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Ignorant horse buyer and Brand inspection.

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    03-09-2012, 06:55 PM
Originally Posted by mildot    
Being age old is no proof of being right.

Really? How so? What of my other personal property should I have to prove is mine to anyone? Certainly not my firearms, since there is no registration in the state that I live.

Whatever we would do in Ohio with tens of thousands of cattle and horses and no brand inspection?
No, I agree with you - being age old doesn't mean it is "right". Brand Inspection requirements came long after branding was widely practiced. Honest self policing ones own herd (e.g., making sure your cattle and/or horses stay on your range) is fine...until it comes to transport or question of ownership. And, most ranches prefer that thier cattle can be identified as their cattle - or not. So, the BI system was devised, for all intense and purposes, to "further" the beneficial and practicle use of branding as transport and population increased.. And proof of ownership may not be required for firearms in Ohio, but in most real states anyone can carry one most everywhere - in the open....but concealed requires yet another piece of paper you have to go fetch. I don't agree w it...but I doubt Ohio "escaped" that kind of firearm law. I don't know.

You are required to prove the very vehicle you are tranporting livestock in belongs to you or that you are "authorized" to operate it. If it were not a requirement, I imagine auto and trailer theft would skyrocket - as would livestock theft.

I don't know how they get along in Ohio without it! I find the whole state spooky! KIDDING. BI will not prevent equine disease or theft (e.g., people are rarely stopped)...it is a "measure" not a cure.

Currently, only one of my horses is branded (not required), along w a brand inspection it ensures that if he were stolen or lost, law enforcement would easily be able to identify him and return him to me -(easier than if he were not branded, and easier if he had no BI). That is protection I prefer to have - even if its one more "freedom" I never had to begin with, gone. If your horse were stolen...how would they id them - and how much longer would it take at the taxpayer's expense?
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    06-15-2012, 01:08 AM
I have a question. We brought a horse from a state you did not need anything for it to montana 14 years ago. We never got a bi. We found out later we should have. Do you know if I could still get a fine if I tried to get a bi now?
    06-15-2012, 01:44 AM
Originally Posted by tmoesky    
I have a question. We brought a horse from a state you did not need anything for it to montana 14 years ago. We never got a bi. We found out later we should have. Do you know if I could still get a fine if I tried to get a bi now?
A fine? I'm confused on that part. But it'll cost to get a brand inspection Not that much.. around $70 or so max.

Talk with the Brand Inspector over the phone with your questions, should get the answers you need :)
    06-15-2012, 11:35 AM
In Wyoming it costs $23 for a lifetime brand inspection. The inspector comes to the house/ranch and does it, fills out the paperwork and you hand him a check.
As far as getting a Montana inspection, just call out the brand inspector. Show him paperwork, vet bills, registration, whatever you have showing he is your horse and they will fill it out. You can get a fine for not getting a brand inspection on your horse when you bring it in now, but 14 years ago, not likely
    06-18-2012, 12:33 AM
Thanks guys for you replys. Someone told us we could still get a fine for not having the BI done when we brought the horse into Mt. But it has been 14 yrs ago now.
    06-18-2012, 02:54 AM
Green Broke
I find it laughable you guys are seem to think this government bureaucracy that is nothing more than a TAX, provides you with any protection. Protection from what ? You honestly think getting one of these done protects you from anything ? Seriously are you that naive ? Sounds like most people don't get them anyways. You pay a $70 dollar tax to some cranky government tax collector who fills out a form that says I got a brown horse just like the other 8 million brown horses. Whippty doo, my horse gets stolen tomorrow and driven a state or two away and is sold, Heck the thieves can just call a BI and get a new one anyway.

This is a horse tax, nothing more nothing less.
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    06-18-2012, 03:32 AM
It's peace of mind for me. I don't care about "horse tax" or whatever as long as I have some way of proving this horse belongs to me. My property. They cannot get a new BI for him because CO would tear them a new one lol.
    06-18-2012, 03:48 AM
Green Broke
Seriously you believe that ? SO I come to CO, take your horse, drive to Montana call a BI, show him a handwritten bill of sale from Va. Say I bought him in VA, you honestly think that MT has some kinda ESP to check every BI ever done ? The fact that the horse is in my yard is proof I own him, if he gets gone most of that proof is gone with him. Horses are just not unique enough to send out an APB. An actual unique brand than can be spotted at a distance that a layman could see from a Netposse flyer may do some good. But from the way I am seeing these BI procedures described, what ever piece of mind they are providing is misguided.
    06-18-2012, 03:54 AM
I can see your point, Joe.
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    06-18-2012, 04:54 PM
I don't consider a BI a real proof of ownership if the horse is stolen. As you said, anyone can do anything.
However if I decide to take my horse across state lines and am stopped by a highway patrolman, sheriff, police or brand inspector and have no BI for the horse I am hauling, I face a STIFF fine, plus legally they can take the horse and make you pay board until the BI comes out, goes through the ownership paperwork I have and make a new BI. If the horse is found to have a brand inspection and I have not had it signed over and a new one made for ME, the new owner, then that is even more fines and more boarding costs until the line of ownership is established.
Not woth $25 to have my horse taken from me.
Course in my old age, I tend to want to not push laws and like to keep things clean and legal..Less hassle in the long run.
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