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  • Right to privacy took pictures of inside my home
  • Can you take pictures of someone horse without permission

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    08-22-2010, 12:49 AM
Again nothing wrong with taking a picture!!! Question is there any difrence to posting a pic from public property then it is posting a pic on here of a horse that some one might buy?
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    08-22-2010, 01:15 AM
I would think posting a picture of a horse you're considering buying wouldn't be as debatable, at least if the horse is listed online. If the owner put the horse online, why can't someone else do so to ask opinions on their conformation for what they'd be using the horse for? I would think a respectable owner would like potential buyers to be educated about the horse before checking them out.
    08-22-2010, 08:12 AM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by Alwaysbehind    
Payette, I think that is a great way to determine what is OK and what is not.

A plain chestnut that is not over distinguishing in a large open field with no landmarks to determine the identity of the horse, fine.

A uniquely marked paint with a very strange shaped tree behind it....not so much.
I think the owner of the horse will know, no matter what. Doesn't make a difference whether the horse is distinctive or not, it's the same thing.
I think that photographers can take pictures of what they want... and if they get complaints then they know who to avoid but they are not breaking the law (at least where I live).
    08-23-2010, 01:50 AM
I wouldn't mind somebody taking pictures of my horse in the pasture if 1) my pasture was visible from the road (and said picture was taken from the road and 2) they didn't show my address, any building etc.

Sometimes people take a picture of my horse when we are at a trail head but they always ask permission first and I am never on the horse. I don't mind that either.

What I do mind, and I don't think is right is people taking pictures of me AND my horse WITHOUT my permission. This has happened, and it is just really creepy.

That was a little off topic... Anyways I think the pictures that you take a perfectly fine, especially if you aren't going to post them for critique or something.
    08-24-2010, 02:31 AM
Green Broke
The problem being that legal follows the same line for everyone and "right" is open to interpretation. Attacking someone for doing something perfectly legal because you don't think it's "right" can land in it's OWN realm of legality. That's automatically putting it in the same ballpark as people who verbally abuse or mistreat homosexuals for example. Your opinion or feelings on right or wrong do not give you the right to treat someone disrespectfully when they are in accordance with the law. I suppose you CAN as long as it's not in the vein of slander, libel or discrimination/racism, but I think it says a lot about someone who tries to push their own idealistic views on others.

In the end, you can not like it and you can request people don't photograph you or any of your property, but bringing the hammer down on someone who chooses to do so in an incident completely unrelated to you makes me think of Jehovah Witness' knocking on my door at 7am.

I see zero difference in some random stranger photographing my horse from the road, some random stranger taking a photo of a downtown business or some random stranger photographing a crowd of people. In Canada anyway, it's a basic right as per our charter. Welcome to the media era, if it was illegal we wouldn't have People magazine to harrass all the celebrities. Do I agree with it? Not really, but it's still a legal right.

Canadian photography laws – VERY brief summary leaflet |

I do honestly believe that if you have issue with some photographing a horse or house or object that they do not own, that you should never be taking photos, ever. You will almost ALWAYS be including something you do not own, on vacations and trips, and I see zero difference in the moral OR legal right of photographing horses, croplands, highways, etc. that do not belong to you. Typically, you can't be morally against one thing and morally for another. That's like saying you're a vegan but it's ok to eat pigs because you don't like them and don't consider them animals.

Just my opinion!
    08-24-2010, 02:58 AM
Well said MM :)
    08-24-2010, 11:30 AM
Green Broke
Just for the record, I read my post again and I wanted to state that I wasn't referring specifically to the recent post that caused this thread. I know nobody attacked her or abused her rights, I was just using it as a loose example of taking it to a more extreme measure in cases and what the legal implications could be. Just wanted to clarify on that!
    08-24-2010, 12:13 PM
I'm really glad I found this thread because something kind of like this recently happened to me. I'll give you the short version: I despise my boyfriend's brother and he despises me. I was recently facebook "creeping" on one of his friends he had gone away for a weekend with and found a picture of (what I believed to be) my horse. It was taken at night while my boy was dead lame and had been laying down a lot. He was laying down in it, and wearing his red checked Hamilton halter. The corner & foundation of the barn were visible. Let me tell you, finding a photo of my horse on the facebook of a girl you don't know was very strange. But it wasn't the picture itself that bothered me. It was the fact that it was taken at night; from INSIDE his pasture; while he was in tons of pain and probably scared and confused as to why there were people around him. They have sworn up and down that it is another horse, but my dad and I aren't convinced and have even gone so far as to recreate the scene and photograph it.
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    08-24-2010, 12:28 PM
I wasn't done sorry, my phone cut me off. Anyway the people swear it wasn't my horse, and 5 degrees to the right and I'd know for sure (he has one white heel bulb) but I don't and I don't think I ever will. My german shepherd sleeps in the barn now though. But if someone wanted to take photos in the day time, over the fence, without antagonizing them, I'd certainly welcome them. In fact, they'd have to walk on my property to take them, and I'd be okay with that. The nicest picture anyone has ever taken of my dog was taken by someone on my property while I was vacationing in Florida. It's so beautiful that she matted & framed it and gave it to me, and it hangs in my house. She has the rights to it, what she chooses to do with it, I don't care. I have the real thing, but I'm so happy she used her skills to capture something so important to me in such a nice way. And for what its worth, payette, I think your photo is wonderful. If you're ever in Canada's Ocean Playground, you are welcome to shoot my boys.
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    08-24-2010, 12:41 PM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by Alwaysbehind    
The same reason that Fugly does not get shut down even though the people whose photos are on there are not happy.

Legal and right are not always the same thing.
Agree 100% I wouldn't want someone photographing my horse and putting it on forums without my permission. May not be illegal, but it's not right.

I think the OP should not have done it and a house isn't less than a horse. It's interesting that its okay to get permission for the house but not the horse. JMO.

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