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Worming horses with long coats

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        04-28-2010, 10:34 PM
    Originally Posted by Ryle    
    Over deworming will most certainly build resistance. No dewormer kills 100% of the parasites in their different life stages in the horse so with every dose of dewormer you have some parasites who are not killed but have been exposed. This is one of the reasons that resistance develops.
    While it is true that when deworming a horse you do not kill ever parasite. It is also true that each one that remains has been exposed to the Dewormer. However most people under medicate their horse. This is more detrimental to parasite resistance then over medicating. By give 2 instead of one dewormers what happens is that you get more of the worms so there are less left to become resistant. Lets say you have 100 parasites (I know there would be a lot more but that is an easy number for people to wrap their heads around) you deworm with only one dewormer. You kill 75 of the 100 parasites (75%). You now have 25 that have been exposed but not killed. Now take that same 100. You kill 75 with the first dose so now you give a second dose normally done the next day. Of the remaining 25 left you kill 20 of them. Now you only have 5 that have been exposed and not killed. Most vets will tell you if you are going to hit the horse hard to repeat this for 3-5 days. Also known as a power pack. Most vets will tell you to do this at least one time a year.

    So which are you better off with? 25 worms left from a single dose or 5?? Both numbers have been exposed to the dewormer. Both number b/c of that can become resistant. Which would you rather have 25 resistant worms or 5?? This is also why you test. So you are only deworming for the worms that are present and for the number you have. If the number is not high enough you are better off no deworming and letting it go a bit longer.

    This info has come from OSU and several other vets from Ky where the resistance in worms is the biggest area with a problem at this time.
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        04-29-2010, 09:33 AM
    Originally Posted by nrhareiner    
    Actually you are correct 2 dewormers a month is most likely a wast of money. However over medicating will actually not build a resistance. Resistance comes from under medicating or not finishing medication.
    But you and the other poster were talking about giving 2 dewormings in a month's time, not giving 2 dewormers at the exact same time. That is two very different things and is not as effective as giving both drugs at the same time. Using 2 products at different times during the month is not going to prevent resistance by killing more of the parasites because you still have limited efficacy---neither one will kill 100% of the parasites.

    Now if you use 2 different drugs at the same time a is recommended if you are going to use say fenbendazole (which has huge resistance issues) then you are going to see increased efficacy over what you would see with the drug that has resistance issues alone. But you will still not get 100% kill.
        04-29-2010, 10:21 AM
    I do not know what the other posted was talking about but I under stood her as saying they gave 2 at the same time.

    I am taking about using the same dewormer like a Panacur or one of the others depending on the category I am using that time around for 3-5 days in a row.

    Last time I Dewormed my horses I used Oxibendazole for 3 days in a row.

    Around here Ivermectin is also having a resistance problem too big time. People where not rotating b/c all the ads for Ivermectin where saying it was the only one you needed. It would kill everything. Problem is no one was rotating.

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