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    12-01-2009, 12:48 PM

Does anyone use the pelleted wormer? Brodie is deathly afraid of wormer ... I am convinced that he was beaten to give him wormer b/c a horse who doesn't know what something is doesn't run away, rear and violently pull back when you walk towards him with a small tube in your hand.

I have wormed him 3 times since I got him in May and every time we got gotten the wormer into him mouth but it is almost dangerous trying. I have saved the last tube and washed is out and every day I show it to him and he snorts at it and runs from me ... lol

Anywho I am looking into pelleted wormer ... anyone use this and what do you use?

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    12-01-2009, 12:52 PM
We had a pony how went crazy with anything near his mouth. I suggested she try the pellets or the liquicare wormer. There arent that many varietys thus far of that kind so its not really possible to do a normal rotation. If the horse is a picky eater, chances are he'll not eat the grain. I had a tb who could smell bute a mile away, we had to inject it when he needed it, or give it to him with a syringe.
    12-01-2009, 01:19 PM
I've read somewhere recently what sounded like a good way to give wormer to a horse.

Take a large syringe and mix applesauce and I think it was cinnamon together. "I'm pretty sure it was cinnamon, but I don't recall exactly, I was just going to use plain applesauce and see how that worked." Fill your large syringe with applesauce and feed it to your horse every day for a week. Then in about a weeks time your horse will be wanting to get the yummy treat from you and you give him/her the wormer in syringe form. But follow up for another week with the applesauce so he/she will forget about you tricking him/her the one time with the wormer.

I was planning on doing this cus the person I adopted him was talking about de-worming him. Anyhow, that's what I read somewhere and I was thinking it was a good tip to try.
    12-01-2009, 01:21 PM
Injectable ivermectin!
    12-01-2009, 01:30 PM
Thanks everyone!

The problem is that if I get the syringe anywhere near him he FREAKS but I can try it. I am lucky that he hasn't snapped his lead or broken his halter and that we have a nice strong place to tie him- once he figures that he can get away im screwed.

He is a really nice, calm, sweet and affectionate horse so this is SO out of character for him to do this.

Thanks again!
    12-01-2009, 01:38 PM
Ive never herd of injectible wormers. Assuming its IM?

I don't give straight ivermectine anymore. I give the ivermectin mix that kills tapeworms too. The only problem with giving something different from traditional wormers is you might not be able to rotate them.
    12-01-2009, 01:57 PM
Yeah that is what I was thinking too but they have daily wormers ... are those no good?

I just need another solution b/c the syringe worming is just dangerous every time :(
    12-01-2009, 02:19 PM
i use granules in their feed, because I have the same problem with my horse. The granules can be cheaper as well
    12-01-2009, 02:30 PM
Is that a supplement you add to grain?
    12-01-2009, 02:45 PM
Daily is great if your horse is exposed to alot of other horses, but not necessary for small barns. You still have to worm with paste a few times a year. I was thinking sedation, but idk if hell still swallow all the paste.

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