What shots does she probably need/what to expect when the vet comes out

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What shots does she probably need/what to expect when the vet comes out

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    04-18-2011, 09:48 PM
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What shots does she probably need/what to expect when the vet comes out

The vet is coming out very very soon (I emailed her about making an appt. And she emailed me back saying that she'd get back to me tonight to schedule something) and I'm not entirely sure what to expect. I've never watched a equine vet do any sort of check on a horse, so I'm basically totally clueless.

The plan is that Lacey is going to get a full exam, including lameness (if that seems to be necessary in the course of the evaluation) and I'm going to have the vet check her eyes since the last vet to see Lacey said that she had "changes in her inner eye" but told me nothing about what that meant, just said there was nothing I could do.
Then, Lacey most likely needs her teeth done (they haven't been done in the three years I've had her) so they're going to get done. According to the vet, she does a conservative power float and I've heard really scary things about power floating... She said that she's very conservative (and I mentioned my concerns) but I'm still scared about it...
And Miss Lacey needs her shots. What should I expect she needs? We go to camp every summer where horses fresh off the auction block share a fenceline (not my favorite set up but it's the best I can do) with her, so that probably will change what she needs compared to a horse that stays in a certain place year round...

So what are normal things to expect? And what shots is she probably going to need (just so I can prepare my wallet, hahaha)?
I assume she'll probably need to be locked in overnight/for a few hours since she'll have been sedated while her teeth are done...
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    04-19-2011, 11:07 AM
Power floating is a good thing, but three years is quite a long time to go without a float (normal recommendation is dental checks every 6-12 months), so I imagine she's actually quite overdue. It's perfectly safe and has good results for the horse. Yeah, she'll need to recover for a couple hours for sedation, but that's it, and you'll be able to ride her the next day.

Vaccination Schedule for Horses: When to Immunize Your Horse Against Common Diseases
Here's the general vaccination schedule I use. 4- or 5-way is given once a year. Talk to your vet for more specific recommendations....

Around here, spring shots for my horses run a little under $100/head, and power floating is about $130. Of course this will vary depending on your horse's specific needs and what exactly your vet does.
    04-19-2011, 01:31 PM
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I feel really bad I let her teeth go so long. :/ I just didn't have the money and she's keeping weight better than fine (and not dropping food) so I felt it was ok to let it go until I became able to pay for it, you know? But now I found a vet that's not the most expensive in the area *rolls eyes* and I have the money so it's getting done! that's great to hear that the sedation should wear off sooner than I thought! Is it probable that her mouth will be sore? I soak her grain (the little that she gets) anyway but her hay is rather stemmy...
The vet said it should be $35-65 depending on what shots Lacey needs and $135 for the float, $45 for the trip fee, and $45-75 for the exam. So, basically it's a great thing that I got a $1000 grant refund from school. Hahahaha
Thanks for the link to shots! I'll look into that when I'm off my phone!
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    04-19-2011, 01:36 PM
Her mouth shouldn't be sore unless she has special issues going on (abscessed teeth that need pulled or something). She should actually feel a whole lot better after the float. As your vet to show you the ulcers on the sides of her mouth and tongue from the tooth hooks--I'm willing to bet she has them--and it will be a great learning experience. All we can do is the best we can do, and it's a learning curve. Don't beat yourself up now, the important thing is that it finally is getting done.

Any particular reason for the physical exam? Not that I think it's a bad idea or waste of money, it's just that most people don't have it done. I know your horse has melanoma, so it's always good to have that looked at occasionally...are you going to have bloodwork checked for the heck of it?
    04-19-2011, 02:45 PM
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I totally plan to ask if I can see her mouth when the vet is done! I love having vets see my pets, there's always so much awesome stuff to learn! It should be cool.
I'm getting the physical because Lacey has never had an exam in the time I've had her, we didn't even get a prepurchase done on her. O.o So I'd like to just make sure she's doing as well as she thinks she is, haha. And the last vet to see her mentioned that she had "changes to her inner eye" but didn't go into detail and at her age, I don't want to mess around, you know? Then there's the melanomas and accordingly to my hoof trimmer, she may have something going on in her hind end. So basically, I'm just trying to make sure she doesn't have any issues that she's "hiding".
I might get bloodwork, it depends if the vet feels it's needed. I'm pretty sure she's insulin resistant so any bloodwork might come back scary... but I plan to mention that and see what the vet says. What makes you suggest it? Just because? :)
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    04-19-2011, 02:48 PM
It's just a baseline to have on file, and since you're already going above and beyond with the physical, seems like the next logical step.

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