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        01-26-2014, 10:16 PM
    Feed/Supp Suggestions

    Alright, over the weekend I purchased a previously malnourished 2yo ApQH filly. The BM told me (not mine where I got her from) that when they picked her up she was absolutely skinny and has since she's been boarded with them they've gotten weight on her. She doesn't look horrible, but certainly doesn't look awesome yet.

    My biggest concern is if I'm even feeding her the right thing & if I should consider doing a vit/min supp of some sort like grow colt. Just need some suggestions. I haven't had a young horse in 7 1/2yrs and certainly not one that might require more than the usual.

    She'll be getting a 50/50 mixture of Purina Equine Senior Active Healthy Edge & SafeChoice Maintenance since that's currently what the other mares are getting. As well as roughly 6oz of BOSS. Hay is a 50/50 mix of grass/alfalfa and she gets probably roughly 16lbs of that - probably a little lighter. Although the BM is usually good about giving large portions of hay especially with the cold weather. Anything like beet pulp, alfalfa pellets, etc aren't currently an option due to the cold weather. They will be fed in the spring/summer.
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        01-27-2014, 02:44 PM
    I wouldn't worry too much about what you're feeding needing to be changed up. Growing and putting on weight takes time. Slower is best. The hay will cover what she needs for the most part. The feed choices wouldn't be my first choice as they are high fiber feeds that need to be fed in larger quantities to hit your nutrient levels. How much of each is she getting? Grow Colt, she does not need. She doesn't need the additional protein of a RB but you could look at a vitamin/mineral supplement (Manna Horse, ADM Grostrong, Progessive Nutrtion are my top chioces) is she needs something more. Beet pulp and alfalfa pellets are expensive forage alternatives so just stick with the hay.
        01-27-2014, 05:16 PM
    Teen Forum Moderator
    If she's still a bit unthrify looking (NORMAL. I rehabbed a very sick/skinny filly and it took 9 1/2 months to get her looking even mostly decent, and she was still ribby) I'd give her more than 16 lbs of hay if possible. Its great that it has alfalfa in it though. She'll need the protein and calcium as she continues to grow. My 2 year old was 14hh and eating 20 lbs of hay plus 7 lbs of alfalfa pellets as she was catching up on growing, plus her grain and rice bran! However, she was a purebred TB and a hard keeper. I'd think just the 20 lbs, (or ad lib if possible) should be fine.

    I agree about the vitamin sup though. Look into Sho Glo or Omega HorseShine (expensive but VERY good). I used the Sho Glo and a knock-off of HorseShine (DuMor UltraShine) and liked both.
        01-27-2014, 10:36 PM
    Thank you both! We taped her yesterday & she's at about 15.1hh. Since I know nothing about her parents or lineage I've got no idea about what size she "should grow" around to nor if she's a late two or early two. She's obviously very leggy looking still >.> Ribby, but not horrid. I'd post pictures but since the barn took her from her previous owners - I'm worried about them searching & finding this on the web *sigh* I really don't want the drama.

    LHP: She's currently only getting 2lb/per day until we gradually bump her up. I don't want to do a system shock overload. She'll then move to 4lbs/per day. It seems both these feeds want her getting roughly 5lbs a day.

    I'll talk to the BM about getting her more hay. It shouldn't be a problem. I'll look into all the supplement suggestions as well
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        01-27-2014, 10:42 PM
    Teen Forum Moderator
    Very understandable. My filly was taken out of a situation as well and I felt a little iffy about posting pictures of her too, and sometimes I still feel uneasy about how popular her threads were on this forum since they're still easy to find, but I figure there isn't anything they can do about it now.

    15.1 is really nice for a 2 year old though, and she probably wasn't stunted, or if she was- not much. You can string test her to see how tall she should end at though. My filly was badly stunted, only 12.2hh at almost 15 months old, but she started growing again after about 6 months of good food and, according to her new owners (I rehabbed her and sold her on), she is actually 14.2 1/2 hh at the moment , and 27 months old. (a new two year old) She string tests to 15.2hh. I really didn't believe she'd make it at the beginning because she was SO tiny, but apparently she's growing like a weed now and doesn't look like she was ever unhealthy!

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