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Daily vs Every Other Day?

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    10-11-2012, 02:35 PM
Question Daily vs Every Other Day?

I had to move my 2.5 year old mare, Areion to a new barn, better overall but taking a change in one aspect. I fed her an equal mix of Strategy Healthy Edge and Grainlands Rice Bran every evening at our last place, but now, not living on the same property as her for the moment, I am only able to see her every other day. So the question is, can I continue feeding her that same mixture every other day? Or should I just stop altogether for the time being? I will be moving onto the ranch within the next 4 months when the house is finished being built, so this is just a temporary situation, thankfully.
May I add, she is being fed twice daily a nice grass mix hay by the ranch owner. He just doesn't grain or supplement for anyone, which I understand and respect.
Any input is greatly appreciated!

This was posted in the general Horse Health section but then realized it should probably be here in the Nutrition section. Sorry for the duplicate.
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    10-12-2012, 10:23 PM
If she is getting a good supply of hay then there is no real reason to feed her extra. A mineral block will supply her with the essential minerals.

I am not a great believer in grain feeding young horses as they tend to develop growth problems - good grass and hay is all they need unless weather conditioins reduce the grazing to subistance level.
    10-12-2012, 11:37 PM
Green Broke
Horses have not been shown to self-regulate any mineral other than salt.

If she's an easy keeper, I'd give her just a ration balancer each time you're out. If she is in need of additional calories as well, I'd add in some rice bran and/or beet pulp. I'd avoid grain based feeds when the feeding is inconsistent like that, since you get high peaks and valleys of starch/sugar in the digestive tract which can have adverse effects.
    10-13-2012, 01:53 PM
Thank you both Tnavas and Verona1016 for the responses.
Her weight fluctuates often with her growth spurts and I feel she doesn't get enough hay as she should and with boarding I don't have too much control of that right now unfortunately. Therefore I use the Strategy Healthy Edge mixed with fortified rice bran, suggested from a good friend with what seems like a lot of knowledge.
My concern was the inconsistency of every other day with this. I've been reading the rice bran isn't too much concern to feed every other day, meaning it is fine to do so, is this correct? As for the Strategy Healthy Edge, it seems that it needs to be an everyday feed rather than an every other day. With that said, reading about a ration balancer, it looks like I can replace the Strategy H.E. With that? Also, when I research ration balancers, Enrich 32 comes up often, is this a good feed?
Sorry about all the questions but I am just looking for the best for my baby.
    10-13-2012, 03:14 PM
Green Broke
I completely understand not being able to up the hay- I board as well, and my horse is supposed to get ~20 lbs of hay each day, which the BO said was 4 flakes, but IME the flakes that weight 5 lbs are few and far between. Most of them seem to weight around 3-4 lbs, and some of them can't be more than 2! And not all of the feeders will double up when the flakes are obviously underweight...

You can replace the Strategy Healthy Edge with a ration balancer, but might want to up the rice bran (especially when she's going through a growth spurt) since ration balancers are lower in calories.

Enrich 32 isn't my favorite ration balancer, but is usually very easy to find since it seems like almost everyone has a Purina dealer. I feed Triple Crown 30% supplement, but also like Nutrena Empower Balance.
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    10-13-2012, 03:39 PM
BrieannaKelly what is the quality of grazing like? What is her current condition like? Do you know the quantity of hay that is being fed to the horses? Is your horse well able to get her share or is she likely to be pushed around by the others. She may very well be getting sufficient feed. As Veronna said - beet pulp is a good source of fibre and calcium along with some meadow hay chaff and some horse/pony pellets she should be fine.

I've raised youngsters for over 40 years and do try to avoid feeding anything processed to them as many of these products used a horse would not normally eat. I also try to avoid any products that contain soy as this has been proven in humans to cause metabolic problems and with the rise in reported cases of horses with metabolic problems it leaves one wondering if the same is also true for horses reciveing soy.

Verona - while horses may not be believed to self-regulate other minerals the mineral blocks contain salt so the horses do actively lick the blocks receiving plenty of the trace minerals they need. To date none of mine have had a problem with growth defects or lack of minerals. Copper and Zinc in the minerals also prevent sunburn and mudfever. I also have a magnesium salt block in my paddocks and when the grass is growing fast the horses do lick this block more than the other. The magnesium block also keeps my lot sane and helps reduce the risk of laminitis.
    10-13-2012, 04:12 PM
Again, thank you verona1016, I really appreciate your advise.
I have heard more good reviews and positive discussions on Triple Crown more so than Enrich 32.
Thankfully I have quite a few large ranch and feed stores in my area to choose from, so finding exactly what I need shouldn't be too much an issue
She's my 1st 2 year old and I am learning so much from what I thought I use to know lol.
This site is my go to and so great! Beside my vet and farrier that is
    10-13-2012, 04:25 PM
Tnavas, thank you
Arei is in her own corral and has no one to push her out of her feed. She is on what looks to be a very nice grass mix at the time but sometimes it changes slightly at times due to the hay shortage in our area. Her hay is given to her in a slow feeder net and she has a salt lick at all times.
So with that, than Triple Crown 30% and Rice Bran wouldn't be bad to feed even if it were only every other day??

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