what do you think of sweet feed?

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what do you think of sweet feed?

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    10-07-2008, 07:55 PM
what do you think of sweet feed?

I feed my horse sweet feed as her grain, with a little bit of flax in the mornings. Basically all the horses at my barn are on sweet feed. What are your opinions? I've heard people say its too sugary and rots teeth and isn't that digestable. But Jubilee was on it since way before I bought her too and there's never been a problem with it. She's an easy keeper and has great teeth, the equine dentist says. What do you all think??
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    10-07-2008, 08:33 PM
Green Broke
We recently had a thread on this:
Sweet Feed

I am personally not a fan of it.
    10-07-2008, 08:50 PM
Sweet feed has a whole list of problems
Horses digestive system is not designed to use the sugars and starches
I am not a user of it and never will be again
    10-07-2008, 10:09 PM
My geldings are fed sweet fed. They are both doing great on it. Neither of them are hot or anything. My mare can't get it so I can't comment on how it affects her.

Are there any grains out there that are similar to sweet feed but without all the sugars?
    10-07-2008, 10:30 PM
Originally Posted by appylover31803    
My geldings are fed sweet fed. They are both doing great on it. Neither of them are hot or anything. My mare can't get it so I can't comment on how it affects her.

Are there any grains out there that are similar to sweet feed but without all the sugars?
I agree, Jubilee seems to be doing good with it. She's happy and healthy and I don't find her too hot. She's also on 24/hr turnout so she gets ample hay and grass. I also want to know if theres a grain the same as sweet feed, without the sugar??
    10-07-2008, 10:33 PM
My geldings are out 24/7 right now and they also got a round bale a few days ago. I know that they can burn off the energy if they want and that they are eating a bunch of hay.

I think sweet feed is bad when horses are stall kept, get little to no turn out, and are only fed hay at meal time. But that's like giving a kid candy, locking them in a room and expecting them to behave IMO.
    10-07-2008, 10:42 PM
Our mares get only one cup a day of sweet feed in addition to free choice hay and they have never had a problem.
    10-07-2008, 10:49 PM
my gelding and mare are both on sweet feed of some kind. I don't know what kind my mare gets, but my boy gets a mix of this, Country Acres Horse Sweet 12 and Race Ready.

I don't have any problems with feeding it to my horses.
    10-08-2008, 12:37 AM
Green Broke
Sweet feed can cause long term health effects, like ulcers, chronic founder/laminitis (low-grade, which often goes unnoticed), stall vices, irregular or "bad" heats/seasons in mares, overweight or underweight horses, and even mild to severe colic. No, it won't effect ALL horses, or even most, but it can be a contributing factor if any of these problems should come up during a horse's life.

Instead of sweet feed, you can feed a ration balancer, like Purina Enrich, Triple Crown's 12% or 30% Supplement, Buckeye Gro N Win, Progressive ProAdvantage, Pennfield All Phase Balancer Pellet, LMF Super Supplement, Seminole Equalizer, Poulin EQUI-PRO™ MVP, EquiScience Solutions' EQUIBALANCE, etc.

Here is a good site explaining what a ration balancer is:
Ration Balancer

I, personally enjoy feeding my horses oats and chopped alfalfa hay (comes in a bag), and my feed store only carries Purina Enrich (which is NOT the best ration balancer in the world), so I feed a supplement designed for horses getting no fortified grain. Right now I'm feeding Smart Pak's Smart Vite Maintanenece Grass. Though I like the looks of the ingrediants in Ukele's Equi-Base Grass (it has higher nutrient values than Purina Enrish 32), so I'm thinking of trying it for the next batch. Others include Select II, Balance II, Mega-Cell, Linpro, Augment, etc.

So, for my horse's "feed", they get 1- 2qt scoop of whole oats a day and 3 lbs of chopped alfalfa a day split into two feedings, plus their supplement once a day. My "hard keeper" has kept weight on with this diet on a LOT less food than when I was feeding him all kinds of grains or pelleted feeds. My horses also get bermuda hay and some pasture.

Since switching to this all natural diet my horses are better in the arena (less ADD issues, lol), my hard keeper keeps his weight on better, they are less spooky on the trail and in new places, their feet and mane/tail are growing like CRAZY without any additional supplements, and my mare's seasons/heats are a LOT more tolerable. I will NEVER feed another sweet feed or traditional pelleted feed again!!
    10-08-2008, 05:07 AM
Is beet pulp a sweetfeed? Sorry to interrupt but I was just curious because sweet feed isnt common here in australia and I have just started using easibeet from the you.k. Im not sure if its what is considered sweet feed or not

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