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RIP Fancy.

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        01-02-2011, 08:35 PM
    RIP Fancy.

    I used to ride (and I leased her for a month) a GORGEOUS Rocky Mountain Pony named Zippin' Fancy Pants. I LOVED that horse to bits! She was THEEE prettiest thing; about 13.3, dark chocolate, with a star connected snip, a light brown mane, and a full, thick, silver tail and forelock. Fancy was SO smooth, you could sit her trot all day. I jumped 2'6" with her (huge, I know, but she was the pony that made me a 10x better rider!), and showed her in the beginner flat classes. I didn't jump her in shows because she did have a nasty side occasionally, and I was a complete beginner when I rode her. If you did something Fancy didn't like, she'd tell you. She would bolt and buck if you dug your heel into her, but it taught me: HANDS UP HEELS DOWN! She was so lazy schooling, but you step into that show ring and WOW! She KNEW the difference between warm-up and THE REAL DEAL. In the showring, she'd automatically go on the bit, round up, arch her pretty little neck, step out, and be responsive. I literally won nearly every single class I did on her. I honestly don't think I ever got below a 3rd with her. I would have been champion in my division if I had registered a show earlier. As it is, I got 3rd in my division.

    But what does this have to do with the memorial? Well, Ms. Fancy Pants got laminitis sometime in December '08/January '09. My [ex] barn owner did NOTHING. NOTHING. Alright, he put some weird wooden shoes on her and OCCASIONALLY gave her a tiny bit of bute. You know, because a little bit of bute will take away the pain of SEVERE laminitis. It broke my heart every time I saw her in the back of her stall, rocked back in pain, eyes showing agony.

    Well, that summer, she got a little better. She could walk without nearly falling over. Unfortunately, she then got worse. In about August/September, she, along with an old retired medal horse they used for lessons, went to the BO's friend's "nice big grassy pasture where they can walk around all day in pease." I bought it then because I was what, 10? Then I learned that my BO actually doesn't care about his animals. He is letting a poor old horse go with an abcess sticking TWO FREAKING INCHES away from his face. And he expects he will be used for lessons. All his animals are sick, lame, or unusable because he bought them for like $200 unhandled. Then he sells them when they can't be ridden by beginners. No, that unhandled 4 year old pony you bought from a parking lot CAN'T be ridden by beginners. I'm getting OT though.

    So Fancy "was in this pasture." Recently, I've had doubts. They were confirmed yesterday by my riding instructor (he teaches at my ex barn [but hates it there; he's said so] and my new barn.)

    She wasn't retired, she was slaughtered. This beautiful, champion pony that used to be the BO's daughter's pony, ended up on a dinner plate. Every time I imagine her hanging from the rafters of a slaughterhouse with a chain around her ankle, terrified, with blood dripping, I want to cry. How could someone have killed my beautiful pony? She wasn't mine, but she and I loved each other. No other studdent was as attached to her as I was. Oh gosh, now I'm crying. =( How could someone have EATEN her?

    RIP my beautiful Fancy. I love you and miss you with all my heart.

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        01-02-2011, 09:18 PM
    *;_;* that is reall sad. Sorry about poor Fancy.

    R.I.P. Pretty girl :(
        01-04-2011, 11:29 PM
    Oh my this is sad. It is so heartbreaking how some people treat their faithful animals especially when it comes to the end of their life. Please try and think of all the good times.Remember those days. Hugs to you.
        01-09-2011, 11:44 AM
    Green Broke
    Oh sweetheart I am so so sorry! That is heartbreaking, and so cruel. Fancy sounds like she was amazing, and no pony or any animal deserves that treatment!

    R.I.P Fancy, I hope you're at peacw
        01-15-2011, 11:44 AM
    Goodbye Sweet Fancy Pants

    That is a very sad story. I am sorry that your adorable little Fancy Pants died such a brutal death surrounded by heartless people. Unfortunately for many horses that has been the way of their demise and many of them lived horrible lives as well. There are many people out there that see animals only for what amount of money they can make from them.

    Itís people like you that can make a difference for horses in the future. At least Fancy Pants had the opportunity to share her life with someone like you and she was happy for a while. Maybe you can someday rescue horses from unfortunate situations such as Fancy Pantís was. Who knows maybe you will own a horse sanctuary someday and offer riding lessons to support it all. Iím glad that you loved her but donít cry for something that you could not control, cry because you are apart and remember all the happy times that she had with you.
        01-15-2011, 12:00 PM
    Dreadfully Sorry for your loss. But advice here, don't imagine her in the slaughterhouse, it will only make matters worse. Just think of the good times you had with her. Cause those good memories will never go away, as for the bad ones too, so don't think about the bad, please?
        01-18-2011, 04:53 PM
    Thank you all for your kind responses. I miss her dearly, and just wish I could have hugged her one last time, gone over one last jump and realized it was my last...

    However, I know I need to look at the good times when we jumped high and she left me breathless as she leapt over the jump.

    I <3 you forever Fancy. =_]

    Goodbye my wonderful pony.

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