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        04-28-2010, 04:45 PM
    Originally Posted by Juniper    
    Oh, so sorry. It sounds like you made up for any inadequacies as an uninformed owner with a wonderful older horse life for her. And it does not sound like her life was too rough to begin with :) I find the people who feel guilty are never the ones who should and I am sure that is so in your case. It takes a long, long time for the pain to go away when you lose a loved animal. At least it took years for me with my dog. So be patient with yourself.
    Thanks love, it's going to be so weird not getting up and feeding her. Or not hearing her neigh when I walk passed the barn and aloottt of things will be different. I'm sorry for the loss of your dog, that's always the hardest.
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        04-28-2010, 04:49 PM
    That's how I felt today, angry. If anyone at the barn looked at me wrong I got mad and wanted to cry. Yesterday on a board I was getting so defensive and all I wanted to do was pick a fight. Thanks everyone :/

    Thanks FP.
        04-28-2010, 05:00 PM
    Originally Posted by White Foot    
    That's good to know, thanks for all the comfort. I cut her tail off so I can have it and I want to make a bracelet, or necklace. Today at work I thought being around horses would make me feel better and keep my mind off of things but it didn't. I'm sorry for your loss as well.
    You've just lost her, so don't expect to feel fine or even normal for awhile.

    I will tell you to stay busy though, because sitting around thinking about her loss is the worst thing you can do.

    It's OKAY for you to cry and be unhappy, so don't think you have to put on a brave face all the time for everyone, and don't let anyone tell you differently.

    I had my bracelet made in September 2007. It took me two months to be able to let go and trust someone else with his hair. It was the last, physical part of him I had, and it was difficult for me to put that hair in the mail and trust it to a stranger.

    I'm only telling you this last part in case that happens to you. It's perfectly normal, and you're not 'weird' if you have trouble trusting someone else with your girl's hair.

    Only those who have lived it know what you're going through. I'm so very sorry for your loss, and wish no one ever had to go through it.
        04-28-2010, 05:27 PM
    I'm afraid of sending it away. I'm going to try and make it myself first, and if that doesn't work then I will. When I find myself alone is when I start to think about it, I can't even look at the barn when I'm driving passed it. How long did it take for you to recover?
        04-28-2010, 05:46 PM
    White Foot, there's no real timetable. Your grief will take as long as it takes.

    I do know that for awhile everything will look bleak, and you won't take an interest in anything or anyone. This feeling does pass, but while you're going through it you'll wonder if you'll ever feel anything other than pain ever again.

    My boy will be gone 3 years in July, and it was after the second anniversary of his death when I realized I was starting to feel as if I'd just come out of a dark tunnel.

    Once you begin to feel a little better, you may start feeling guilty because you're not mourning as hard as you were at the beginning. Don't give in to guilt! It's the natural order of things that we heal from loss, and your girl wouldn't want you to grieve forever.

    You're not being disloyal when you can laugh at the silly things she did; it's important that you remember the good times because we need to celebrate their lives, not forever mourn their loss.

    It's also important than when you're ready, you find another horse to love.

    I know right now you may be thinking you can't possibly go through that heartache ever again, but if you love horses the way I think you do, you'll not just want another one, you'll need another one.

    You'll never not miss her, but I promise there will be a time when you look back on her life and smile because of all the good memories.

    Do I still cry over my boy? Yes, sometimes. But those times are getting less frequent, and I'm glad. I loved him dearly, and I want to remember him with happiness.
        04-29-2010, 06:11 AM
    Thankyou, for everything and helping me through this.
        04-29-2010, 08:52 AM
    You're very welcome.

    If you need to vent, I'm only a PM away.

    It does help to know that others understand how you're feeling. I know it helped me tremendously.
        04-30-2010, 06:56 AM
    :( Thanks. I've been so hesitant to even visit this thread.
        05-02-2010, 06:01 AM
    Aww. Im so sorry for your loss. I do hope things heal up for you quickly.
        05-02-2010, 06:58 AM
    Thankyou :(

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