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Griping about feed costs

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    10-03-2011, 04:48 PM
A farmer had some hay for sale not far from us - $75 for a 5 x 5 round bale of mostly bermuda grass - the rest was blue stem. Would have been great for horses. He sold all he had - 56 bales, within five minutes of posting his ad on Craig's list.

Same guy normally gets 500 - 600 bales of hay from the same field. He could have charged $125/bale and sold it just as quick!
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    10-04-2011, 12:17 AM
The drought situation in TX and OK is messing things up everywhere. Hay brokers have come up here and driven our hay prices up double ($200+/ton) from where they should be this time of year. Yields were slightly higher than normal and irrigation water was plentiful but many locals are scrambling for hay. Alot of farmers dumped their regulars for the TX buyers who are willing to pay a premium for their hay. Whole fields were contracted out early in the season and not available for sale. Fields that haven't been cut in years were so there's alot of old growth, trash, weeds ect that you wouldn't see in a maintained field and the quality is crap. Farmers are rushing cuttings and not letting things cure properly. More crap hay. These same growers think their SS are worth $11 (that's $350/ton). They are also cutting down on the size of the bale. The continued excuse of high fuel prices is nuts. The fuel cost represent such a small cost of the entire bale of hay. When fuel goes up $1/gal, that works out to less than $.05/bale. The fact that the goverment is subsidising transportation costs to get hay down to TX and OK doesn't sit well with me either. There was no thought and planning on how to deal with this situation to minimize the impact on everyone. I'm waiting on a rash of abandoned horses showing up on open space and rangeland.

I live in an area that produces a large amount of sugar beets. About a month ago there was a severe shortage of BP. The harvest is just starting so they price should drop sharply very soon. It won't be down where it needs to be because of the demand as a hay alternative and complete feed ingredient.
    10-04-2011, 08:18 AM
The government may be subsidising transportation costs, but it's not helping any. Transporters are making a killing - they are charging full price (and then some), and still collecting $$ from the government.

I most sincerely hope that BP drops - it would be lovely to be able to bolster this crap hay with some - my horses are missing their BP already! They look at their dinner of dry pellets, and look at me like "I'm supposed to eat this? Are you kidding me?"

We've had to resort to dampening their pellets just to make them happy (and to make sure their flax meal all gets eaten...not that its a big problem - the horses lick their feed tubs clean - they're just spoiled!)
    10-04-2011, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by Joe4d    
An 18 wheeler can haul 80,000 lbs, I don't think you would fit 1600 bales of hay in a truck.

A semi may gross 80,000 - the tare weight is usually 29-34,000 - and the payload is usually 22-24 tons. Most major hay suppliers can max out the semi as their hay is baled for shippment.
    10-07-2011, 12:56 PM
Originally Posted by MHFoundation Quarters    
Small squares (75 lbs) of grass (tim/orchard) are going for $3, alfalfa mix $3.50 and straight alfalfa $4 around my neck of the woods.
Holy lord are you lucky!! Our orchard grass small bales are $16 per bale where I just moved to! I was fortunate enough to have a local friend of mine sell me some of his extra grass hay they put up this year for $6 per bale.
    10-07-2011, 01:02 PM
I posted this on another thread - but we did find another source of hay - $100/bale for 1100 pound round bales of brome/orchard grass. Not right of way hay, and the hay guy is happy to let us not only look at the hay before we buy it, but we can pick out which bales we want.

The hay is still ridiculously high, but better than at the feed store, where it's currently $120/bale for timothy/orchard grass - and the bale is a 750 pound square bale.

If daughter comes through on her job (looks like it may be good to go) it will be a BIG help - she will be able to pay for at least half the hay, anyway!
    10-07-2011, 02:52 PM
Originally Posted by dee    
Yeah. Hay scams are running rampant around here. I figure I'll pay more in the long run buying it the way I do, but I am just too leary to buy hay from a total stranger running an add on craig's list.
we're having that happening around here too. People buying truckloads of hay and it never showing up. How can someone do that?

It sucks. A ton of timothy/orchard/pasture grass was ~$180 last year, this year it's $285. It's insane. The mix (pasture or orchard/alfalfa) is total crap so we've taken to getting bales of pasture and bales of alfalfa and mixing out own. My TB cannot maintain weight on straight grass and the amount he needs to eat a day is really going to kill me. I'm planning on borrowing the super duty and flat bed trailer from my ex to get a few tons of hay now so I can feed through the winter. That, however, doesn't necessarily help out the lady I board my horses with as she has three horses and four burros to feed as well. It just sucks. :(

Also - all of the bagged feed has gone up just like you're experiencing. A bag of stable mix used to be $8.50 not even 3-4mths ago and now it's $13. COB went from $11 to $19, strategy from $17 to $21 (not SO bad) and then the LMF development from $18 to $20 (again not so bad but still - it adds up).

Another reason I hate winter and living in the desert.
    10-19-2011, 11:26 PM
Good luck with hay.. :( Here for about a 120 lb bale of grass its 19 dollars, 21 for alfalfa!! That's at the specificallly horse store, another place was 18 dollars for grass hay that im guessing is like 18% alfalfa, 120 lb bale...
    10-19-2011, 11:32 PM

Originally Posted by Left Hand Percherons    
The drought situation in TX and OK is messing things up everywhere. Hay brokers have come up here and driven our hay prices up double ($200+/ton) from where they should be this time of year.
Wow!! Here its $320 a ton! Of either pure grass or alfalfa- no difference. Of course for 7 months of the year it pours rain (pretty much solid with practically no breaks) and then about 2 months of off and on.. And about 3 months NO rain and only LIGHT dew for about 2 weeks of that! So no local hay here (well some but mainly just that $2 for 90 lb bale of cattle stuff). So the hay is imported .. Luckily we have enough pasture to mainly support my girl
    10-19-2011, 11:41 PM
Jeez.... if hay gets that expensive I think Indie and I might be in some trouble. I know a nice guy who bales hay, sells it to me for $35 for a 4x5 (pretty sure anyway) big bale, plus 10 for delivery... He runs out soooo quick though, and then I'm stuck getting it from dealers... those guys charge me $70 a pop, and last year half of it was moldy (and get this) had grubs in it!! So not happy... but when winter hits in my area, you got no choice. Late winter/early spring are the least fun when it comes to trying to feed.

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