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Bit of Help?

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    12-30-2011, 09:07 PM
Bit of Help?

So, about two months ago, I realized my horse had dropped a bit of weight, which I was fine with because he had become a bit chunky. But his weight kept dropping. I was told he was getting 3/4 scoop of Safe Choice pellet feed twice a day as well as free choice hay and at least three hours in the pasture per day as well as occasional (1-3 days per week) night turn out. So when he dropped a SIGNIFICANT amount of weight in a few weeks, I was very concerned. I upped his feed and added a bit of corn oil to his feed, about 1/4 of a cup twice a day. I also switched him to Triple Crown Senior feed. After about a week, I checked the feed room. There was barely any oil gone, and the senior feed seemed to be about as full as a bag is when only opened. I tried to confront the BO, but she insisted everything was fine and he was ill. I still get the feeling she wasn't feeding my horse. Needless to say, I spent an entire day on my step dad's property putting up a fence with my grandfather to move my horse immediately. He's now been there for two weeks as of Sunday. He seems to have already gained a bit of weight back, but I just wanted to see if you guys felt his diet was right for his needs and if he was lacking anything.

So, in the morning he is fed 1 and 1/4 scoops of Triple Crown Senior feed, and the same in the evening. He is also on a 5 acre pasture with more grass than one horse would know what to do with, which he is constantly grazing on. There's also a salt block in the pasture. No supplements or hay.

Does this seem like a good diet to bring him back to health? He's not being worked beyond walks through the neighborhood on his leadrope, I don't want to ride while he's so thin.

So yeah, please let me know your thoughts!(:
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    12-30-2011, 10:11 PM
Easiest way to tell if the horse hasn't been getting his rations, it's still in the feed bin. Keep the feed simple, hay or other good quality roughage & extruded pelleted feeds, fresh water & a salt block. Combine that with regular worming & dental care and most times you have well fed, healthy horse.
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    12-30-2011, 10:14 PM
I would definitely make sure he had access to hay as well as his grain.

But that seems reasonable :) I'm glad you moved him... nothing worse than being told your horse is fine while you see him beginning to starve to death.
    12-30-2011, 10:15 PM
Green Broke
I agree. Base his whole diet around grass and hay, and THEN add supplements (feed).
Any information on him? Breed? Age? Normal workload?
    12-30-2011, 10:27 PM
Waresbare: Haha that is definitely true. Seeing as his feed wasn't changing, i'd say I was safe in assuming that he wasn't being fed as he should have been, if at all.

Sky: Thanks, the move was certainly worth the work! We've seen some improvement with his weight already, and he's very greatful for the abundance of grass. And it is a very terrible thing, makes you so angry, but I suppose besides moving, there's not much to be done.

Ray: sorry for the lacking info, I guess the length of that post distraacted me! He's around 20 years old. His breed is a mystery as he was found in a field so his background is completely unknown. But the common consensus is a Thoroughbred crossed with something a bit stockier, perhaps a Quarter Horse. He's 16.1 hands. He is usually ridden three or so times per week, lunged on off days with one day off. Of course, since he's dropped weight his only work is going on walks with me in our neighborhood. Hope that is enough information, if now, let me know(:

Thanks for all the replies guys! Also, some have mentioned adding hay. If I were to add hay, what type would you suggest?

Thanks again!
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    12-30-2011, 11:18 PM
Well it depends on the kind of work he does and whatnot. But grass should be fine, as long as he has enough to last him a few hours or free-choice hay (basically 24/7) would be ideal.
    12-31-2011, 12:19 AM
Make sure you WEIGH the grain/supplements. Do not just go by " 1 1/2 scoops" of grain or whatever, actually take the empty scoop, weight it, then add the amount you need to feed and get an accurate amount in lbs, not scoops.
You might think he is getting enough, but until you know, by lbs how much he is getting, you are just guessing.
I was feeding our old guy 3 -4LBS of grain a day during the winter to keep his weight good, plus free choice hay. When we first brought him home, about 500 lbs underweight from the person who did not feed him, he was getting 14 lbs of senior feed daily along with free choice hay and grain.
You have to measure it in lbs, then read the bag and feed what it says, not scoops, but actual pound measurments. You will probably be surprised that he is not getting close to what he actually needs in senior feed.

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