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I've been riding for 30 plus years, and in all that time I've always ASKED if I could ride on someone elses property before I did it. It's called common courtesy.

You can bemoan the loss of hospitality all you want, but if you wandered all over someone's property without so much as a 'by your leave', you're part of the problem.

The reason why people have gotten woofy about their property is that so many people are disrespectful of the land, crops, livestock, and owners. All it takes is one crappy, self entitled jerk to ruin it for everyone else.

Ask first. It's the right thing to do, regardless of how entitled you think you should be to ride property that doesn't belong to you.

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Easy speed racer!

I do ask for permission lots more than I ever used to and on the ones that I don't I know I have the invitation to ride across if we want and the owners will be happy to see us.
I don't go through peoples crops, I don't chase peoples cows and if I don't think I should be riding across that piece of property then I don't! Where did you see in my post that I said "oh well I know I shouldn't be on here but I am going to go ahead anyway because thats my right!"

I am going to post a disclaimer that this is strictly my opinion on property rights and how I "THINK" they have changed in the past 7-10 years.

Have a good one!
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I think you've misidentified the issue or the villian here.

I have wonderful neighbors, and I have a fair amount of land to ride on, so I have had exactly the experience you're nostaligic about right now. I also had the magnificient experience of having over 5,000 acres to ride on, all maintained for horse traffic. However, I believe I've had those wonderful experiences BECAUSE of my determination to always be sure of my permission beforehand.

I spent most of my years as a professional horseperson in hunt country, and worked with the Masters as they worked tirelessly to keep land open for horses, an uphill battle if ever there was one. The problem, over and over again, that resulted in land being closed to horse owners, responsible and irresponsible alike, was riders ASSUMING that the land was open to ride on, ASSUMING that they knew what the landowner would tolerate or ASSUMING that since the saw other horses on the property, the land was open to them.

No one closes their land to horses for no reason. It's the newly planted field with hoofprints straight across, the seeded shoulder that someone trotted right up the middle of like it was a ring, it's rocking the cotter pins out of the equipment and the teeth out of your mouth when you drive farm equipment across a field someone galloped over when it was wet, the bird cover spoiled or the aborted calves and lambs.

The only way to know that you're not abusing the landowner is to ask first.

I'm also really surprised by the attitude that somehow it's an imposition to ask first. I promise you you'll spend more time getting dressed, getting tacked up and getting to the trail than you would spend phoning the property owner.

But somehow it's a decline in the general hospitality of the country that responsible horsepeople think it's a good idea to ask first?

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I have always had great relationships with land owners neighboring where ever I have lived....and that came from mutual respect of each others land.

Asking or expecting someone to ask before using does not equal un-neighborly.
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Well-Seems I am coming a bit late to this party......but.....I would NEVER feel so entitled as to assume I could ride anywhere I did not own or pay board to without permission. Period. I think part of the issue is that so much of our current society feels are self centered entitled brats. That has nothing to do with horses, but crosses over into everything they do. Noone owes you anything. RIding on someone else's property is a PRIVILEGE, not a right you are entitled to. THerefore, yes, you should ask permission.

As far as waivers-what I am hearing is that even if a person has signed a waiver, if they get hurt on someones property, their INSURANCE company can come after the landowner, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

There are places that are "all access" areas. One example would be my lakefront property. I cannot stop anyone from accessing the lake at any point. So, they theoretically could go all the way around the entire lakeshore and no private property owner could stop them. THey could fish, hunt, anything they want-legally. However-I have lived here 50+ yrs. Never, ever has anyone done that. I have had people ASK me, and they are typically allowed. NOONE takes it for granted-and-JOE-just FYi-thisis in NY, which, as I looked at the map, is north of VA. (actually I knew that, since I also live there.)

It comes down to good manners, IMO. Something that has pretty much become extinct in this entitled, self centered society.

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Originally Posted by RoosHuman View Post
Long story short...
We have a neighbor who also owns several horses. I have met her once, when her horses got out and headed in our direction. I helped her catch them and take them home, and that was that. I few weeks later, she showed up and gave my fiancÚ a card with her name, phone #, email, and Facebook info. I was honestly glad to have missed her visit. No offense, but I like to keep to myself, and she didn't strike me as the type of person that I wanted to go out and ride with. (Just a general judge of character) Needless to say, I never added her on FB...

Anyways, this was back in the fall.

Just today... as I'm walking to the barn... I see her riding on our property!!!! I went into the barn, and called my fiancÚ. (He is more of the people person, I am the horse person.) It is, after all, his parents property. In the meantime, I stood and watched her walk her horse along our fence lines, and stop at the top of the hill behind his parent's house. It was pretty obvious that she was looking over the property. (Creepy) Then, to top it off, she disappeared into the forest behind the house, and left on the trails that I spent hours painstakingly clearing off!! And around that time my fiancÚ showed up, though a little late. ;)

So anyway... The family is in agreement that she should NOT be riding this close to our horses and home, especially without our permission. The woods where are trails are have at least one no trespassing sign, which is pretty large. One of the two trail heads also has a chain across the entrance, and the other is open but not cleared off yet.

Would you guys be so miffed to have someone riding on your property? I am very agitated about it... I personally don't want to have strange horses on our property if I can help it, especially so close to our house!! Also a lady that I do not know, and didn't get that great of a first impression of!!

We discussed it tonight, and are going to get another chain for the other trailhead. We are also going to get more No Tresspassing Signs. (I will probably go overboard with those...). If there anything else you would do?
What if she doesn't take the hint, and comes back??
I agree that you have the right to grant or not the permission to ride on your property.

What I didn't care for was how you wrote this person off from one encounter. I know you said you were not a people person and I can tell. I myself do not get along the best with people and being shy and at the same time a bit ADD had many people write me off quickly. Those who actually took time to get to know me would find that I'm a bit crazy, talk way to much, forget things at the drop of a hat, but I am also the fieriest defender of my friends, the first to drop everything and help, loyal to a fault, and if I have two cans of food left will give you one and join you in a last meal.

You obviously made an impression on her as she went out of her way to give you all her contact info. I'm sure she realized that when you completely ignored her she wasn't wanted.

Maybe instead of sneaking around your property... she was longingly looking down at the farm where a fellow horse person snubbed her and she had to ride alone. Just an idea.

Again... let me reiterate that you have full rights to who comes onto your property... but maybe you ought to give someone a chance before hauling out the big guns.

Just my two cents.
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Green Broke
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This would be the same if my neighbors randomly hopped in my pool. They are very nice and generous, but if I got home from school and people were doing cannon balls off the slide, I'd have a right to be a little upset right? Sure, they don't have a pool, but something they DO have is common courtesy.
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AND The Saga Continues...

I'm not sure if anyone will still read this thread, as it is a little older now, but I had a visit yesterday from said "Horselady." I was out in the yard lunging one of ours when she drove up. My fiancÚ's father had added 3 No Trespassing signs to the wooded area where the trails are. She had noticed the signs and, in a very roundabout way apologized if she had made the property owner's angry.

I felt very uncomfortable and pressured. When I say she apologized, I mean it very loosely. Believe it or not, I am a very kind person, and I am often duped because of it. Something about the situation just irks me. She made an excuse as to why she had been riding there, that she didn't know who owned the wooded area, and that she thought it would be "okay to ride through it to get to our place." How would she know that the trails lead to our place if she hadn't been riding there before? I just responded with the truth, that it is private property and that the owners want to know who is on it, and that they were offended that someone was on it without asking first.

Another thing that made me very uncomfortable was that she asked if we had seen her on a hunting camera that is set up on an adjacent property. She said that she had ridden up on it and figured that we had seen her riding over there. How did she know that his family owned that land, if she didn't know that they owned the land behind their house? It's fishy to me.

I don't hunt, although the hunting rights to that particular parcel of land are leased to another individual. I mentioned that to her, and get this, she responds with "You know I'm the one that keeps those trails clean over there." ....??? She also said that she is careful to stay to the edge of the hay field, and that she enjoys galloping up the hill to condition her horse!!

Something is not clicking with me. I don't want to speak badly of her personally. I don't know her well enough to know if she is trustworthy or not. But, to me, it seems like she is being way too sneaky. Why is she using someone's land so much without asking?

Anyways, we chitchatted a little about our horses, and I told her that it was up to the landowners.

Speaking of which, the landowners are very perturbed that she was "clearing off" their land without their knowledge. I asked them if they would have been comfortable with her riding there had she asked properly from the beginning, and they said that they would have preferred that she not.

I wouldn't mind having a riding buddy, but something seems very off here. I don't want this to progress into something miserable. I am all for horseback riders having more places to ride, but I know that the way I approach other riders and landowners in general is completely different. We didn't go out to her place and intrude. She came around our horses, and our home, and my fiancÚ's family. It has left everyone feeling very uncomfortable.
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She does sound a little strange.

Just commenting so you know someone is still reading!
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I think you are going to have to be very, very clear with this woman.

It sounds to me like first, she's a believer in asking for forgiveness later rather than permission first and second, that she just lacks normal social boundaries.

I think you're going to have to say, very clearly, something like -

"Please don't ride on this property. The owner does view it as trespassing, period. I view it as an invasion of our privacy when you ride close to the house. As far as the neighboring property, trespassing is trespassing, regardless of whether you're clearing trials or keeping to the edge of fields or not. "

After that, I would strive for a cordial but distant relationship with this neighbor.

I would not want to ride with someone with such a cavalier attitude about private property; I wouldn't want others to associate me with her.
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