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What do YOU feed your horses?

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        07-28-2009, 12:03 PM
    My horse/s are on 24/7 turn out on bahea (sp) grass. I used to use safechoice when I ran my own barn, then they had some special seminole feed at the boarding stable I was at. Right now i'm trying something called Cool Balance that is supposedly comparable to Safechoice and my horsie loves it! Lol anybody have an opinion on that feed?

    I also feed 1/5 of corn oil and apple cidar vinegar and 1 cup of beet pulp each feeding
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        07-28-2009, 10:49 PM
    Thanks. I wondered today at Tractor Supply about buying oats, but I was not sure if I should bother. I think I will try a slow transition to Alfalfa pellets, rice bran and beet pulp from the sweet feed I buy currently. With the two underweight, should I bother with oats? Looking at what everyone here mentions, I am guessing not. Their pasture is a bit sparser than most, as a pony and the gelding are on one 3 acre lot, so I do give about 2-3 flakes of orchard grass hay in the morning and evening. The very thin mare is on one acre, and the grass is still so high, she didn't eat the hay I was providing in addition, so I stopped offering that to her (she is on a senior feed, no sweet feed).

    My Arab mare is stalled and not turned out (I have electric fence, and her prior owner was against turning her out in it because she felt sure she'd go right through it), and she gets about 15 lbs of hay a day (or 1/3 a bale) and about 6 pounds total of sweet feed (split up through the day), but as I mentioned, she looks so great, I hesitate to mess with what I feed her since coats, weight and hooves are fantastic.

    It was only recently we got a local Tractor Supply, and until then the only options were small feedstores, and they didn't sell option in feed really. You could buy sweet feed in 10%, 12% and 14% and an equine senior feed, and that was it.

    Thanks again!
        07-29-2009, 10:48 AM
    My girl is on pasture almost 24/7,(in with 2 flakes hay if the weather is bad) and would maintain a healthy weight on just that (VERY easy keeper). However, she cannot have mineral blocks, so she is on a multivitamin and mineral supplement plus a joint supplement, so she gets just enough Charger to mix her supplements in for her evening meal. In the morning she gets just a handful of Charger because all the other horses where I board get fed 2x daily and it would be cruel to not give her ANYTHING.
        07-29-2009, 02:15 PM
    My farriar raves about the improvement my horses feet since using the TSC mineral loose. The one I recommend is the horse minerals, the brown back w/ green writing. I can't remember the exact name. I hope your TSC is better than mine. They are not real consistant about what they keep in stock and as a result I am looking for a new place to buy grain.
        07-29-2009, 05:51 PM
    I was going to pick up a bag of the TSC minerals, but they were out yesterday. We've just been going to this one about 1 month, so I hope it end up keeping the few things I can get no where else locally.
        07-29-2009, 07:11 PM
    I guess I'm old school. I feed sweet feed (Vitality 10%) and hay, whatever hay I can get that is good, mostly Coastal Bermuda. I also feed Alfalfa cubes, soaked.

    The only time my horses have colicked was due to HAY not sweet feed, so I don't know where that idea comes from (as mentioned in an above post). I rarely have horses colic. I think a lot of colic is more management practice than what you are feeding (of course I'm not talking about feeding moldy or bad feed).

    Also, I have to wonder, those of you feeding just hay all seem to use vitamin supplements? Why? Why not just include a well balanced feed with the hay?
        07-29-2009, 07:40 PM

    Purina- Horsemans Edge Sweet Feed
    3x per day- use a 2lb folgers resealable can to scoop size
    +1 scoop Bounce Back per day (basically just baking soada and some vitamins)

    3-5 pads of hay/day depends on how much the horse tends to eat


    Vintage Charger when not in foal 2X/day in 2lb folgers can size
    Vintage Mare And Foal when in foal and until foal is weaned 3X/day folgers can size

    As much hay as she wants + some grass in turnout (the season has been so bad that our pastures are just mud!!!)
        07-29-2009, 11:16 PM
    Well, the 8 yr old Arab mare I have is in flawless condition, and she has always been fed 10% Sweet Feed and hay, nothing else. I will say, the sweet feed seems to be failing the gelding, but that is likely due to the neglect he came from prior. Thanks very much for the answers.
        07-29-2009, 11:32 PM
    What is sweetfeed? I think we might call it something different in AUS...

    My horses are on pasture 24/7, but due to the drought it is very sparse and dry pasture. They still only get a biscuit of lucerne/alfalfa at night, plus one scoop of vitality plus (mix of grains, pellets, nuts, chaff, molasses, + trace minerals and vitamins). In summer when there is actually some feed we drop the biscuit of hay. They maintain fine on this, even when in heavy work.
        07-30-2009, 12:13 AM
    My horse is on grass all day, he is fed in flakes (my barn - not me) and gets 1-2-1-2 which really varies depending on who is feeding. He gets a 30% alfalfa hay.
    He is also fed 2.5kg of a complete mineral ration (Hoffman's horse ration) and a handful of oats, spread out over 3 feedings.
    He is ridden hard 6 days/week and is a very good weight with good muscle.

    With poor feet, you want to stay away from starchy foods (so oats or sweet feed). If you absolutely have to give him something then give him some complete feed and he'll at least be getting some balanced minerals and fat/protien out of the whole deal.

    Good luck!

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