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OTTB Body Condition only a 2, how do I bring her back?

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  • Calf manna or omega horsehine

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    05-14-2013, 05:26 AM
Nothing more to add than what others have said except to make sure she's getting whatever hard feed in at least 2-3 meals daily, and I'd treat for ulcers.
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    05-14-2013, 07:07 AM
Green Broke
There are so many different ways to put weight on a horse that are "correct" though one thing tends to be the same - slow and steady is the best with multiple small meals through the day.

If I need to put weight on a horse my regimine of choice is free choice grass hay (like timothy or orchard), small feedings of soaked alfalfa pellets through the day, and something to supplement vitamins/minerals. I've used multiple things for that - including calf manna. This worked great for Rascal - he was an underweight yearling when I got him that really looked like a weedy weanling. He bloomed under this.

Right now I'm trying something different because my TB mare just isn't where I want her to be - a bit ribby and just lacks that luster she had earlier this year. She did have a teeth problem which has been fixed, but she still seems to be missing...something. So we are trying Omegatin by Kent. Its a high fat, low startch pelleted supplement which includes vitamins and minerals as well. Sort of literally stumbled upon it and now giving it a try.
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    05-14-2013, 10:21 AM
Im experimenting with the calf manna for my big boy right now, for that last " kick" he seems to need to look really good.
Used the Omegatin, but not really for weight gain, but liked the Omega Horsehine better for putting on the shine.
    05-14-2013, 10:36 AM
I've used Omegatin with good results in the past. I've also used Calf Manna, but now some of my horses are getting Horse Manna. It's just a little different formula, but I really love it.
    05-16-2013, 04:15 PM
I love alfalfa/oat hay cubes. It has helped our guys wonders. Our 26 yo gets 1 pound four times a day. I have not used calf manna in YEARS> like 12-13 years. I used to feed it to my first horse and umm....well she stayed very very very fat all the time. I havent fed it sense I sold her years ago but even back then it really helped. I am also a big fan of alfalfa hay if you can use that. Most of our horses wont eat it unless its mixed with another hay.
    05-16-2013, 04:41 PM
Green Broke
Well, it's been a little over a month since the vet assessed her as a 2. I think she may be a 3 now, not sure. Her ribs still stick out so much that I don't want to actually use a rubber curry in those areas because it looks like it would be painful to could wash clothes on her sides I bet. Her back has filled in some and there are little pearls of fat developing on her tail.

Currently she is getting free choice paririe/brome round bale. We have worked up to a full scoop of Senior and now we are starting to slowly add other things We are also putting her in the grazing pasture (fresh, live, growing uncut prairie grass about an 2 hours a day...this was slowly started with 15m a day and then we add 15 more minutes every 3 days. We want to be able to put her in there a few hours a day which is the maximum allowed at her barn and only underweight, pregnant or nursing horses are allowed in there so that it doesn't all get munched down.

She is cantering on her own while turned out in the arena and plays a little. Not really big bucks and jumps like Cinny does, but she crowhops around a little. It's a sign that she's feeling better I think.
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    05-16-2013, 05:05 PM
The first part of January, I got an OTTB from the Humane Society, rescue. (her pics are in my horse pics). She was skinny, skinny, when I got her. She has had free choice pasture, or hay back when it was cold/snowy. She gets a scoop of 14% pellets, a scoop of Timothy/Alfalfa pellets and a scoop of beet pulp pellets a day. I also gave her 2 scoops of weight booster ( big tub, green label, can not remember the name), and a couple scoops of pro-biotics/enzymes, daily. She picked up weight well for awhile, stopped for a bit. It was time to re-worm her, gave her Quest, then she started pick up again. She is now good, and I can ride her. Still needs a little on her topline, so I don't do hard riding, just walking here and there.
Good luck!

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