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Will a change in feed/supplements calm my horse?

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    12-11-2011, 08:15 PM
Green Broke
Wowzer, that's some really scary stuff

Yes, getting rid of the sugars means getting rid of his grain altogether.

That being said, if you're working him hard enough, he may need some grain added back in.

That's something you will have to monitor and maybe even contact an equine nutritionist. I know MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN has one for example. You could check with nearby universities that have equine programs.

A ration balancer would be grain-free yet provide him with his vitamins/minerals as long as it's fed according to the directions.

Beet pulp has already been recommended for keeping weight on and that does work.

I stand in the minority of horse owners who has no use for beet pulp. I prefer equine rice bran. It is 22% healthy fat and provides cool energy.

If you were to buy rice bran, make sure to buy equine rice bran that is stablized and calcium fortified.

I hear of horses colicking all the time on beet pulp, regardless of how it's prepared. I've yet to hear of a horse colicking on rice bran.

Even though I get taken to the woodshed for it, I feed rice bran to my two insulin resistant horses They do fine on it - they get blood tests twice a year that tell me that but that doesn't mean all metabolic horses could tolerate rice bran.

If you can get EquiJewel, if you're interested, it's a great product. It has to be fed with a vit/min supplement of some sort; either a ration balancer, bagged feed, or just a plain old ration of vitamins & minerals.

Equi-Jewel main

I love EquiJewel but can't get it anymore so I buy Manna Pro's pelleted rice bran.

If you start feeding hay cubes, soak them in scalding hot water at least 15 minutes ahead of time. Mercy those things are rock hard - lol lol

One of my mid-20's horse's has four molars missing and I have to mush those cubes clear down to wet grass before he can have them.

Scalding hot water breaks them down pretty fast and by the time you get them to the barn they're nice and warm to put in the feed pan.

I have been feeding Standlees from Tractor Supply since last winter and have been really happy with them
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    12-11-2011, 09:07 PM
What you all are saying makes sense. I think I'm going to switch to a ration balancer next month. I checked the Assurance Feed website and found this startling description of the equity blend feed Indigo is currently on:

"Equity Blend provides high quality protein (essential amino acids), fortified natural vitamin E, a source of omega 3 fatty acids and chelated minerals, and is fueled by a balance of carbohydrates and soybean oil for sound growth. The requirements of pregnant mares and breeding stallions are provided by the same formula. The same blend of carbohydrates and soybean oil also provide the quick energy needed to meet the anaerobic demands of the equine athlete, as well as adding the endurance factor"
-Assurance Feed

Lets jus say the quick energy part threw me off I have also heard soy can add unwanted energy to horses as well. Since he's not really growing anymore it might be a good idea to switch.

After I've been researching on the web for the last hour I've read some mixed reviews on feeding fat. Will feeding a fat supplement like oil help calm him as well as giveing some extra calories?
    12-11-2011, 10:14 PM
Change to this "feed" to start with
Assurance Feed

Mixes reviews how on feeding fat?? Rice bran is safe effective way to add calories without making your horse hot.

Horses that get "hot" on soy are not reacting to anything in the soy they are allergic to it :)

I use a ration balacer (like I linked above) and timothy pellets for my gang and if one needs a bit more I add Rice Bran first although I had amazing results with rice bran OIL to help one over that last little hump to healthy weight this past year

grain, hyper, supplement

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