04-28-2008, 02:06 PM
I would make a mash up for him for sure. Is that him in the picture? He looks great if it is!

My friend has an older gelding 26yrs+ and she gives him:

-1/4 cup beet pulp
-1/4 sweet feet
-1 cup seniors suppliment

All mixed together and then adds warm water and lets it turn into mash. She also adds some Flax Seed in there once again (I'm not positive how much of this)

She buys her old guy special hay that is very fine and not hard for him to chew as well.
    04-28-2008, 02:08 PM
Yep that's Scooter!
Thank you for the advice. :)
    04-28-2008, 02:11 PM
He looks great! Good for you for keeping him healthy!

Looks like you don't need any advice ;)
    04-28-2008, 02:16 PM
Haha. Well, that was after he was back on grass for a little while. 3 winters ago he lost quite a bit of weight but the past two weren't too hard on him thankfully.
    04-28-2008, 03:12 PM
Equine Senior is your best choice for a horse that is loosing his teeth (or just has dental issues that make chewing less efficient) since it is designed to meet all nutritional needs including fiber. It is designed to be ore easily digested and falls apart well with just the addition of a little water. You MUST feed it according to the label if your horse is loosing teeth because he isn't going to be making much use of hay or course forage because he can't chew it well.
    04-28-2008, 03:25 PM
I think the mash FRG gave you is perfect for that! He looks great though, I agree. :)
    04-28-2008, 10:38 PM
Alright, Thanks for all the advice!
    04-29-2008, 07:16 AM
Theres a toothless horse in the paddock next to the pony club and I was talking to his owner the other day. She feeds him rice bran, senior pellets soaked in warm water so they go mushy, copra (coconut meal/bran), molasses, crushed garlic and a complete supplement. He is in really good shape. He does eat a fair bit of it though :)
    04-29-2008, 10:04 AM

This is my toothless 32 yr old. He lives on Equine Senior soup all year round.

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