Boosting the immune system and preventing ulcers and tummy upset

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Boosting the immune system and preventing ulcers and tummy upset

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    10-03-2012, 06:52 PM
Boosting the immune system and preventing ulcers and tummy upset

My horse has a compromised immune system, a bad internal infection, and is on bute and a high dose of antibiotics. I was wondering if there is anything I can give him (natural is preferred) to help raise his wbc count, help prevent ulcers from the meds, and keep his good bacteria in balance while being on the antibiotics. I will of course review everything with the vet before giving it to him, but as they are not being much help, I am doing it myself. He is currently on carb guard blue seal (5lbs daily), 3 flakes of grass hay, four scoops of alfalfa\timothy cubes (soaked) 3 times a day (don't know weight), flax seed (1 cup day), 3 ounces of min-a-vit blue seal daily, 40 pills of antibiotics (SMZ), and 2 grams of bute. His wbc (all areas)and calcium are low, and I would also like to raise his rbc's a bit if possible. Any help is appreciated.
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    10-04-2012, 10:39 AM
Might be worth running a blood panel to see where his levels are at.......especially selenium as it affects the immune system.

Super Nova
    10-04-2012, 11:21 AM
Alfalfa is known to buffer the stomach acids and has lots of calcium. If you can't get the alfalfa hay you can switch from alfalfa/Timothy pellets to straight alfalfa pellets. He should have hay available at ALL times anyway, and with all these meds especially.
Prebiotics and probiotics help with the gut flora, as does yeast. Red Cell is blood building.
    10-04-2012, 12:18 PM
Green Broke
I think I mentioned this in your other thread but Red Cell is the best. My dear gets it every day and will for the rest of her life. It raised her blood levels, white and red since they are dependant on eachother, in just 6 weeks. It is also a very good multivitamin. But be aware it does contain selenium, so make sure he does not get overdosed on it.
    10-04-2012, 12:26 PM
You should call the girls at Frank Lampley's Office 1-800-327-0727. Their staff is really knowledgeable, especially the lady there named Debbie. They have really great products that I use on my babies.
    10-04-2012, 02:22 PM
I did discover a few months ago that his selenium intake was very low. I have since added the min a vite supplement, which increased his selenium intake to the appropriate level. I do understand that vitamin E is important for the absorption of selenium, but am reluctant to add more vitamin E to his diet than is already there for fear of his absorbing too much selenium (as I know it has a narrow range). A blood panel is a great idea, but I am not sure if its possible at this moment due to very high vet bills that need to be paid off. I will certainly get them done as soon as possible though and will discuss it with the vet.
I managed to find something at the tack store that is said to increase blood cell production (iron based), and another product that is said to help boost the immune system (herbal). I'll check out the ingredients tonight and see if its something that's safe to add to his diet.
Unfortunately free choice hay is not an option at this time. We are limiting his intake of hard food to help prevent impaction colic due to him not being able to chew hay properly. He may lose a bit of weight, but that can easily be put back on when he recovers. I decided on the alfalfa timothy cubes as he has never been on alfalfa hay before, and did not want to shock his system. As he has been on the cubes for almost two weeks, I think it would be safe to start switching him over to straight alfalfa cubes. As his calcium levels were down, I would assume the alfalfa would help get them up as I've heard alfalfa is higher in calcium than other types of hay?
I really appreciate all the responses. I am trying to give him the best chance of fighting off this infection, without damaging anything from the excessive med use.
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    10-04-2012, 02:24 PM
I have been looking into pre and probiotics, but am having difficulties finding something in the area. My friend suggested adding echinicea (sp?) and vitamin c to his diet- what do you guys think?
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    10-04-2012, 02:28 PM
Green Broke
You already had a blood panel done. That was what all those test results you posted on the other thread were. It doesn't matter how much vitamin E he gets, he can only absorb as much selenium as he intakes. Red Cell is an iron supp but it is also an all around mineral/vitamin supp as well. I love the stuff and should probably buy stock in it lol. It only costs me $23 every two months for a gallon of it.

Alfalfa is higher in calcium. But be careful with the cubes, they are usually the scraps that can't be sold in the bales or other feeds. Typically dyed. My horse will not eat cubes, she will pick them out of her feed.

Probios, easiest way. Echinaea as far as I know does nothing with the gut flora.
    10-04-2012, 04:37 PM
So I found some herbal supplements today at the tack store that are said to have pre and probiotics, aid in digestion, and help prevent ulcers, as well as an immune booster supplement that is said to increase blood cell count and help fight infections. Duh...blond moment about only being able to absorb what he intakes! Don't know why I figured increasing his vitamin E would increase his levels over the maximum if he's not ingesting more than the maximum. *slaps face* lol
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    10-04-2012, 04:39 PM
And yes, he's had a blood panel done, but not a specialized one to ensure his minerals and vitamins are balanced. It would be nice to know what they are, but need to pay my vet about 1600 before I think about getting the panel done :).
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