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    12-31-2013, 10:54 AM
Colt - Grower

My vet suggested I put my soon to be coming two year old on some supplements while he's on stall rest for the next few months. So we were thinking a colt-grower that has a variety.

We were actually starting to wean him off grain, because he was getting fat but then he injured himself.. Right now he gets a half pound of an 11% feed twice a day from a local mill but we're changing it to something called fiber-more that's from the local mill. I'll need to get a picture of the label. The amount will stay the same, he really doesn't need a lot of it, just enough to get his meds in.

He has a mountain of timothy/grass hay in front of him at all times. I'm putting some in a slow feed bag to keep him occupied, and so he won't eat it all at once.

Anyone have any recommendations on some form of colt-grower supplement?
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    12-31-2013, 11:15 AM
Maybe since he'll be 2 in March, a colt grower isn't exactly what he needs but something more like Grand Complete from smartpak?

Bah, why does everything have to be so complicated.
    12-31-2013, 04:41 PM

Poor guy! Putting a 2yo on months of stall rest - must be pretty serious injury - what happened to him?

Is he stunted or some such due to early malnutrition? Why did the vet suggest this? Without knowing why or what specific feed you're talking about, generally speaking, something called a 'colt grower' makes me edgy. Sounds like something that will be high energy, high protein, designed for 'growing up' horses quicker. Hence DODs, not to mention health probs from just too much rich feed come to mind. Especially if he's already too fat. I wonder why the vet would suggest it, aside from feeding an already fat horse more feed, especially when they're on enforced rest?? Makes me wonder about the vet's knowledge on the subject.

Absolutely don't feed grain to a fat horse, particularly if he's still growing. If you need to feed something 'to get the meds in', there are better alternatives to grain & such, and you should also be able to cut down that amount substantially. Beet pulp & copra come to mind. Good idea to put the hay in a slow feeder, as that will hopefully slow him down enough not to gain more weight.

I imagine that 'Grand Complete' is a low dose 'ration balancer'? I think you're on a better track with that kind of thing & Smart Pak does seem like they have some very good products. All he should generally need aside from hay is whatever minerals appropriate to balance his nutrition. As it depends what he's getting from his hay etc, that will affect whether certain 'balancers' are more or less appropriate. I'd also be looking into supplementing extra magnesium, especially as he's already fat, injured & will be under extra stress being locked up.
    12-31-2013, 06:07 PM
Thank's Loosie, he got electro-braid type fence wrapped around his leg and cut down to the bone. You can see pictures here: Jingles for Stryder (graphic)

We actually told the vet we were going to stop giving him grain and he suggested that we not, since he's still growing. He does get a very small amount.

I believe the reasoning behind wanting him on a supplement of some kind is to give him some extra calcium and other vitamins, since he's growing like a weed and restricted to a small 12x14 space for awhile.

He goes through stages of 'large belly - than growth spurt and looks good, then large belly than growth spurt and looks good.' We were talking about cutting him off grain all fall and then decided to just do it, and Stryder decided he wanted to be in the barn all winter instead and got into trouble.

This is him tonight, he's a chunk but has lost some weight since he's not on a roundbale all the time now.
    12-31-2013, 08:33 PM
OK, sounds like the vet maybe isn't a nutritional expert. Grain doesn't tend to provide much in the way of nutritional balance, mostly just 'high octane' energy. If you're talking a 'complete' type feed that's 'fortified' with nutrients, some of these can well be good, but you need to feed the amount recommended to get adequate nutrition, which is likely too much for him, if he's fat without. So as mentioned, a very low dose, grain free supp is better than feed if the horse doesn't need extra feed.

I do think that domestic horse's diets are generally deficient/imbalanced in a range of nutrients, so *appropriate* supps are beneficial. Not because he's going to be confined to a stall tho - that has nothing to do with it.

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